Random MCQs of FCPS Part 1 August 2015 1st part



AUGUST 2015 BCQS: So Here you go People. The answers in these mcqs were most probables. Dont rely totally upon them. If You are doubtful, so do discuss them.These are based upon the experience and the memories of people who shared mcqs on respective groups. There can be some mistakes. But all is compiled with too much hardwork. I’ll share further things later. This Group helped me alot. So i want to contribute to this group so that people may get help. The questions can be intermingled i.e the 12th august mcq mght be written in 13th august heading so dont bother. REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS.take it as a gift :p Regards: Dr. Muhammad Husnain Akram

12th August 2015

1-Type of clls in acute viral infection?

2-Myasthenia Gravis is which type of hypersensitivity (type 2)

3-how much amount of air is required for pulmonary embolism (100cc)

4-Facial nerve exits through? stylomastoid foramen

5-Damage to capsule and articular capsule of temporomandibular joint causes damage to which muscle? lateral pterygoid

6-Universal donor O neg


7-Side effects of chlorpromazine parkinsona or dystonia

8-QRS waves on ECG ventricular depolarization

9- P waves ECG atrial depolarization

10-U wave hypokalemia

11-Which structure is formed by the end of first week of fertilization? (blastocyst)

12-When does stomach appear as a dilatation of gut during intrauterine life? a.blastocyte c.amnion b.blastocele d.chorion (blastocele)

13-Cause of Pulmonary edema in CCF – Increased hydrostatic pressure

14-How is fat transported from small intestine? a.Mixed micelles b.Chylomicrons c.Free fatty acids (cylomicrons)

15-Osmosis helps to maintain a.Shape of cell b.Contents of cell c.Volume of cell (vol)

17-Involvement of actin, myosin and clathrin. Which type of transport is this? a.Primary active b.Secondary active c.Facilitated d.Simple e.Carrier mediated (c.m)

18-Most carcinomas contain a.Keratin b.Desmin c.Vmentin

19-Characteristics of malignancy a.Pleomorphism b.Invasion

20-Characteristics of dysplasia -Microscopic feature in prolonged use of alcohol

21-41% hematocrit means?

22-Most common inherited bleeding disorder? a.Factor X b.Factor VIII c.Von wilibrand

23-In case of Vitamin K deficiency which factor is depleted first? a.XI b.II c.VII d.V

24-Calculation of Urinary clearance and Dead space

25-Vessel along left phrenic nerve? a.Internal thoracic artery (internal thoracic ) b.Superior thoracic artery

26-Hemorrhagic shock of 2L of blood. What is expected? a.Coronary blood flow of 250ml b.Increased venous return Increased tpr

27-Intake of 140mEq/mL. What will happen? a.Increased plasma osmolarity b.Increased icf osmolarity c.Increased ecf osmolarity d.Both icf and ecf osmolarity

28-RTA. Patient in shock. Cause? a.Profuse blood loss b.Bladder injury

29-Immunosuppressants given after transplant surgery. What is the important concern? a.Decreased T cells Increased susceptibility to bacterial infections

30-Which of the following is immunostimulant? a.Cortisol b.Beta endorphin GH

31-which of the following is assessed in triple assessment for congenital defects? a.Serum estrogen b.Serum progesterone Serum estriol Serum estradiol Serum estrione

32-Female gravida 1 is unable to lactate her baby even after her utmost desire . She has a history of post partum hemorrhage. What could be the cause? a.Asherman syndrome b.Sheehan syndrome

33-Turner Karyotype?

34-Bee sting allergy. Most important mediator: a.Bradykinin b.Heparin

35-Hylaine cartilage is present in which tissue?

36-what type of joint is present between two parts of mandible during 1st year of life? a.Gomphosis b.Syndesmosis c.Symphysis d.Suture

37-nerve supply of central part of parietal diaphragm

38-Prolonged use of paraffin leads to deficiency of which vitamin? a.Thiamine b.Biotin c.Vitamin A d.VITAMIN B e.Vitamin C

39-Hypothyroidism increases? a.Tolerance to cold b.Serum cholesterol c.BMR

40-Hippocrates Oath a.Confidentiality b.Doctors rights c.Sexuality

41-Patient with atypical TB. He’s most likely to be? aResistant to ATT

42-Which nerve arches over the arch of aorta? a.Left phrenic b.Left vagus c.Left recurrent laryngeal d.Left sympathic trunk

43-Location of geniculate ganglion

44-most common site of abscess in brain

45-Where is glabella located?

