What is the validity of my FCPS-I and how long is it valid for FCPS-II registration after passing FCPS-I?


As a general rule the validity of a pass in FCPS Part – I for candidates who have passed/will pass FCPS Part – I in 2000 and later is three years from the date of passing this examination plus the duration of fellowship training program that is:


  • For 3 – year program the validity is 6 years
  • For 4 – year program the validity is 7 years
  • For 5 – year program the validity is 8 years

It is advised to all FCPS-II trainees that they start their training within 3 years of passing FCPS-I otherwise the FCPS-I status will become null and void. The training should be started under an approved supervisor in an approved institution by the CPSP and the candidate should apply for RTMC registration within one month of starting training, otherwise the date of commencement of training will be from the date on which the application is received by the RTMC.

Extension the validity of FCPS-I up to March 2010 examination allow to all candidates who passed this examination in 1998 and later and its Validity had expired/will expire before March 2010. Other candidates who were declared null & void previously but have appeal to the validity committee and have been allowed extension of validity complete the remaining requirement up to the March 2010 Examination.

for more details read the notification : Ref No.6-1/Exam-07/CPS/153-M Mar 01, 2007

Source: CPSP


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