What Next after BDS? FCPS or …….?


After completing Graduation in Dentistry students are confused about their career, most of them have no idea where to go and what possible best thing to do? Some students go for the advice of Seniors or Teachers, while some feel shy to ask Seniors. Some students think that they can prove themselves with out the advice of seniors or fellows, but to be really fair each and every student should go for the advice of Seniors and Teachers.
After graduation there are lot of options available. But selection of all those options are best known by the candidate him/herself, because it is the candidate who is more aware of his/her own abilities, courage and most importantly circumstances through which he/she is going.
After completion of Internship/House Job one possible option can be to go for Higher Education, because with out Higher Education no one can lead from the front. What can be that “Higher Education”? well there is a list of it but i will shed light on few.

Candidate can go for FCPS, which is a competitive examination taken by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. To have the diploma of FCPS, candidate has to clear the initial exam of it which is known as FCPS Part-1. After clearing FCPS Part-1 candidate will go through next phases, which i don’t wanna mention here as i have already wrote about that in my previous article.

Candidate can also go for MCPS which is another exam taken by the same College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. MCPS is of shorter period of time than FCPS. MCPS needs 2 years of training while FCPS needs training of almost 4 years. One more difference between these two is,  MCPS candidate does not need to go for part-1 unlike FCPS for which Part-1 is compulsory.


Going Abroad: 
Many of us always think to go abroad and have future in those countries, in fact this is the wish of almost 90% of people. To go for countries like USA and Canada candidate has to go for National Board Dental Exam (NBDE) step 1 and step 2 and then candidate can pursue DDS. But it will take lots of “time and money” and also candidate is allowed only three attempts to clear steps.

Apart from these three Post Graduation Programs, candidate can go for masters as well. MDS is Master in Dentistry which may be done in any four of the clinical subjects from any Medical/Dental College in Pakistan recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). MDS is again of 4 years. MDS can also be done from countries other than Pakistan.

Public Health Dentistry MPH:
It gives the candidates an opportunity to combine Dentistry with Public Health Studies. By doing MPH, candidate can learn how to shape a dental practice that serves the community. MPH is mainly 2 years of studies in Pakistan. MPH can also be done from other countries.

M.Sc and other Diplomas:
Masters in Science (M.Sc) is another program of Post graduation in Dentistry. It is also a program of 2 years. Candidates can go for other minor and major Diplomas as well from the private or Govt. Institutes in Pakistan.

Govt Jobs: 
One other option is to go for government jobs/services for the posts of Medical Officers.

Private Practice:
But if a candidate is fed up of all stuff related to studies then only option left for him/her is to have private practice in dentistry. Many students after BDS go for their private practices and with the passage of time they can have good earnings and experience.

 Hopefully you find this article helpful and knowledgeable!


  1. Aoa. I want to know about govt. Jobs. On this very page, I have studied articles of many people that joined RHC,
    Can you please guide how to join RHC, its procedure in detail,
    There is also request, writing CV is a big problem these days, I hope you can educate us in this aspect, how to write a CV for job ( demonstrator, govt job etc)


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