46-enzyme in salive that prevents utilization of iron by bacteria? a.lactoferin b.igA proteases c.lysozyme (lactoferin)

47-Sequestration of ca a.SER b.T tubules c.Trponin (SER)

48-Pluropotent stem cells signald by a.Bone marrow edothelium b.Reticular bone marrow cell c.Regenratve cells d.Blood cells n epithelium are labilr (bonemarrow endo)

49-Neoplasm is malignat v put in stage 1 -4 stage 1 would b a.Ca in situ b.No malignant potential

50-2nd wk of life development of which structure blastocyte

51-Sympethetic effect a.Inc heart rate b.bronchocnstricton (inc heart rate)

52-Stress hormone inc in stress a.Cortisol b.Cortol c.Cortorele d.Catecholamine (coritsol)

53-Adrenlectomy taste inc for a.Nacl

54-Inherited disease a.Won willbrand b.Factor 9 def (WVB)

55-Senario like BT 20 Ct 18 i thnk plt 180,000 disordr

56-Fibrinogen def a.Platelt function disorder b.Itp

57-Which of the following most likely cause malignancy a.. Haemochromatosis b. Benzidine C. Asbestosis (asbestosis)

58-Lesion of dorsal column a.Anesthesia b.Analgesia c.Loss of tickling n itch d.Sensory ataxia e.Motor ataxia (sensory ataxia)

59-Vibrio cholera diarrhoea mechanism a.Inhibit Ip3 b.Inhibit cAMP c.Increase Cl channels (Increase Cl channels)

60-most common cause of ppremalignant change in mouth a.chronic ulcer b.lichen planus c.submucous fibrosis (submucous fibrosis)

70-female showing cervical dysplastic changes, etiology? a.vaginal cream b.grand multiparity c.HSV d.IUCD e.chronic irritation (grand multiparity)

71-Conducting system of heart is located in? a.Endocardium b.Subendocardium c.Epicardium d.Myocardium e.Subepicardium

72-Asthmatic e IHD hypertension intra operatively a.Iv nitropruside b.Iv nitroglycerine c.Iv hydralazine (iv nitrospruside)

73-regarding endotoxin most of patients having endotoxin in sepsis

74-cardiac reserve decrease in a.athletes b.can be used to increase cardiac output

75-Gaba deficiency in substania nigra nd globus pelidus cause a. chorea b.athetosis C)Parkinson’s D)hungtinton (hungtinton)

76-Pulmonary blood flow lit/min? a.2 b.3 c.4 d.5 e.6 (5)

77-Cause of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

78-Conducting system.of heart which layer

79-Scapula ossifies at what age ?

80-What is main adhesion of a cell ?

81-Pt ct disturb of a 12 y/o child – pathology behind it ?

82-Thrombin converts fibrinogen into fibrin –what elevates in blood ?

83-Paraffin inhibits what !

84- MOA of gemfibrazol ?

85-girl cannot comb her hairs . Nerve damage ?

86-Lt atrial hypertrophy + inc pcwp + pulmonary odema . Dx ?

87-Nerve to uretheral sphicter

88-How much cc will cause embolism

89-Parotid will form what ligament

90-Why immunosuppressents have disadvantages …. delay onset ..or

91-recurrent bacterial infec

92-Na is antagonized by which ion

93-Which enchances immunity

94-Cortisol acth growth hormone

95-In mid trimester blood is formed by

96-Pseudomonas antibiotic coverage ?

97-Which hormones stops gastric motality ?

98-Which agent slows gastric motility ? Suralfate aluminum oh omega mg oh

99- Barbiturates uses what ?

