Study Plan of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 04 April 2016


Study Plan of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 04 April 2016 by Dr Zainab Nisar


For all those asking about the books and study plan. 🙂
Started preparation from January.Completed theory of a single subject followed by MCQs. Then quick revision of theory for almost 15 days and kept doing MCQs. Last week before exam revised some volatile theory topics esp in pharmacology and neuroanatomy.
Daily 15-16 hours of study. 🙂
These are the books i followed.
*Gross Anatomy – Essence and NBDE first aid.
*Neuroanatomy – High yield and NBDE first aid.
*General anatomy – NBDE first aid.
*Histology – NBDE first aid.
*General embryo – Sharjeel and NBDE first aid.
*Special embryo – Sharjeel
*Physiology- BRS and NBDE first aid. Blood and Reproduction from USMLE first aid.
*Biochemistry- Faiq and NBDE first aid.
*General Pathology- BRS and NBDE first aid.
*Special Pathology- Did restrictive, obstructive lung diseases, differences between nephrotic and nephritic syndrome, differences between crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Anemias and jaundice in detail.
*Microbiology – USMLE first aid and NBDE first aid.
*Pharmacology – Farrukh Jabbar.
*DM – McCabe
*Oral Histology- NBDE first aid.
*Oral Pathology – Soames
*Tooth morphology – NBDE first aid.
*Le-Fort Fractures.
*MCQ Books – Rabia Ali, Asim and Shoaib ( Dentistry, Medicine and allied, Surgery and allied), Chandkians (whole), Dentogist ( Dental subjects), Vijay Pratap ( DM) and Dr. Jahangir’s book- All done 2-3 times.
*This group needs to be followed. It helps clear confusions and solve difficult questions. This exam is also a matter of luck and not to forget how important prayers are and Allah’s blessings. May Allah make it easy for each one of you, Ameen. Remember me in your prayers. 🙂


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