Tips for undergraduates of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)


By going through all phases in BDS we came across with few useful Tips/Advices for our colleagues who are under graduates of BDS.

From the start of college life you should be punctual. You should always respect your time because it is useless to cry over split milk.  You should be obedient to your teachers, because without your teachers you people are nothing. These words will be looking so much bookish but believe me these are “Precious”.

Do take all your classes/lectures because you can read anything from your books or from any other sources but you can only get the knowledge of your teachers by lectures/classes. There are three benefits of taking lectures/classes.
One, you will learn in easier way, it will be easier to understand the topic which will be much more difficult from books.

Second, you will know the method of teaching of your lecturer/teacher and the knowledge he/she has. It will work in other way as well because mostly in stages/tests teachers ask almost from the same stuff which he/she teaches you in class. You can have good marks in stages/tests by following this method.

Third, attendance is very important. If you have less attendance throughout your educational year/years then it will much more difficult to take good marks or position, no matter how much intelligent you are or how much you work hard.

Always give all tests/stages, because all those stages are beneficial for your final exam as well as for your knowledge. Do not take stages/tests in a negative way. If you are giving all your stages/tests and you are getting good marks so it will make your position stronger in final exam. If you are taking good marks in stages then if somehow you are unable to perform well in final exams, your teacher will consider your performance in stages and will give you marks much more than you deserve according to your final exam’s performance. Do not ever try to delay or cancel stages/tests because it will definitely affect your final numbers/position. Sometimes due to delay/cancellation of stages the candidate who deserves position gets supply in exam. So do not ever think about this “suicidal” option. Do participate in stages/tests even if you have not prepared well for stage, because it is better to be there rather than to be absent.

Divide your time for each subject, every subject is of equal importance. Do study daily, because your small efforts will count in the end rather than working harder at the end. Try to study from the beginning of your career so it will be easier for you to go for FCPS or any other advance studies. Do take all practical periods, do take your wards and when you reach your clinical years do all your practice by your soul. Without your clinical practice you cannot be a good Doctor at all.

At the end “stay away from Politics”.

Good Luck 🙂


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