100-Mural thrombus from which organ

101-Adh syndrome !!!!! Hypertronic rehydration ya hypotonic rehydration ..

102-Virtual image : a.Image on microscope b.Image in scren. c.Image behind lens

103- Use of atrial neutric peptide in diagnostic !!! 104-Long pr interval bp

120 80 echo clear

105-lt axsis deviation ??? Dx

106-Sick sinus syn option a.Biferengent block b.uniblock c.Triiblock d.complete herat block

107-Lesion in rt lower lung lobe . Pt is gardner

108-Ca store in muscle where ?

109-Action myosin clathrin transport ? How ?

110-decrease in diffusion is due to

111-Defecation occurs due to? a. gastrocolic reflex b. Mass movement (mass movement)

112-Patient develop scarlet fever a.Exfoliation b.Exotoxin (exotoxin)

113-Person working in farm develop lesion on foot a.Cutaneous larva migrans b.Cutaneous leshminiasis c.Dracanculus… (Cutaneous larva migrans)

114-Young patient burning pain during urination, afebrile, tnin yellowish discharge.. a.Chlamydia b.HSV (chlamydia)

115-Which of the following most likely cause malignancy a. Haemochromatosis b. Benzidine C. Asbestosis (asbestosis)

116-Vibrio cholera diarrhoea mechanism a.Inhibit Ip3 b.Inhibit cAMP c.Increase Cl channels (increase cl channels)

117-Mother cant lactate her baby Sheehan syndrome

118.Pseudomonas doc Cipro

119.Inc num of lyphocytes in a.Tb b.Hay fever c.Pneumonia

120.Lady cant comb her hair nerve damage? a.Suprascapular nerve b.Spinal accesory nerve

121.Chi quare 2*2 table

122.cycloplegic refraction complication Shallow chamber

123-Warthin starry stain used for

124-regarding MCA? a.supplying inferomedial part of temporal lobe b.olfactory part of frontal lobe

125-regarding ICA a.enter in skull through squamous temporal lobe. b.lie on lateral side to ECA at origin n then move medially as in ascends in skull give ophtalmic branch

126-femoral artery relation with vein a.lateral b.anterolateral c.posterolateral

127-which physiological function loss in lab test of urine specific gravity? a.concentration b.filteration c.secretion d.blood flow e.reabsorption

128-trochoma? a.bacterial conjunctivitis b.viral conjunctivitis

129-superior thyroid aretry is branch of? a.external carotid b.interal carotid

130-person having systolic pressure

132mmhg. diastolic pressure 66, mean arterial pressure would me..? a.66mmhg b.

111mm Hg c.88mmHg

131-normally physiological functionn of placenta ,is a barrier b/w? a.maternal n fetal blood b.barrier for drugs c.barrier for nutrition d.barrier for immunoglobulins

132-anterior pituitary tumor will mostly cause damage to which nerve? a.trochlear b.optic \

133-PTH most sensitive to? a.total serum b.serum calcium c.1,25(OH)D3 d.serum PO4

134-woman having whiplash injury during PTA, damage C5 C6 nerves, which of the most disability she is having? a.flexion of forearm b.extension of arm c.adduction of shoulder d.medial roation of shoulder e.extension of finger

135-a new research, study on some therapy regarding smoking, cessation.he divide 40 smokers and on volunteer therapy.after some time he asked about the daily smoking ciggerates from all 40.what key component is missing? a.hypothesis b.random distribution c.dependent distribution d.independent distribution \

136-thyroid follicles cell releasing thyroxin derived from? a.endoderm b.ectoderm c.mesoderm d.endo n mesoderm

137-in developing sudden exeruciating chest pain, bp 90/50 mmHg with dislocation of crystalline lens, cause? a.mallory-weise syndrom b.rupture aortic aneurysm 138-regarding heart sounds? a.S2 is usually long b.audible on area of heart valves more precisely

139-cystic fibrosis sweat chloride test

140-what cause gastric emptying metoclopramide

141-female symptoms of hypothroidism n lymphocytes a.hashimotor b.colloid goiter c.thyroid cA d.thyroid lymophoma

142-single local factor for delay wound healing infection

143-posterior 1/3rd of tongue sensation, nucleus involve? glossopharyngeal

144- masseteric fascia develop from ? a.superficial layer of deep cervical fascia b.carotid sheath c.pretracheal d..prevertebral

145-situs inversus kartagena syndrome

146-MAO inhibitor n hypersentivity crises coffee?

