Study Plan for FCPS Part 1 By Dr Maryam Malik


Here are some points which I want to share to Drs who are starting their Preparation for FCPS PART 1.

First and most important thing is trust your abilities and be confident. Make your mind and Fix it in your mind that no matter what gona be consequences you are only person in this universe who can do it. Doesn’t matter if in 1st or 2nd attempt just don’t lose hope, which is the hardest part, stay positive because you never know what tomorrow will bring for you. Keep your Faith Strong because ALLAH is here to help you.

Now next part is to explore options to cope with it, most important is to manage your time. Don’t give more then 6 months to your preparation because after that you need to revise the whole thing again. You should not be worries about forgetting the things, “ITS NORMAL NOT ABNORMAL’’. All you have to do is revise your subjects, with out revisions you can not retain those long long topics. So be patient and do your studies with revision. You people should be consistent in your studies because with out consistency you can never clear FCPS Part 1. FCPS Part 1 is the Game of Consistency, Patience and of course Revision. If you people can not be consistent then there is one solution for it, and that is to take Breaks in your Studies but those Breaks should not be much lengthier. Breaks are necessary part of your studies.
Here i will tell you about the Study Plan for FCPS part 1.

You should give 1 Month for physiology (BRS) along with Chapter wise mcqs of Rabia Ali and Chandkian.
Then grip mcqs of Asim & Shoaib.

You should give 1 Month for Anatomy.

15 Days (SNELL Review) and make notes if you want to study BD or Big Snell  (Chapter wise mcqs of Rabia Ali)

6Days Neuro from high yield/Kaplan (Chapter wise mcqs of Rabia Ali and Chandkian)

3days Embryology high yield/ langman (Chapter wise mcqs of Rabia Ali and Chandkian)

3days histology laiq hussain/NBDE (Chapter wise mcqs of Rabia Ali and Chandkian)

4days read NBDE

Then grip Mcqs of Asim & shoaib

Almost you are done with 2nd  revision while doing Asim n shoaib mcqs.

20 days For Pathology  BRS/ GOLJAN(best for me) (Chapter wise mcqs of Rabia Ali and Chandkian)

Then grip Mcqs of asim n shoaib (Almost you are done with 2nd  revision while doing Asim n shoaib mcqs.)

7 Days Oral pathology along with mcqs of Dentogist,Rabia Ali and Muraad Dental Section)

15 Days Pharmacology Kaplan ( along with mcqs of Rabia Ali &asim and shoaib)

3 Days  Tooth morphology (along with Rabia Ali)

2 DAYS days Oral anatomy NBDE (Rabia Ali and Muraad Dental Section)

4 DAYS Microbiology NBDE/USMLE ( RABIA Ali mcqs)

7 Days Dental material( Along with mcqs of vijay rabia ali murad dental section)


ADD points on mcq books. When you are done with your course, give more than half time to                            mcq books and rest of the time to books.

You should do Dr. Najeeb lectures for Neuro

In last but not least the most important mcqs book is Pool of MCQs by Dr Jahangir, you should do Dr Jahangir’s Book must, because almost in every Paper there are so many Repeats of Past Paper MCQs.

Hopefully you find this article helpful for your preparation.
Do give Feedback so that it can encourage me to write More Articles for You People.
Best of Luck 🙂


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