Review of FCPS Part 1 Exam Medicine and Allied 18 November 2015


Today it was the exam of FCPS Part 1 for all specialties, so as for Medicine and Allied.

Overall Exam was an easy exam as there were too many repeats from the Past papers.

Paper 1 was almost completely from the past papers, so people who prepared from the past papers were having no difficulty in solving the paper 1. In Paper 1 there were more than 80 % repeated MCQs.


paper 2 was a difficult one as compared to the paper 1 as there were less repeats than paper 1. There were almost 40 % repeats from  the Past papers.

So in a summary it was an easier paper this time for Medicine and Allied as compared to Dentistry Exam which was much difficult than the previous Exams.

Hopefully you like the review of paper of FCPS Part 1.


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