147- oral glucose load increase? a.secretion b.tripeptide (secretion)

148-fungi causing meningitis a.histoplasm b.asperigillus c.cryptococcus d.cocadiomycos (cryptococcus)

149-aldosteron major action a.dct b.collecting duct (collecting duct)

150-pulmonary blood flow 5lit/min

151-similarity b/w cardiac n skeletal muscle a.transverse striations b.transverse tubules (transverse tubules)

152-which of following drug cause hyperurecemia? a.ISH b.rifampin c.pyrazinamide (pyraznamide)

153-enlargement of arch of aorta compresses a.esophagus b.lung c.trachea (esophagus)

154-traumatic lesion at L1, which will affect? cauda meclularis

155-astgmatic pt having high BP during surgery, drugs used will be hydralazine

156-injury above sacral spinal cord result in a. dilatation of bladder sphincter b. constriction of bladder c. atonic bladder d. neurogenic bladder (atonic bladder)

157-highest enrgy cntnt a.fats b.proteins c.carbohydrates d.vitamns nd minrls (fat)

158- genu a.lateral ventricle b.ant horn c.roof

159-buccinator from pretracheal fascia?

160-benzodiazepene least like cause: a.hypotension b.hypovolemia old age

161-thyroid secreting tumo a.small call car of bronchus b.squamous cell carcinomma of lungs

162-during short period of atp synthesis.energy is provided by a.phosho creatine b.kreb cycle

163-cvs part solely controled by? ANS?

164-most characteristc feature of polycythemia: a.hyperplastic change b.>50% in hct

165-active transport require pumps or carrier protein (pumps)

166-vascular component of meninges (piamatter)

167-excessive use of liquid paraffin on skin causes?

168- thorn prick on skin, organism? vit A deficiency niacin thiamine

169-gemfibrozil? increase TG clearance

13th August 2015

1-Surfactant Increase compliance

2-Cell mem strct primarily maintain by a.Endoplasmic reticulm b.Cholesterol bilayr c.Golgi apparatus

3-adverse reaction of drug depend upon a.Small dose small b.variable

4-Enzyme may b fall in liver injury a.Alt b.Alp c.Ast d.Ldh

5-Diarrehea normal anion gap met acidosis 6-Thorn pick absess Staph aureus

7-Rite kidney ant relation a.Duodenum b.liver c.hepatic colonic flexure 8-Loss of memory senario Temporal lobe

9-Senario pt havin acute appedixitis havin forgetdulness unable to give consent,came wd a wife,take consent from a.Wife b.Ask senior c.Reaskd from him

10-resection of terminal ileum?

11-after gastrectomy (vit b12)

12-fracture neck of fibula (peroneus longus)

13-pt cannot comb hair ( spinal accessory)

14-one third of body water in icf ecf

15-max pressure in aorta during whic phase ?

16-supply of pericardium

17-leukocyte adhesion

18-branch of basilar artery?

19-cck 20-which antacid dec gastric emptying ?

21- which part of liver with poor supply?

22-stomach become dilated in which week? a.3rd b.4rth c.5th? (4th)

23-femoral vien palpated at a.pubic tubercle b.aduuctor canal

24-megaloblastic anemia in 35yrs old man a.loss of intrinsic factor b.transcobalamin

25-pregnant woman a spoon shaped nails a. low mcv mchc

26- fever caused by a.tick b.ricktessia (tick)

27-trachea is a.25cm long b.17cm external dia c. bifurcation at t3 (17)

28-what loops around arch of aorta a.left reccurrent laryngeal nerve

29-1st artery given by abdominal aorta a.celiec truck b.inferior mesentertic artery

30-hyper eosinophilia occurs in ? a.atypical cml b.hodgkin c.eosinophilic granulum

31-turner karyotype? a.44 xo b.44xyy c.44xxy?

