Random MCQs of FCPS Part 1 August 2015 2nd Part


14th 15th 16th August 2015


1-KALLMANS SYNDROME. ‘ a.hyperosmia b.hypergonadism c. mutattion of KALIGI gene on Y chromosome(something like that) d. lesion of arcuate nucleus (lesion of arcuate nucleus) 2- eversion of foot by. peroneus longus 3-inversion and eversion at.. a.subtalar joiny b.ankle joint (subtalar) 4- injury of ulnar nerve at elbow. claw hand 5- loss of sensation on lateral side of palm median nerve 6- dermatome of lateral side of elbow… a. c7 b. t1 c.C5 (c5) 7- diagstric muscle central tendon is attached to? a. styloid process b. hyoid bone (hyoid bone) 8- damage to cervical sympathtic ganglion . a mydriasis b ptosis (ptosis) 9-Lambda light chain protein accumulation a. amyloidosis b. alport syndrome. (amyloidosis) 10-csf goes to subarachnoid space via a. medial aperture in 4th ventricle b . lower apertures in lateral ventricles (medial aperture) 11- loss of pain and temp sense but intact touch.. a. tabes dorsalis b. syringomyelia (syringomyelia) 12- purkinje cells in a. cerebellum b. cerebellar cortex (cerebellar)

13-screening test for sle. ANA 14-peri articular erosions on xray a. RA b. osteoarthritis c. sle (osterarthritis) 15-pt had dyspnea and then died. autopsy shows wedge shaped leison. 16-45 year old previousl normal lady start having dyspnaeo, dry cough, fever 3 months back.. recovered for one month when she went on vacation..again developd symptoms when she got back to her canaries. xray multiple nodular lesions in all lung zones. dx a.anrigen antibody mediated rxn b. progressive interstitial lung disease 17- young pt has jaundice . total bil 10mg conjugated. 1.2 .. a. hepatitis causes unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia b. unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia causes hemolysis c. bile duct obstruction causes unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia 18-pt had rta e blunt trauma to abdomen.. which of the following cells will not enter into G1 phase of cell cyccle and will remain in G0 a. hepatocytes b. skeletal muscle c. endothelial cells 19- maranatic endocarditis mainly involves. a. aortoc valve b aortic and mitral c. aortic and pul valves d. somethong about vegetations 20-cresentic glomerlonephtitis is due to a. fibrin leakage b. antigen antibody complex deposition c. subepithelial deposits 21-graves disease.. type of hypersensistivity 21. serotonin syndrome a. tricyclic and flauxetine b. chlorpromazine 22-which one can be elicited in pt with complete brain stem resection a. spontanous respiration if pco2 >50 b. intelligable speech c. flexor reflex aftr piching the toe 23-left optic tract lesion 24- example of choristoma a. pancreatic tissue in gastric mucosa b . pancreatic tissue in mouth c, thyroid tissue in mouth 25- strusture 2 feet from caecum …meckles 26-. pt had red raised lesions on skin since 3 months on rt arm which are increasing in size and number.. he also had watery diarrhea one month back and has generalized lymphadenopathy.. which is the cause of lesions a. HHV8 27-. generalized painful lymphadenopathy, fever, sore throat…. mononucleosus 28-.. True for cricoid cartilage ??? A. Vocal cords are attached to it B. Inferior constrictor attached to it 29. true regarding vertebal colmn a. all thoracic vertebrae hav articular facet for ribs b. lumbar curve is maintained in adults c. aeach vertebrae can be identified individually in adults 30. regarding heart a. left atrium has thicker wall than rt atrium 31. least clearance is for (something like that) a.hco3 b. urea c. glucose 32. the amount of plasma required to reach the nephron to excerete the amount of it in urine is (something like that) a.filtration rate b. clearancE 33. young male with malar rash, arthralgia/arthritis, endocarditis ANA postive.. something about complement