Story of my success about FCPS Part 1 by Dr Najeeb Soomro

First of all thanks to ALLAH ALMIGHTY, WHO gave me a big achievement and now gave me the chance to write few words about my success.
I started my preparation almost one and a half years ago. I appeared for the First time in the exam of FCPS Part 1 in November 14, but i have not cleared in that attempt. Then i worked again and did not lose my hope, i appeared again and again and finally i cleared FCPS Part 1 in recent attempt of February 2015.
Najeeeb som
I studied different Books, which i will mention here.
1. Physiology from BRS and chapter of blood  from Baby Guyton.
2. Pathology from Goljan which include General Pathology and in Special Pathology i did Blood and Endocrinology.
3. Pharmacology: I did Selected topics from Kaplan.
4. Dental materials: McCabe for Theory and MCQs from Vijay Pratab and Dentogist.
5. Gross Anatomy: Head & neck from Snell and BRS.
I did Selected topics of Heart, Lungs , Liver, Ribs and Back from Review Snell.

6. Neuro Anatomy from Kaplan and i did Dr Najeeb’s video lectures.
7. Micro Biology, Embryology, Immunology and Biochemistry from First Aid.
8. Truly speaking I never studied any book for Oral Pathology, Dental Anatomy/Morphology. I did MCQs From Dentogist for these subjects.
9. I revised USMLE First Aid for at least 3 times.
10. I will recommend you people to watch Dr Najeeb’s video of Physiology, Pathology, Neuro Anatomy and Pharmacology.
11. I did MCQs Book of Asim & shoib( Medicine and Surgery ) and Chandkians 5 times.
1. Do past papers and MCQs books on finger tips.
2. Try to concise your syllabus into short Notes/Tables/Handy points.
3. Always offer prayers 5 times and make Dua . Always believe that ALLAH ALMIGHTY will give you all those things which are good for you at right time and place.
Best of luck to all you guys.


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