Tips for the day of Exam of FCPS Part 1


All candidates who are appearing for the exam of FCPS Part 1 should stop their studies almost at 9 pm one night before the day of exam, because at that time your brain will not be in position of getting more, instead it will mix up everything. So try to stop your studies round about 9 pm. Try to relax at that time. Do not try to re-memorize any thing, it will be like “suicidal” attack on your brain at that time.

Few days before your exam try to make your self relax and do not ever think that you know nothing. Every thing is fixed in your mind but due to exam’s pressure and anxiety you feel like you don’t know any thing. So don’t panic and try to be relaxed. When you will be in examination center and solving your paper, every thing will come in your mind on its own. All stuff which u learnt or memorized few days before exam will be fixed in your mind.


When you people are revising your stuff, try not to rush at all. Try to be moderate in your approach, do not rush. if you will rush then again you will worsen the situation for yourself. Try to study in a calm mode. During your revision do not take your own exam by asking questions to your ownself, again it will be hazardous for your exam. Try to study and learn things but do not try to take your own exam few days before your exam when you are on your last revision.

One night before your exam try to sleep at 12 am. By sleeping earlier you will be having more time and you will not feel dizzy at the time of your exam. Your brain will be having sufficient time to be relaxed and work well in exam. Some candidates try to study whole night before exam. Believe me they can not perform well in exam, because when you will study whole night before your exam it will mix all your memory and all your hard work will be ruined by your own self, and you can not achieve that target in a single night for which you are working for almost 4 months. So better to stay away from this “suicidal” approach.

One thing more try to make your self cool and good looking one day before your exam by going to hair dresser or any parlor. The purpose of all this is, when u will look good at the day of exam your confidence will be high, and when you will be more confident you will perform very well. So all I want to do is to boost your confidence at the day of exam. It might be the trick to boost your confidence.

On the day of exam try to wake up early in the morning. Do pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY, because in the end it will be your “Luck” which will decide you destiny. So pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY to help you people. Do have a very good breakfast so that u wont be feeling hypoglycemic in exam. In exam you will be thinking so much, which needs lots of energy. So try to have a good breakfast to cope with the stress of your exam.

Try to reach the examination center a bit earlier, and try to adapt your self in the environment of your examination center. It will be good for your exam.

Best of Luck 🙂


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