The Global Congress on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, December 01-02,2016 at San Antonio, USA


The  Global Congress on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, December 01-02,2016 at San Antonio, USA

The  Global Congress on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine which is going to be held during December 01-02,2016 at San Antonio, USA will bring together world-class personalities working on stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to discuss materials-related strategies for disease remediation and tissue repair. Bone tissue engineering, soft tissues, tissue imaging, tissue implant, cartilage and skin defects are a special focus along with applying basic science and engineering principles from diverse areas towards solving clinically relevant biomedical problems. Conference series LLC Organizes 300+ conferences, 500+workshops and 200+symposiums on Clinical, Medicine, Pharma and Science and Technology every year across USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and UK with support from 1000 more scientific societies  and Publishes 500 open access journals which contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.
We welcome you to Tissue Science Conference, to be held on December 01-02, 2016 in San Antonio, USA. This conference presents information regarding cutting-edge developments in all areas of tissue engineering, stem cell research, regenerative medicine research including the biology, medicine, applications and regulations of stem cells. Topics of discussion include recent developments in pre-clinical and clinical trials of stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, cancer stem cells, immunotherapy, stem cell reprogramming, and regulatory policies regarding stem cell research.

After the success of the 4th International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Conference in 2015, it is time once again for the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine industries to come together and this time look forward to the next 10 years of commercial successes within these two sectors.

The World Conference on Regenerative Medicine  has traditionally focussed on developing the commercial aspects of  tissue science research, with the addition of innovation within stem cells, regenerative medicine, notably tissue engineering.

Now the first regenerative medicine therapies have made it to market, it is important, for the success of the sector, to move forward and include new projects and innovations that are coming out of academia and university spin-outs. These will be both new developments in regenerative medicine research but also within the use of tissue engineering and stem cells for drug discovery.

Alongside the stem cells content, there is an increasing amount of demand for other forms of regenerative medicine and so the Tissue Science conference will move to include more commercial opportunities within the field of tissue engineering: markedly biological scaffolds, 3D bio printing and organ regeneration.

Through the last 5 years the Tissue Science Conference has built up a reputation for delivering high-level commercial content and bringing together the senior executives and thought-leaders within the space.



Tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of engineering and life sciences toward the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue function or a whole organ. Currently it has emerged as a rapidly diversifying field with the potential to address the worldwide organ shortage issue and comprises of tissue regeneration and organ replacement. The global tissue engineering and regeneration market reached $17 billion in 2013. This market is expected to grow to nearly $20.8 billion in 2014 and $56.9 billion in 2019, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.3%. On the basis of geography, Europe hold the second place in the global market in the field of regenerative medicine & tissue engineering. In Europe countries like UK, France and Germany are possessing good market shares in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Spain and Italy are the emerging market trends for tissue engineering in Europe.

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