Study pattern for repeaters of FCPS Part 1


This article is mainly for all those candidates who are unable to clear the exam in their attempts and now they are in a search of pattern to start their preparation of FCPS Part 1.

First of all they should try to relax their mind. They should try to change their mind and start their study in enthusiastic way. They should try to make believe themselves that they will clear in upcoming attempt. They should prepare themselves in the sense that it will be their last attempt.


They should start from MCQs of Past Papers and MCQs books. In every MCQ there is a topic discussed, so try to do that topic before going to the answer of that MCQ. Try to cover the topic from theory books and then solve the relevant MCQs by themselves. So in this way they will be able to cover the topic of MCQ as well they will cover the MCQs. They can judge themselves in this way and they can fulfill the deficiencies which they have in past attempt.

Candidates who have done much of their theory should switch to the MCQs. This method will be very beneficial to those candidates as they have already covered their theory so now its turn to do as much MCQs as they can. But they should also use the pattern which i have mentioned earlier. Also the candidates who have done only MCQs should start theory.

By doing MCQs and relevant topics they can easily evaluate themselves. Try to do MCQs in a pattern that comes in exam. Although they are unable to clear their exams but they should take their attempt as an experience. By evaluating exam and MCQs they can do best preparation for next attempt. So they should never take their failure to let them down, instead they should take their failure in way that will lift them up, so that they can be successful in upcoming attempt.

Some candidates do get upset and they are confused in making the decision to go for which attempt? This sort of candidates should not be upset, instead of making themselves upset they should start study. Believe me when they will start study their anxiety and depression will  be relieved on its own. Candidate should evaluate themselves, because its them who know better about themselves than any other person, they should evaluate their deficiencies. They should try to get an idea of the timing in which they can prepare fully, so on the basis of evaluation and idea of timing they can easily decide to go for which attempt.

Hopefully my effort will be beneficial for you people 🙂



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