rd International Conference & Expo on Biopharmaceutics and Biologic Drugs June 19-21, 2017 in Philadelphia, USA


rd International Conference & Expo on Biopharmaceutics and Biologic Drugs June 19-21, 2017 in Philadelphia, USA

Conference Series LLC  invites all the participants from all over the world to attend ‘3rd International Conference & Expo on Biopharmaceutics and Biologic Drugs’ during June 19-21, 2017 in Philadelphia, USA which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

The Biopharma 2017 offers a best platform with its well organized scientific program to the audience which includes interactive panel discussions, keynote lectures, plenary talks and poster sessions on the topics Biopharmaceutics, Drug delivery, drug toxicity research, Novel Approaches, Product Development, Biowaiver Approaches, current issues in Bioequivalence of Oral Products, Pharmaceutical Innovation in the 21st Century, new scientific approaches to international regulatory standards. The conference invites delegates from Biopharma laboratories, Pharmacists, Academicians, Clinicians, Researchers, Health care professionals, students, business delegates and Young researchers across the globe providing a better podium, interconnecting the latest research, technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects. Conference Series LLC organizes a conference series of 1000+ Global Events inclusive of 600+ Conferences, 500+ Upcoming and Previous Symposiums and Workshops in USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific Societies and publishes 700+ Open Access Journals which contains over 50000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

Track 1: Biopharmaceutics

Biopharmaceutics is defined as the study of factors influencing the rate and amount of drug that reaches the systemic circulation and the use of this information to optimise the therapeutic efficacy of the drug products. The process of movement of drug from its site of administration to the systemic circulation is called as absorption. The concentration of drug in plasma and hence the onset of action, and the intensity and duration of response depend upon the bioavailability of drug from its dosage form. Bioavailability is defined as the rate and extent (amount) of drug absorption. Any alteration in the drug’s bioavailability is reflected in its pharmacological effects. Other processes that play a role in the therapeutic activity of a drug are distribution and elimination.

Relevant conferences:

Conference on Generic Drug Market and Contract Manufacturing Oct 31- Nov 02, 2016 Valencia, Spain; 10th Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems March 13-15, 2017 London, UK; 10th Asia-Pacific Pharma Congress May 08-10, 2017 Singapore; 11th World Drug Delivery Summit October 16-18, 2017 New York, USA. European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS), Swiss Society of Industrial Pharmacists (SSIP), Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI), Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

Track 2: Novel Approaches in Biopharmaceutics

The overall aim of this research program is to develop novel principles for specific drug delivery and targeting to the active site by using complex in vivo models. An innovative, cutting edge and multi-disciplinary collaboration using clinical models will include research teams from: pharmaceutical technology, material science, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, toxicology, oncology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, urology and regulatory science.




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