Study Plan for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Dr Bakhtawar Saleem




3 months are optimum for preparation of this exam, if you study for 10 hours for 2 months and 15 hours in last month.
I studied for about 100 days, 12 hours for two months and then gradually increased my time and by the start of 3rd month it was like 15 hours per day. Main ne fazool bhi parh liya tha so itna khuwar honay ki zaroorat nahin. :p I also completed two subjects in housejob that is Physiology and Pathology. Par I had to reread it because first read pallay nahin pari.


Anatomy – Snell review / Kaplan.
Neuroanatomy – High yield.
Embryology – Langman / High yield / Sharjeel’s Embryology.
Histology – Laiq Hussain / NBDE / Slides.
Physiology – BRS / Baby Guyton / Kaplan.
Pathology – BRS / Goljan / Baby basis.
Microbiology – Levenson.
Pharmacology – Lippincott / Kaplan / Compact.
Biochemistry – Faiq Ahmed / Mushtaque / Chaterjee.
Dental Materials – McCabe / Jaypee.
Oral Pathology – Cowson’s / Soames.
Dental Anatomy – Terse / NBDE.
Tooth Morphology – Wheelers / NBDE.
First Aid for revision.
Basics MCQ books – Rabia Ali, Asim & Shoaib (Medicine), Asim & Shoaib (Surgery), Chadkians pool.
Dental MCQ books – Dentogist, Vijay pratab, Dr. Jhangir’s MCQ books.


Anatomy – Big Snell (Head and Neck, and General Anatomy), Snell Review for remaining topics.
Physiology – BRS, Big Guyton (Blood only).
Biochemistry – First Aid.
Pathology – BRS.
Embryology – Langman.
Histology – NBDE + Slides.
Neuroanatomy – High Yield.
Pharmacology – First Aid , Lippincott (MCQs related only).
Microbiology – First Aid.
Dental Materials – McCabe.
Oral Pathology – Cowsons.
Dental Anatomy and Tooth Morphology – NBDE.
First Aid for revision.
Basics MCQs – Rabia Ali, Asim and Shoaib (Medicine), Asim and Shoaib (Surgery), Chandkians, Dentogist.
Dental MCQs – Dentogist , Vijay Pratab, Dr. Jhangir’s MCQ book.

You can follow these books or books which you’ve read for your semester exams. Keep in mind that First Aid is very very important book. It’s like bible of part 1. And Dr. Jhangir’s book is queen of all MCQ books. So these two books should be on your finger tips. No need to do Biostatistics or irrelevant topics.



General Anatomy.
Head and neck.
In Thorax and Abdomen only visceras (Heart, Pericardium, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Adrenals).

Syllabus itna hi hai, par they ask more even Limbs or Pelvis sometimes. Therefore do all the MCQs of Anatomy. Shayad lag jaye MCQ. Baqi leave on luck. But paper 1 main 50% Anatomy hoti hai so try to give it a good read. Specially Head and Neck. Every single word of it is important!

Whole High yield. If you don’t have sufficient time, then go for First Aid Neuroanatomy section.

General – Chapter no. 1 to 8 from Langman.
Special – Only Head and Neck.
Clinical boxes important!

Epithelium, Joints, Bones, Cartilages, Connective tissue, Nervous tissue, Blood, Endocrine glands.

Whole BRS, Blood from Big Guyton.

Whole First Aid Biochemistry section.

General – Chapter no. 1 to 8 from BRS.
Special – Chapter no. 11, 12, 13, 16, and 20.


Whole First Aid section.

Dental Materials:
Whole book.

Oral Pathology:
Chapter no. 2 to 19 from Cowson’s (Superficial read, charts are important).

Dental Anatomy:
Whole NBDE Dental Antomy sections.

Tooth Morphology:
Just MCQs.

That’s syllabus! I know it seems too lengthy but there’s no shortcut.

Join following two groups on Facebook:
FCPS PREP (2005-10).

You can also find helping material on Dr. Jhangir’s Khan blog.

Spend only an hour or two on these groups. Remaining time should be given to books. These groups are very helpful. But don’t bother about each and every MCQ. Sometimes you see one MCQ on group and you start studying material related to it and leave your topic. Also many people answer to your MCQ and everyone will have different answers. So when you get stucked at any MCQ, try to find out it’s answer from book. This will save your time. If you don’t find its answer then you can ask people on group. And please har kisi ki advice na lain. People also misguide. Us se poochain jo reliable ho.

And sirf help lain bhi nahin, help karein bhi. I used to answer people for an hour or two. This way meri revision bhi ho jati and dua bhi mil jati. So parhai se na to dua se bhi pass ho saktay ho. I also gave my notes to people who were in contact with me. Make your own notes in order to retain more things. Spread your notes to help people and get dua. I’ll provide my notes as well.

I used to finish one topic and solve it’s MCQ from Rabia Ali. Solve means solve, ratta nahin! I tried to find out why the answer is right and why other options are wrong. This way my topic was also revised. I finished Rabia Ali three times in two months with theory. And in last month I did remaining MCQ books. But you can give half time to theory and half time to MCQ books. Last month main already bohut stress hota hai so it’s better if you solve MCQs from the very first day.

There are many mistakes in MCQ books. Erratas have been provided by people to help you correct keys. Erratas are actually corrected keys. But even after following erratas , you will see a lot of mistakes in these books. Therefore kindly don’t trust erratas and keys blindly. Use your concepts too. But don’t worry 90% of keys are right. You need to bother for remaining 10%.


Read the MCQ 3 times, even if you know it’s from MCQ book.
Answer if you are sure about it.
If you don’t know the answer or know part of it, try to use your logic or common sense.
If you still can’t find out the answer then following tricks might work:
A. Statement with ALWAYS/NEVER/ONLY/DOESN’T are probably wrong.
B. If two similar or two opposite statements are given then one of them is probably right. (Like vibration sense is carried out by pacinian, vibration sense is carried out by miessners).
C. If there’s confusion between two options, go with the option that your instincts say is 60% true.
D. If you’re 50% 50% between two options like between errata and key, go with errata if sure it’s right otherwise go with key as CPSP blindly follows book keys.
If none of the above trick works then decide a single option from A, B, C, D, or E, which you’ve to choose for MCQs that are beyond you. Chances are few of them would become right.
Heard CPSP mostly puts right answer in D or E option.

So you’re done with everything. You did what you could do. And karna bhi! Please close your books at 12 am jaise hi date change ho. Exam ke din kuch nahin parhna hai. Already bohut stress hota hai and negative thoughts. So leave everything on Allah. You worked hard for 3 to 4 months you did your best now leave rest on Allah. Please don’t panic like me. Just relax! And sleep well. In morning, don’t take any book with you. And do not discuss any MCQ with anyone. Don’t study in interval. And while solving exam try to keep your mind open rather than being a tubelight like me. Stay hydrated and normalize all your BP, and sugar levels. Throw away all the negative thoughts and don’t think of results. Now luck has to play it’s role. If you worked hard, and your luck is with you you will definitely pass. Or your confidence will help you in passing even if luck doesn’t work. In my case all 3 factors worked. Allhamdullillah. And try to help each other. Dua bhi pass karwati hai.

Remember me in your prayers.
Bakhtawar Saleem.


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