Random Pearls Of Dentistry By Dr Maryam Malik (1)

Random Points

Specific gravity of enamel = 2.8,
Calcification of enamel starts at DEJ,
Distance between Incremental line of vonn ebner = 4-8 um,
Enamel lamaella are leaf like st from enamel to DEJ,
Enamel Tuft ( Internal Manifestation) st from DEJ towards enamel,
Protein that resembles enamel is amelogenin,
Tetracycline discoloration effects enamel,
Component present in dentin and bone but not in enamel is collagen,
Enamel is formed at rate of 4micron/day,
Perikymata is normal development,
Outer enamel epithelium is senn 1st in cap stage,
Membrane perormatina is seen in bell stage,
Tooth calcification starts at late bell stage,
Ectodermal cells in tooth bud are responsible for shape of crown and root,
Disturbance in initiation —–> anodontia, supernum.teeth, fusion and germination

Disturbance in histodifferentiation —–> dentinogenesis Imperfacta, Atypical Dentin

Disturbance in Morphodifferentiation —–> peg shapetooth,talon cusp,dense in dente,macroodntia

Diturbance in Apposition —> enamel hypoplasia and hypocalcificaion.

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