Reasons of failure in FCPS Part 1 and their solutions


In FCPS Part 1, some candidates are able to clear in first attempt while some candidates are unable to clear the exam in more than one attempts. There are so many reasons of failure. I will discus few reasons and solutions here.

Some candidates concentrate on those subjects/topics from where only few MCQs come in exam. So always keep in your mind that you should concentrate more on those subjects/topics which have much more chances to come in exam. Now a question will come in your mind, How will you come to know about those topics? The answer is simple, try to do past papers and check from which topics MCQs come in more ratio, so this is a simple trick to cope with this cause of failure.

Some candidates concentrate more on theory than MCQs, which is again a wrong way. Try to give half time to your theory and half time to MCQs, it will definitely increase your chances to clear FCPS Part 1. With out going through MCQs you will face much difficulty in exam to solve MCQs. So with your theory you should give equal time to solve MCQs.

Some candidates concentrate on MCQs more than theory, which is again a wrong way of preparation. There might be many repeats of MCQs in your exam but not all MCQs can be repeated. Some times only small ratio of MCQs come from past paper. So do not take risk of doing only MCQs. Try to give half time to your theory and half time to solve MCQs. By solving past papers you can easily understand the art of solving MCQs, so in exam there will be no difficulty for you.

Candidates who are preparing for FCPS Part 1 in Dentistry should always keep in mind that they should concentrate on those topics which are related to Dentistry, they should not concentrate much on the topics/MCQs of Medicine and Surgery etc. Try to do those topics/MCQs of Surgery or Medicine based but do not give much more time to those topics, because MCQs can come from there but in small ratio. Try to catch topics in Surgery and Medicine which are related to Dentistry. These topics are high yield topics as there are so many chances of MCQs to come in exam from these Topics.

Some candidates face difficulty in preparation of FCPS Part 1, because they are weak in basic subjects and they can not be able to understand and learn topics. I will suggest them to do Video Lectures of Dr Najeeb. In all those lectures Dr Najeeb starts from point A to Point Z , so in this way all those candidates can fulfill their deficiencies. And i think its the easiest way to learn. But all those candidates should keep in mind that all videos are too much lengthy, so if those candidates decide to do video lectures, they should keep in mind that it will take much time.


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