Study plan for FCPS Part 1 Anesthesia 2016


Study plan for FCPS Part 1 Anesthesia 2016 by Maira tarique


Anesthesia part one note
Okay so everyone out there for #ANESTHESIA part 1.. I cleared September attempt ALHAMDULILAH.. It was very difficult for me initially but seniors guidance n posts helped… So I ll try to do same… I ll tell u what books I did.. I took 3 months for prep.. Wasted alot of time in these three months… But it requires a minimum of 2 months at least!!
Firstly I started with #PHYSIO I did brs.. However I looked at cvs from Kaplan.. U may choose which ever book u want. But if u choose Kaplan.. U still have to do first two chapters of brs containing neurophysiology etc which are nt mentioned in Kaplan.. Try to finish in 7 days.. It can easily b finished in 7 do rabia Ali mcq side by side..
#Patho I did from BRS only first 7 chapters only… NO SPECIAL PATHO IN ANESTHESIA FROM ANYWHERE.. Not in our course.. Took me 5 days.. Could be done in less..
#ANATOMY.. From snells anatomy.. I read whole.. Focus on head n neck back and thorax most important..u can skip pelvis n lower limb just do its rabia Mcq..
#NEUROANATOMY.. Did from Kaplan.. Veryyyy important from anesthesia prespectivee… Paper two contained lots of neuro.. Do it wellll..
#PHARMA from Kaplan.. Did not do micro.. But pharma is ur main subject..its better to do wholee..
#Embryo just watched a few videos on YouTube of general system and did mcqs of rabia Ali twice in last week. N i dnt remember a single embryo mcq that came.. Possibly jo aya hoga easy ho GA that I don’t remember. I also read key points of rabia thoroughly
#micro u can waste a lot of time if u dnt have proper guidance on this one.. Just do the file I ll share in comments.. Write down whats written in the margins of that.. N thats about all u ll need.. It ll take 3 hours max… If u don’t want to do this way it might take u 3 days…
#Anesthesiaa I did first 7 chap of atkinhead.. N chap 14 for physics.. Take anesthesia cpsp syllabus and cover All topics of physics.. Ones u cant find in book do online..
#histo did the two popular slides read key points of rabia.. If i have missed any topic u can ask in comments..
#first_aid many would disagree.. But i think its a veryyy over rated book… If ur paper is standard cpsp paper it won’t help u much.. I did it once. Just don’t waste too many days getting it inside u coz it just wont stay.. Do it side by side some portion dailyy.. I did it just once!! N I didn’t think it helped me in exam.. But u might have a different experience in this regard..
Most important part of the preparation..
I did #asim_anesthesia 5 times..2 times I did only the mistakes.. And it totally paid of in the exam.. I ll recommend to do atleast thrice.. And one time being as close to exam as possible and do whole near exam coz u tend to forget the values n answers more easily than u can imagine.. Many mcqs were from this book n it did save me in exam.. Whole statements were same…
#Rabia_Ali I did twice whole.. Revised neuro head neck pharma thorax again near exam..
#ajay_yadav I did once seniors recommend to do it twice… Though mcq don’t come directly from here but U ll get basic understanding of anesthesia from here….
#Chandkian I only did 2009 onwards.. And revised only the ones which I did wrong the first timee…though Anesthesia part i did thrice. .
Then comes #past_papers it took me a lotttt of time to get those sorted.. I did them twice.. First time dy dint make sense.. Second time I did them after doing asim anesthesia 3 times and came to realize that most questions were badly recalled and did not contain the right answer at alll.. So I ll recommend u to do it after doing asim anesthesia twice..
I ll be sharing my complete edited file soon so ur time won’t be wasted… Still do them in last 10 days
And lastly n importantly join the #whatsapp_anesthesia group it helped me alott.. I am thankful to all seniors on the group Dr fahad Dr rifah Dr madiha..Dr Ali samani thanku for all the guidance !!!
U can ask me all ur queries in comments.. If I have left something out… Do ask..
Remember in prayers.. do ur best.. N trust ALLAH… Good luck!!



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