Tips to solve MCQs for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry


As you people start your paper try to be confident and make your self believe that you know every thing. Enter the Details on your laptop in Exam Hall. First read the instructions carefully. Fill all the required data, like roll numbers, examination centers, names etc.

Try to read every question carefully. Try to reach the point which will be asked in question. Do not rush by reading half question and jumping into the answers. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) always does the trick by changing the options or points of questions which seems to be repeat for candidates. So try to tackle this trick and read the questions carefully. Although there will be repeats in exam but be careful that CPSP does the trick as well. So be attentive.

There will be new questions and past questions. Exam will be like the mixture of both. Some times there are many repeats and some times very few. So never rely merely on repeats and always do your theory as well as past MCQs.


There will be three types of MCQs in exam, 1) which u people will solve very easily, 2) which will be a bit difficult and you will stuck in two options. For second type of MCQs read the statement carefully and then read options two or three times. Try to mark that option which comes first in your mind. Try to think but not over think, over thinking will make you puzzle about your answer. Now comes the third type 3) MCQs which are almost impossible to solve. This type of questions are very few, so do not panic. I will tell you the trick for MCQs of this type. In these MCQs there will be two options very similar to each other. The right answer will be one of those two options which are almost similar, then try to get the concept/point in question and chose one of those two options. You will definitely mark the right one.

Solve MCQs and mark the right options on Laptop/Computer. If you have any doubt you can skip that question. That question will come at the end. So do not panic about skip questions.

During exam there will be few questions which will be difficult and those questions will make you worried. Try to skip those questions and solve them at the end.  Solve all those skip questions when you do rest of questions, because your mind/brain will be able to perform well when you will do rest of MCQs. Also some times one question is related to other so in this way you can get the benefit.

In the end again check your roll numbers and names. Key to success at the day of exam will be your “confidence and to hold your Nerve”.

Good Luck 🙂



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