Way to Success! FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 18 November 2015 by Dr Laila Huma


Way to Success! FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 18 November 2015 by Dr Laila Huma.

Assalamoalaikum . Allah z Musabbibul Asbab . By having firm belief in Allah ..its true dat I can n i Will …smile emoticon HASBUNALLAHU WA NAIMAL WAKEEL. no doubt .. D most powerful . d most MERCIFUL , MADE ma way through d tough trial . Alhamdulillah.smile emoticon Wana share mi study plan .



i started wd chandkians. after completion of whole chandkian i switched to pastpapers.(dr jahangir prefer). After pastpapers i started d course . B4 starting specific subject i covered its mcqs from asim n shoaib book ,den rushed to dat subject .started from Anatomy . made basics from snell n den moved to NBDE. Studied Anatomy subject from 9 am to 5pm .And from 5pm to 12 am rabia ali mcqs.

After completing Anatomy i went thru all of d course in d same way . Asim n Shoaib mcqs ..subject along wd rabia ali mcqs . I consulted pharmacology thrugh NOTES. consulted pharmacology mcqs of Dr Jahangir .After d completion of whole course i started second revision of chandkians .but ddn reached d end ..just revised medicine portion . Again went thru past papers second time . after dat second revision of subjects wd asim n shoaib n rabia ali mcqs.By grace of Allah on completin second revision i revised past papers for d 3rd time:) i consulted first Aid also while goin thru d subjects of anatomy ..especially Embryo, Neuro. patho, Micro(most 4gettin tongue emoticon and immuno.n yepp i studied dental material Mcqs by Dr jahangir 3 times smile emoticon Meanwhile i daily chckd posts on group page n mcqs shared by oll fellows. i covered controversl mcqs by Jahangir Khan 3 times. Micro imp points by Maryam Malik smile emoticon asim n shoaib errata by wisdom tooth . Now mi daily routine.. IN mornings d firdt thing i uesd to do was to offer fajr .if qaza so offerd qaza n lot of dua….breakfast n studied from 9am to 1pm. den zuhr prayer. lunch n study frm 3pm to asar prayer. After asar i do Allah zikar .(MashAllah). den Maghrib prayer. studied from maghrib to esha. dinner. esha prayer. zikar . again switched to studies from 9pm to 1am. i offered NAFALE HAJAT multiple times,,during preparation ,,b4 paper and after PAPER. smile emoticon b4 . On paper day GAve sadka. took LONG long time in praying ..coz i believe ..IF U KEEP ASKING FROM ALLAH N SHEDDING UR TEARS ,,,,,Nothing can keep u away 4m ur Goal. IT may take time. but Believ ME..RESULT will b in ur favour smile emoticon coz PRAYER FIXES EV THING ! jus hv FAITH in ALLAH n MIRRACLES would HAPPEN …smile emoticon ALLAH bless u all AMEEN . smile emoticon


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