C1q (dont rem the full scenario), a. antigen antibody complexes (is it SLE?) 34. pt lost 8% blood in 30 mins, whch volume is significantly reduced a venous blood b. capillary blood (venous blood) 35. thyoid gland a. active forms had follicles with colloid b. isthmus at 4 and 5 tracheal rings c. 36. most of active thyoid hormone released into circulation is a. T3 b. T4 (t4) 37. NON FLUNT aphasia.. brocas 38. all the sensry input to primary somatosensory cortex will be lost if following set of structures are damaged a. dorsal column , grey matter of spinal cord, trigeminal , solaitray nucleus b. dorsal coulm, grey matter of sp cord, trigeminal 39, retinal changes in hypertension a. AV nipping b.retinal detachment c. exudates.. it wasnt hard exudates. some other kind of exudate was mentioned. dont rem its name 38.thymus a. single lobed structure b. lies on sternothroid and sternohyoic. c.aorta lies ant to it d. it regress aftr birth 39. virus related cancer a. T cell leukemia b.renal carcinome c.small cell carcinoma 40. paraneoplastic syndrome a. small cell carcinoma 41. construction worker with resp problem, plaque like lesion on lungs a. silica b. Asbestosis (ANS) 42. ingunal canal. a. ant sup ilaiac spine to pubic tubercle b. conjoint tendon forms its upper boundry 43. abundant antibody.. igG 44. histamine release a. fentanyl b. morphine (morphine) 45. arterial supply of epicardium a. internal thoracic b. pericardio phrnic 46. regarding renal vessels a. rt vein is longer than left b. left renal vein lies ant to aorta and lft renal artery (ans) 47. adrenal is seperated from kidney by?? a) peritoneal fascia b) renal fascia c) perinephric fat (ANS) 48. bladder cancer.. schistosoma hematobium 49. young boy e pallor.. crew cut appearance on xray.. dignostic test. a. hb electrophoresis b. bone marrow aspiration (hb electrophoresis) 50. iron stored in females a.6gm b. 4gm c. 3gm (3gm) 51. olfactory cortex a. ant perforated substance b. calcrine sulcus c. lateral olfactory area 52. hepatocyte regeneration 10 days 53. whch of these stimulate erythroid stem cells to proliferate and differentiate a. erythropoiten b. growth factors c gorwth hormone d, androgens (growth factor) 54. pt with lower back ache and pain at posterior thigh. dr tells him the longest nerve of body is involved. origin? a. saccral plexys b lumbosaccral plexus c thoracolumbar. d.brachial 55. saliva a. normally acidic ph b. predominantly mucoid in normal conditions c. has Na and K less than plasma (mucoid in normal condition) 56. dialysis fluid. a. has less hco3 than plasma b. has more glucose than plasma (has more glu than plasma) 57. one question was regarding glysolysis in rbc,.. 57. pt has defeciency of glucose 6 phosphatase… finding a. hyperglycemia b. hypoglycemia c. no glycogen (hypoglycemia) 58. puberty a. high gonadotrophs 59. hashimoto thyroidistis. a. anti tsh antibodies b. anti microsomal and anti thyroglubulin (anti tsh antibodies) 60. source of estrogen and progesteron in late pregnancy a. ovary b. corpus leuteum c. placenta (placenta) 61. ovarian fossa related injury.. vessel involved a. internal iliac b. external iliac (internal iliac) 62.in mature follicle, the ovary is surrounded by mound of cells called a. cumulous oophrous b. corona radiata c. antrum (corona radiata) 63-Defeciency of surfectant causes A. Decrease recoil of lungs B. Decrease complaince 64-at basal side of seminefeous tubules there are cells that form mature sperm cells a. spermatis b. type A sprematogonia c. typre b spermatogonia d. primary spermatogonia 65-.diphylobotrium latum causing megaloblastic anemia 66- rt cornoary artery a. has two branches that supply ant surface of rt ventricle b. has two branches one of which supplies diaphragmatic surface of rt ventricle 67. angiotension does long term regulation of BP thorugh’ a. vasoconstrictiom b. activating aldosterine release (activating aldosteron release) 68. inc interstitial fluid by a. hypertension b. inc cappilary permeability c.inc capiilary hydrostatic pressure (inc hydrostatic pressure) 69. pt with Ph7.4.. po2 8KPa , hco3 4kpa… diagnosis a. resident at high altitude b. compensated resp alkalosis. c. metaolic acidosis’ d. resp alkalosis 70. premalignant lesion a. dysplasia b. condylomata c. cystic hyperplasia of endometrium d. endometrial hyperplasia (dysplasia) 71. cimetidine differ from ranitidine bcz ranitidine a. has lesser cns toxicity b. causes acid secretion (lesser CNS toxicity) 72. digoxin is a doc for a. atrial fib b. heart block c. vt (atrial fib) 73. in shock body response as a whole a. cns ischemic respoce b. adrenosympathetic (adrenosympathetic) 74. After removing fundus of stomach wat will happen ??? A. Decrease receptive relaxation B. decrease production of gastrin 75-75-1: After adrenalectomy taste is increased for ?? 76: Adrenal vein drains into ?? 77: Insulin secretion increased A) GIP B ) VIP C ) Somatostatin 78: End of marathon, levels of insulin and glucagon 79: Definite diagnosis of malignancy a.Local invasion b.Metastasis 80- Hypertrophy definition? 81-Which nerver lateral to trachea 82-Throid moves with deglution coz its wrapped in what fascia? 83: Coin lesion on chest x ray of a woman, how to differ btwn granuloma and neoplasia: a.Recurrence after excisions b.Rapid inrease in size c.Sensitive to chemo and radiotherapy 84: pregant lady in last trimester with profile of hypochromic and microcytic anemia , cause?? B12,iron etc 85: Which somits first formwd a.Cervical b.thorax sacral 86: Right main bronchus differs from left one because: a.Its more vertical, b.Its has large diameter (more vertical) 87: Digitalis toxicity increased by : a.Hyperkalemia b.Hypercalcemia c.Hypomagnesemia d.Hyperchloremia e.Hypernatremia (hypercalcemia) 88-Patient can not abduct and adduct his 2nd to 4th fingers of a hand. And he also has clawing of the 3rd and 4th finger. Which nerve involved. a.Radial b.Median c.Ulnar d.Anterior interosseous e.Posterior interosseous (ulnar) 89- how we can increase resolving power of microscope 90)insulin deficiency causes a)increase activity of lipoprotein lipase b)lipid deposition in adipose tissues C) gluconeogenesis in liver 91)GFR and RPF both increase in a) afferent dilation b) efferent dilation 92)cellular vault plays role in a) endocytosia b)sth abt mRNA 93)2 bronchopulminary segments in a) right upper b)right lower c) rt middle d) left upper e) left lower 94)compaction,seggregation of innercellular mass occurs after a) 1st cleavage b) 2nd c) 3rd d) 4th e) 5th cleavage 95)sympathetic stimulation a) reduced sweating B) gluconeogenesis c) reduced cardiac output 96)after parturition utrus size reduces due to action of a) lysosomes B)mitochondria 97)method of studying categorial data 98) slowest fibers a) a alpha b) c fibers C) b fibers 99) opsonization a) cC3b 100) chemotaxis a) C5a 101-gfr increased by ; constriction of efferent arterioles 102-burkit lymphoma is caused by. EBV 103-questn about conducting system of heart… a.SA b.av c.bundle of his d.purkinji 104-random sampling 105-preterm labour caused by? 106-left renal vein drains into? 107-structure similar to labia majora in males? 