32-41% oh hematocrit means?…. a. 41% of formed fragments of rbc b.41 of red wbc and platelets?

33-kidney activates which of following? a.renin b.adh c.cholecalciferol d.erythropoetin

34-pulse pressure max. amplitude in? a.lft vntrcl b.aorta c.atrium

35-a patient inspired maximally with efforts and expires as usual? a.IRV b.FRC c.IC

36-corticopsinal track ends at which level? a.upper cervical b.mid thoracic c.lumber d.spinal cord e.ower thoracic

37-person working in farm develop lesion in foot a.cutaneous larva migrans b.cutaneous leshminiasis c.dracanculus

38-soldier in balochistan came with complaint of fever mailaise hepatomegaly spleenomegaly, used to sleep on floor, history of bites of fly? a.malaria b.kalazar c.cml (kalazar)

39-warthin starry stain used for a.spirochete b.chlymdia c.mycobacterium d.neisseria

40-nerve loops around arch of aorta? a.vagus b. reccurrent laryngeal

41. phrenic nerve runs on left side with? a. RCA b.LCA c. pericardicophrenic artery

42-after abdominl n gynaecological surgery cause which kind of Infection (becteroids)

43. Which factor def causes thrombosis instead of bleeding Factor 5

44. hypovolaemia with hypotension isoflurane shud not be given,why? Potent vasodilator

45. Otic ganglion location foramen was asked Superior border of foramen ovale

46. Increase in interstial fluid cause Inc. capillary permeability

47. Rite sided weekness with babinkis positive all UMN lesions no sensory loss whr is the the lesion a.left internal capsule b.left broadman area 4 resection

48. Epitheluim of preterminal bronchiole Pseudostratified squamous

49. Mesiothelioma exposure to wat Asbestos

50. Trachea coverd by pretracheal fascia True

51. Radiation causes cancer aftr how much yrs 5-10 years

52. Premalignant lesions are a.Metaplasia of endocervix b.Dysplasia c.Condyloma, skin

53. Weeknes in abduction of fingers nerve involve is Ulcer

54. Sciatic nerve severed, dorsam of foot supplied by which nerve?? a.saphenous nerve b.Sural nerve c.Comman paroneal nerve

55. Lidocaine overdose seizures

56. Loss of knee flexion and hip extension muscle involved is Semitendinous

57. muscle which causes flexion of elbow and supplied by radial nerve Brachioradialis

58. Breast lower medial quadrant will not drain into a.inf phrenic nodes b.Pectoral nodes c.supraclavicular nodes

59. volume of distribution

60. Probablity of difference between the two medians

61. lack of comunication and understanding between doctor and patient is due to?

62-a know patient of lumbago, presented with acute chest pain, o/e tenderness found in the left posterior 3rd and 4th intercostal space, bp normal, pulse normal likely diaganosis a.costochondritis b.spondylitis c.dissecting aortic anurysm

63-denticulate ligament

64-dura matter extension is present b/w

65-hormones during sleep

66-which vascular leison is present in rheumatic fever>

67-Most comman skin cancer in HIV a.sq. Cell carcinoma b.Basal cell carcinoma c.Malignant lymphoma

68-Collagen tat gives strenght during wound healing a.Type 1 b.type 3

69-major blood buffer? a.hb b.hco3

70-Whch type of joint is it, TMJ?

71-whch type of articular cartilage TMJ has?

72-Whch ligament is formed by parotid fascia?

