Study Plan for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry March 2016 by Dr Yumna Shaheen Ali


here is the Study Plan for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry March 2016 by Dr Yumna Shaheen Ali


Assalam o Alaikum. My name is Dr. Yumna Shaheen Ali and I am a graduate of Dow University (DIKIOHS).

I gave my first attempt of part 1 in dec 2015 and for that I started studying in august 2015. At the start my pace was quite slow, I used to study 2 or 3 days a week. Gradually I increased my days then time. At first I used to study 2-3hrs, then I made it 6-7, in nov I used to study 11-13 hrs and finally in dec I used to study 15-17hrs..!! unfortunately I couldn’t make dec wala attempt. I got sooooo dishearted, soo depressed, it was like I can do nthng in my life, then my family gave me courage, support, my friends, my ceniors who succeeded in part 1 they all motivated me and asked me to appear again in march attempt. I was soo confused I dint want to giv it but still I submitted fees. Jan poora almost ese hi nikla, I only did anat. Khud ko samjhane me tempo bananey me booth time laga. My spirit was soo down, to b very honest I started studying properly from 11th of feb 2016 and my paper was on 7th march, I hardly had a month for rev. I completed my revision.  I bought asim n shoaib dentistry mcq book (which I dint buy in dec), did chandkians for frst time in march although it was wth me in dec too but I dint do it. In short I focused on mcqs more in march. Jahangir khan’s pool I solved in last 2 days. I will suggest to do all mcq books in last days. Rabia Ali rat len aap, as I did it koi 5 times dec se abtak. Jahangir khan pool I completed 3 times. Asim shoaib & chandkians only once (in last week, march attempt), vijey I did thrice (only DM), Dentogist ka kuch portion I did only once like anat. Dm, oral patho and tooth morpho I did thrice, remaining twice.

Now list of books which I followed:

head & neck > Last Anatmoy + BD ch

Histology > laiq plus Kaplan anat(usmle) + histo slides

Gross anat (heart, lungs, liver, thorax, development of heart and Brachial plexus) > Kaplan anat(usmle)

Embryo > langman + sharjeel

General ant > handbook of BD

Neuro > Usmle + NBDE

(rev fom NBDE)



Lipin + FJ + plus my notes



BRS + Guyton(only blood) then rev from Usmle First aid



BRS (general + 3 chap of special patho) rev from USMLE First aid


Oral Histo:

NBDE (chap 3 & 5 from tencates)


Tooth morpho:

NBDE + wheelers


Oral patho:

Neveille + notes from dr Jahangir page


Dental materials:



MCQ Books:

Jahangir’s Khan pool (must must must)

Rabia Ali

Asim & Shoaib Dentistry

Chandkians (only medical n syrgery)


Vijey (for DM)

Muraad (its nice but I dint do it, as it had maannnyyy mistakes n I dint have time to make corrections)



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