Review of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry Exam 18 November 2015


As CPSP takes exam of FCPS Part 1 six times per year, so today exams were taken for all specialties including Dentistry.

As no one knows what will come in the exam for each attempt, some times there are too many repeats even more than 90 % and some times not more than 10 %. So it is a matter of luck that which exam will have brand new questions and which will be a repeat one.


Today exam was totally different. There were merely 12% repeat from past papers as compared to the August attempt which had 60 – 70 % repeats from the Past papers. Paper 1 was a difficult one as compared to the paper 2 as always.

MCQs ratio does change in each exam. Some times many MCQs come from Anatomy and some times many from Pathology. So it is not a fix entity.

Paper 1 was “Mainly” from Physiology and Oral Pathology. There were less MCQs from Anatomy this time. As i have said the ration changes in each exam.

Paper 2 was mainly from Pharmacology and Dental materials. Paper 2 ratio was pretty much the same as previous papers.

So in short today paper was a difficult one than previous papers. But as always we guide our students not to rely merely on MCQs, you have to do text Books as well as MCQs Books. You can not clear the exam by doing MCQs books only. You have to do both Text Books as well MCQs Books. MCQs can come from any where.

So best of Luck to all Candidates 🙂 .


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