Random Points About Dentine (1)

*More tubules are present in primary dentin

*Dentin lay closest to the

*Dentin lay closest to the
DCJ—-> Mantle

*Sclerotic dentin is Hypermineralized peritubular dentin that reduces the width of dentinal tubules—> Less sensation.

*Interglobular dentin is Dentin separating the mantle and circumpulpal.

*Globular dentin refers to Globular masses of dentin that are hypermineralized.

*Interglobular dentin–>lesser mineralized dentin areas resulting from globular mode of dentin formation (less mineraized than globular dentin).

*Daily imbrication lines of Von Ebner are similar to the imbrication lines of enamel rods.

*Contour lines of Owen are Segments of dentin tubules that have responded to environmental insults.

*Neonatal line = exaggerated line of owen

*Q.Rate of dentin deposition is faster/slower in the coronal portion of the tooth? Radicular deposition is slower.

Most highly mineralized dentine is Peri or Intratubular Dentine

Without Predentine, Enamel formation will not proceed.

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