Study Plan of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry May 2017


Study Plan of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry May 2017 by Dr Maha Jawaid


Books I followed:

Anatomy- Big snell for head and neck. Snell review for other topics.
Physio- BRS & 1st aid + dr. Najeeb lectures
Biochemistry- Faiq & first aid
Embryo- high yield & 1st aid
Neuro anatomy- I did Kaplan with Dr. Najeeb’s lectures and also high yield.
Patho- BRS & First aid.
Microbiology- First aid
Pharma- Kaplan plus 1st aid
Histo- Laiq Hussain
DM- McCabe
Oral patho- Cawson
Tooth morphology- Nbde
Oral biology- Terse

Mcq books

Rabia Ali.
Jahangir Khan – *MUST* do
Vijay pratab- Do DM mcqs from there.
Dentogist for dental subjects
Asim and shoaib dentistry.
And if you get time then Asim and shoaib medicine and surgery books too.

Note: You should not rely entirely on mcq books. Your concepts should be very clear! So that repeat ho na ho you’re prepared enough, to win your battle.
Similarly, some people don’t do mcq books and leave it to the end, which is absolutely wrong. You should take theory and mcq books side by side, so that you have a grip on both.
And of course, prayers are a BIGG BONUS to success. So ask as many people as you can, to pray for you. And beshak, Allah never let’s hard work go in vain.
Good luck, everyone!


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