73-chest pain and fever not related to respiration a.Costochondral junction b.Pericarduim c.Myocarduim

74-in later stage of pregnancy oestrogen and progesterone produce by a.corpus luteum b.ovaries c.placenta d.ant pituitary E.post pituitary

75-Q.which one of the following cause coronary vasodilation a.adenosine b.NO

76-.true about skeletan develop from a.ectodem b.mesoderm only c.mesoderm and neural crest. d.somatic mesoderm e.splanic mesoderm

77-In carcinogenic shock u vl give first a.adrenaline b.dopamin

78-.a pallor child xray skull showing hair end appearance next invasion a.xray skeleton b.peripheral smear c.bone marrow aspiration d.Hb electrophoresis

79-.true about denticulate ligament a.extension of duramater b.separate dorsal & ventral root c.extension of filam terminale D.BTW vertebrae and spinal cord

78- A patient has hypercouagable state having def of a.factor viii b.factor ix c.factor x D.factor xiii E.factor v

79-difference BTW skeletal and smooth muscle a.ca calmodulin b.directly activated by ca

80-Infectious mononucleosious

81-which valve is involved in Limb sack endocarditis

82-Graves disease scenario

83-V wave denotes?

84-Abdominal angina cause by obstruction to a.Inf mesenteric b.Sup mesenteric

85-middle colic is the branch of? Superior mesenteric artery

86-geniculate ganglion is located in?

87- taste sensation is carried to the cortex through?

88-folic acid deficiency leads to ? megaloblastic anemia

89-anterior fonatnelle closes at?

90-sphincter urethra is supplied by? pudendal nerve

91-two point discrimination? merkel disc

92-ANP theraptcally useful in? hypertension

93-beta blocker?

94-functional platelet defect

95- oxygen hb curve towards left increase in pH

96-cephalic vein anatomical snuff box

97- atlantoaxial joint is type of pivot joint

98-atypical lymphosytosis EBV

99-edema of legs after bite? histamin

100-stomach tube 4th week

101-oesophageal atresia drooping of saliva

102-AL(OH)2 delays gastric emptying

103- Acute liver damage ALT

104-actin myosin clatherin pinocytosis
105-sternum ossification 21 years

106-mandible symphsis menti

107-cord hemisection

108-broca’s area

109-CSF subdural space

110-anterior spinothalamic tract ends at

111-benzidiazepein GABA

112-renin activation by

113-anatomical dead space

114-dopamin acetycholin intolerance in Parkinsonism

115-adhesion integrins

116-crest syndrom

117-immuniospressant caused teeth disease?

118-brain liquification necrosis?

119-metaplasiachanges character of epithelium

120-carcinoma spread by?

