Random Pearls of Anesthesia by Dr Maryam Malik (2)

The 1st Sign of toxic Injection to an Injected L.A solution would be toxic reaction (excitation).
If lignocain then nervous depression followed by nerve excitation.
If other anesthetic then 1st sign is nerve excitation.
#Induce Epilepsy Enflurane>Sevoflurane
# Proconvulsant –> Enflurane
# MethoxyFlurane > nephrotoxic
Atracurium given as muscle relaxant In Patient with Liver dysfunction and Renal Failure.
ketamine is Bronchodilator,least Respiratory Depression.
Indicated in Asthmatic and COPD
Thiopental Increase HR,dpresa both HR and Respiratory Depression C/I in HTN and heart
Potent Anesthetic and Weak Analgesic is Halothane
Amide Local Anesthetic have double “i”.
Esters are metabolized by plasma and tissue esteras
Amides are metabolized by liver amidases
All local Anesthetics except cocaine are Vasodilators
Nondepolarizing NM blockers are reversible with AchE Inhibitor
Nondepolarizing NM blockers are metabolized by Plasma Cholinesterases
Depolarizing NM Blockers are hydrolyzed by
Normal dose of Adrenaline for local anesthesia 7mg/kg
1:200,000 Adrenaline –》5mcg/kg

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