Study Pattern of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry for Repeaters by Dr. Munazza Khan


Today we will share Study Pattern of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry for Repeaters by Dr. Munazza Khan. We are thankful to Dr. Munazza Khan for sharing us such comprehensive guidelines.

I cleared in 2nd attempt and I have no issue with that,even if I had to go through how many attempts I knew I have to do this.
I was always the brightest student but in first attempt those who even didn’t study passed but I didn’t and I felt sorry for a short time that why? It all looked so impossible to me that how m I going to do all over again but dn Shania Mariam became my hope and took me to the a new point of doing those things which I could not cover in one month.i hardly studied one month for my first attempt but I studied madly so I was expecting to pass.

In my second attempt I just had 40 days but I never wasted even a single day and did all those things which I never did before,I did biochem from first aid I did pharma I did sk pearls ( and they were the most helpful for me ) and Jahangir Khan book is a best book which will make u feel relax in all this tough time.

At the present u will feel devasted heart broken nalaeq useless but these books will show u how much deffecincy u had in u to become great doctor when u will study them again.
Start with first aid and it’s the best best best best thing to do for repeater with sk pearls . And keep end days for jahangir and asim n shaoib and 2nd last day for sk points of every chapter and last half day for vj and shut ur books at maghrib and enjoy and stay positive


Most important books:

  • USMLE first aid 
  • Sk pearls if u hate doing Rabia Ali 
  • Jahangir is a must do in last 15 days atleast 2 times 
  • Asim n shoaib dentistry full 2 times must must must

Keep doing first aid u will find all your paper paper from first aid. And do biochem pharma patho physio from first aid if u have previously fine from brs .

U people have almost 3 months take atleast 8 hour sleep and keep yourself concentrated on first aid and where u find anything hard go directly on YouTube n watch any short vedio for topic over view once u will watch vedio u will never forget it.

Do not waste ur too much time on MICRO n PHARMA , rattafy rabia Ali mcqs for that,in the end of u have time cover pharma first from first aid.. micro just do mcqs n flow sheets and sk pearls.and while solving mcqs read those points in about that specific organism in first aid if u have time.

Best of Luck 🙂


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