Why to go for FCPS, Why not other options?


Many people ask the question, Why to go for FCPS, Why not other Degrees? There are so many other educational/Career programs, then why not to go for all those options?

Answer will be an easier one. FCPS is the most difficult exam to clear, because it requires so many things/skills. First you have to clear FCPS Part 1 for it and after that you have to get attachment (which is a tougher task), you have to go for 4 years of training. Meanwhile all exams during that duration of training are required to be cleared as well. In last you have to clear the last exam of FCPS, after clearing the last/FCPS part 2 exam you will be awarded with the degree of FCPS.

So from the above discussion one can easily assess that clearing FCPS is a much tougher task in medical career. That is why whenever u read newspapers or any add on internet regarding career opportunities of medical field, u will see FCPS on the top of list in requirement section. So you have to go for the toughest exam to have a bright career.

Demand of FCPS is too much in Pakistan as well as in other countries like Saudi Arabia. Private and government Colleges/Hospitals do require Doctors who have FCPS degree, for the posts of Senior Registrar, Assistant Professors, Professors, and even Principal. So without FCPS it will almost be impossible to compete for different posts in Medical career. As the time passes everything is getting difficult, and there is too much competition, so you have to make your knowledge up to date in order to be in the list of competitors. Although there is a complete list of problems which a person can face while doing FCPS, but to be on the front line you have to go for it. I will mention those problems in my article as well.
In last if you people have doubt that why this person is favoring FCPS that much? Is he working for CPSP? Or is he getting money to talk in favor of FCPS? The answer will be “NO”. Do check Newspaper or any other Source, you will realize that “Why FCPS, Why not other….!


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