USMLE Step 1 Experience (October 2015)


Hi guys this is my step 1 experience hope it will helpful for you..

I am Prem chand graduated in 2014 from LUMHS jamshoro Sindh Pakistan I have tried to write my step 1 experience below sorry in advance for any mistake.i am average student I have started my preparation in feb 2014 before it I was unaware of USMLE otherwise if I was aware then might be I had planned to give it during undergraduation,wel after getting information I have started prepration in feb 2014 .my advice give it as soon as possible.
I took the exam in the new format of 44 question in each block at 16 September 2015.
So many students will tell you that the exam was easy and piece of cake.yes it is, but after tons of effort and long time for preparation everything becomes a piece of cake!!! But the good news is it is not as scary and intimidating as you think it is. Just prepare well and the 8 hours exam will be a time to enjoy. And few question are lengthy not all.


I do not wana put a time schedule for you, because every one has different circumstances and mood.i did it in 1.5 years include disturbances but I was only studying not doing any job but I have stopped studying during preparation due to personal problems.  But I will be interested more in the content of the exam, especially some critical points of it.

Study tool

  • Behavioral science, epidemiology, ethics= kaplan+FA+UW+cornord fisher 100 cases.
  • Anatomy…. do not waste time worrying about anatomy…I read kaplan twice, and even that was too much information for me…i knew that i will do well on all the other disciplines so wasting some points on anatomy was ok for me.
    What’s in first aid is enough to get some questions right. and the ones that you will get wrong, probably you would get them wrong anyway, even if you had wikipedia with you.for cross cection of CNS I did kapln neuroanatomy lecture last video 1 day before exam,and I got same cross section from this video in my first block of exam. And I also did Shelf notes of anatomy of 200 slides that helped me in exam.
  • Microbiology I did Kaplan twice and fa +uw.. (nothing was out of fa and uw even I got same questions of uw)
  • Pathology Pathoma book and lectures are more than enough when combined with UW + FA (do goljan 125 pages if u have time my seniors recommend me but I couldn’t because of I had no time time).(I am in love with Pathoma book) really best conceptual book with histopathology because after this FA was easy..Murmer and ECG were doable from history ,I have not gone thru any special source for this.
  • Immunology kaplan +FA + UW but FA more than enough
  • Embryology Fa+uw more than enough
  • Physiology I did Kaplan +fa +uw
  • Pharmacology Kaplan +FA+uw
  • Biochemistry Kaplan+fa+uw.. I got many questions on metabolism
  • Qbanks i did Kaplan qbank during 2nd reading of Kaplan after completing each subject and I used only one time online uw of 3 month subscription and directly started it with this multiple timed. I got 74%  cumulative  and every block was varying from 60+ to 90+.

After completing UW I did self-assessment uw 1 assessment 1  and I got 242 and then I did last read of both FA 14 & 15 along with 1 offline assessment per week to maintain reflexes of doing block within 1 took 3 weeks then I did nbme 17 online and I got 232  and then i fixed date. And then I did uw self-assessment 2 and I got 252 in last week and did FRED have 86% correct.

I have not gone through any other source e.g DIT ,BRS,High yield and Goljan  Rx etc.

Offline assessments

Nbme 11= 235

Nbme 12 =232

Nbme 13 =230

Nbme 15 =232

Nbme 16 = 226

Nbme 17 online =232

UW SA 1 242

UW SA 2 252

Fred 86 %

Real Exam score 230

My advice to all is believe yourself and be confident and don’t compare yourself to others this will help you to your destination.. there will be few peoples who criticize you just ignore them and go ahead, …that’s it…

Good luck to all of you ….i wish you get good score,  and help people as much possible..


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