121-femoral pulse at inguinal point

122-heparin VS LMW heparin – common function? 123-adrenalectomy increased taste for Na 124-homonymous hemianopia 125- 2 human virus cause cancer? 126-metabolic acidosis with normal anion gap 127-negative feedback in hemorrhage 128-kidney cholecalciferol 129-cholesterol increases by eating saturated fat 130-decreased cholesterol dec adrenal hormones 140-level of thyroid isthmus? 141-long refractory period heart 142-hypokalemia 143- increased urea in loop of henle 144- IV drugs endocarditis 145-alcohol fatty change 146-leishmaniasis 147-parasympathetic supply of bronchioles? 148-defeciency of glucose 6 Phosphatase causes 149-Increase GFR causes inc absorbtion of salt and water from PCT 150-The most imp mechanism for thiz tubuloglomerular feedback is A. Inc peritubular colloid presure B. Dec peritubular soduim concentration 151-Increase in viscosity of blood Inc radius of capacitance Inc radius of resistance arteriole Inc mean arterial pressure 152-infection in cavournes sinus 153- cause of damage to lateral rectus 154-During hysterctomy ureters can be damaged while ligating which artery ??? 155-which one is the DNA virus Influenza Measles Mumps Yellow fever Infectious mononucleosis 156-injury to surgical neck of humurus damage to which nerve 157- Axillary nerve damage will cause wat Dec abduction 0-20 degree Dec abduction 20 -90 degree Dec abduction above head Dec flexion 158-intermenstural bleeding and post coital bleeding no othr abnormality on per speculum examination.. cervix hyperplasia present.. wat initial test u vl do a. Colposcopy b.Pap smear 159-14 yrs old chronic diarhea. bleeding time, CT=50min, diarrhea since 6m,no family hstory vit k def/ liver failure 160-posterior ventricular branches of RCA, branches no. and area of supply? 161-crown rump length at 15-20 wks? 162- right lung, superior,medial and inferior lobes, no. of segments in each? 163- purkunji cells typically present in a.cerebral cortex b.cerebellum c.cerebellar nuclei 164- storage of glycogen is called? 165-case with 8% bleed in 30min ..response? bleed from? 166-severe sudden hypovolemic shock effect? 167- mechanism of response in bleeding of finger cut for a few sec? vasoconstriction 168-in shock, which will pressure body as a “whole”? adreno-sympathetic or CNS inchemic response? 169-scenario: dec BP and activation of renin angiotensin system, which response will help? Vasocontriction Thirst ADH 170- crecenteric morphology associated with? 171-least creatinine clearance? a.glucose b.urea c.HCO3 d.na 172- most abundant antibody? IgG 173-case od blunt abdominal trauma, whch of the following will NOT go from G node to G1? a.smooth muscle b.liver parenchyma cells c.symphysis 174-b/w pubic bones type of joint ? 175-what is true regarding T cells? a.mostly t cells present peripherally b.processing done in thymus after birth 176-in long bones, after birth, secondary centre of ossification? a.diphysis b.epiphysis c.metaphysis d.membranous bone 177-after hepatectomy, mitogenic factors for genration? 178-related to sex linked disorders usually cause in males 179- which is pre malignant lesion? a.dysplasia b.condyloma skin 180- most imp factors for metastasis a. migration of tumor cells b.attachment wid extracellular matrix 181-case of study done in pts with t4N1M1 stage with survival of <50% of 5 years. what will be true? cachexia 182- epicardium is supplied by? 183- a statistical test observed differences b/w 2 means been by chance? a.variance b.correlation c.ratio 184- definition of volume of distribution 185- which amino acid deficiency in cell injury? a.histamin b.glycin c.tyrosine 186-Damage to male urethra below uroginital daighram, urine vl go into a.Retropubic space b.Medial thigh c.Superficial perineal space d.Isciorectal fossa 187-Sartoli cells, most appropriate is a.produce fluid rich in glucose and protiens (nutrients) b.Mentain blood testis barries 188-Rapidly adapting receptors ??? 189- blood supply of prostat? 190-12. dr prescribing ANTICOAGULANTfor a lifetime, before that investigation is impotent 191. lung ca., small cell (oat cell) biopsy will show tumor marker? a. prathormone ralated protein b. ACTH c.serotonin 192.lady has loss of little finger due to weakness of interrossei muscles, nerve involed a.ulnar nerve b.radila nerve c.median nerve d.dorsal interrsoe nerve 193- primary esophagela reflex different from secondary reflex as in any relation of inferior sphincter 194- pubic bones move during labor slightly due to joint Symphysis 195-. pubic symphysis is a a type cartilagnous joint 196-reed sternberg cell mostly diagnosis a. hodgkin disease b. non hogdkin lymphoma 197-. Hic associated with a. Kaposi sarcoma 198-. related to ca. of bladder a. schistosoma japonicum b. b schistosoma heamatobium c. c. schistosoma 199-Chronic backache,longest nerve frm which plexus a.lumbosacral b.thoracosacral brachial c.Pia matter , d.invaginate gyri 200-anaomic aphasia dua to lesion of a. brocas b. wernickes 201- ESOPHAGUS a.related anteriorly to recurrent laryngeal b.starts upper border of C6 c.commences at T8 d. continues with pretechial fascia 202-. SCLENUES ARTERY third part sweling will appear in which area a. prevertebral b.supraclavicular c.axilla 203-.posterior intervetricularr artery a. two in no and supplies diagphramatic surface of ventricle 204- accident, fracture of femur,tibia,fibula, pulse 110/min, bp 110/80 (near normal) BEST managemnt a. joint stability b. fluids 205-C5-C6 damage 206-M.I 207-horner syndrome, 208-remant of geburnaculum, 209-relation of cbd wid doudenum 210-left renal vein relation to aorta, 211-most important to do in ICU 212-calculation of GFR 213-abdominal oblique digit insertion in which muscle 214-pregnant lady on lateral side to avoid IVC 215-cold sensation 216-tail of pancreas goes into…. Spleen


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