Story of Success! FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Dr. Nauman Amjad


Story of Success! FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Dr. Nauman Amjad.

ALHAMDULILAH passed FCPS-1 in very first attempt. I would like to share my experience with everyone.
It was very hectic especially last 20 days.
I started my prep with BRS physio and did 2 times. Then i did BRS pathology(except special) and revised that 2 times.
Anatomy from snell, nbde and some high yield points from dr jahangir’s blog.


Neuroanatomy from 1st aid and nbde and but  if u have time then go for high yield neuroanatomy.
Embryo from high yield embryology and histo from nbde and slides from group and also important points from dr jahangir’s blog.
Pharma from kaplan plus 1st aid usmle
Biochem from nbde and 1st aid usmle and microbiology from 1st aid usmle.
Mcqs books which i did during my prep chandkians asim n shoaib medicine and surgery and rabia ali and also dr jahangir’s book.
Try to do few mcqs of chandkians and asim n shoaib daily and dont ratafy things.. make ur concept very clear and make ur basics strong and try solve mcqs once u r done with specific chapter. It will help u retain and revise improtant topics.
After doing brs, snell i did 1st aid usmle mostly with mcqs and in last 2 weeks i just did mcqs..
I did chandkians 2 times rabia ali 2 to 3 times asim n shoaib medicine 3 times and surgery just 1 time
And plus dr jahangir’s book atleast 4 times smile emoticon
And yes maine DM nahi ki thi(bcz of lack of time) just did mcqs from vijay pratab multiple times. But do McCabe for DM.
And There are important points given on dr jahangir’s blog, just read them for revision along with mcqs once u r done with ur prep. Be positive, hopeful and pray really hard if we can do this than u people can also fo this.. just little hardwork is required.. and its normal to have negative thoughts while u r doing ur prep so plz aisi thoughts ki fikar na kren and try to focus on ur prep.. and don’t waste ur tym by comparing urself with anyone.. stay positive and when u r done with ur exam keep praying…
Just do ur best give ur best best shot and rest leave everything on ALLAH…
IN SHA ALLAH HE will help u and ap sab pass hogay bht jaldi..
We all are here to you people and yes kindly do important points by dr maryam malik. They helped me alot
Again i will say be CONFIDENT IA ap sab pass hongy..
And plz remember me in ur prayers.

Dr Nauman Amjad


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