108-in environment malignancy through proto oncogenes caused by? 109-Tachycardia on normal dose. a.Verapamil b.Dilitazem c.Isosorbise 110-heart mass in right ventricle Myxoma 111-Regarding ACE can be given in high dose in htn crisis May increase k+levels 112=tb granuloma Caseous necrosis 113- MHC1 a.Nk cell b.Cd4+ c.Cd8+ 114- anti jo1 a.Arthritis b.Polyneuro c.Rash 115- tourette syndrome DOC 116- post column senstaions lost a.Tabes dorsalis b.polio c.Syringomyelia d.Syringobulia 117- finger sensation a.A beta b.A alpha 118- slow pain neurotransmitter Substance p 119- aik genes wala tha a.Retinoblastma b.Neruoblastoma c.Nephroblastoma 120- termal stress temp 105F a.heat shock b.Heat exhaustion 121- vita minB12 122- apthous stomatitis 123- 1st somite a,1st occipital b.Sacral c,Coccygeal d.Thoracic 124- compaction a.1st division b.2nd c.3rd d.4th and 5th 125- t4-t8 bilateral pain temp lost Medial cavitatiry leison t4t8 126- cellular vault a.Endocystosis b.Apoptosis c.Phagocytosis 127- apoptosis a.Prevent overpopulation b.Mutant cells 128- sisters not affected. Hemphilia 8 Autosomal recessive 129- occulocardiac reflex 130- conductiom system of reflex 131- mother child bonding lost Fos-b gene confirm (ganong mcq) 132- scenario of prolactinoma 133- cell organelle which can replicate a.Mito b.Centriole c.Golgi 134- microscope Decrease wavelength increase lens power 135- relaiblity 136- correlation coefficient 137- increase gfr plus increase plasma flow Dilate afferent 138 – ADH Not secreted by decreae plasma osmolality 139- osmosis a.Passive process b.Active process c.Solutes determine osmolality 140- regarding osmolality a.Mesured by dedicate instrument b.Value im renal failure 141-butyrophenones Centrally acting (confirm) 142- pregnancy Dic 143- malar rash, proteins8 albumin 3.5 generalized lymphadenopthy palor ana+ further test a,Hiv b.C1 estersse c.Anticentromere 144- prostate large lobe a.Periprostatic b.Central c.Isthamus 145- 70yrs recurrent uti Bladder outflow obs 146- highly differentiated sw cell ca a.Nuclear hyperchromatism b.Keratin nest c.Atypia 147- patient came.. Ask about name adress occupation 148- verbal communication a.Presentation b.Vocabulary c.Workshops 149- during inspirstion a.Jvp drop b.Intrathoracic rise c.Abdomn muscles bulge 150-jvp C wave ventricular comtraction 151-gram neg causing shok in which system…… urinary 152- iron is transferred to tissues in form of?? 153-a senario of female having fever and something like that. Taking antibiotic for it and developed pancytopenia, cause is……. 154- Corneal opacities caused by.. a.ethambutol, B .quinolones, c. phenothiazinez 154-Blood suply of rectum 155-inferior rectal artery is a branch of 156-ligament wich held utererus a/v n palpated on per rectal examination only 157- spinal cord space contain…. venous plexus 158-Serratus anterior -> long thoracic 159-Trachea damage-> recurrent laryngeal damage 160-Facial artery course.. Complete stems?? 161-phimosis organism involved a.HPV b.HSV 162-relation of kideny with hilum a-left bronchus b-right bronchous 163-gap junction in cardiac muscle 164-no synapse Dorsal root ganglion 165-bullet injury common peroneal damage movemnt lost Eversion 166- injury to common peroneal site? Head of fibula Neck of fibula 167-what is given preoperativey for Reduction of acidity? Cimetidine 168-Reversible inhibt h2 169-Waves in stomach Abolished after vagotomy a.3/min b.10/min – 170- long latent period to develop carcinoma a,Vinylchloride b.Benzopyrine c,Asbestos – 171- diastolic hypertension depend a.HR b.SV c.MAP 172- Aid healing a.-c5a b-c3b 173-lungs 2.5 cm Leison how will u differentiate btw neoplasm and granuloma a.Uncontrolled growth b,Recurrnce after chemo c.Radio d.Necrosis 174-another leison in lungs with strep pneumoniae how cells will remove this organism a.Prostaglandins b.H2o2 175-what is given to prevent Alzehimer disease apo E4 gene 176- tonsilectomy done now pt in shock how will u check it a.Pulse rate b.bp c.Sweating palor 177-Cells at irregular spaces Dysplasia 178-Blood supply to heart a,2coronary auricular atrioventricular septal b,2coromary atril ventricular..

179-lungs lobe having only two a.Segments b.Right middle 180-patient taking ATT, now develops pain in the big toe, cause ??? 181-tongue is developed from ??? 182-DLA4 associated with which disease ?? 183-larget part of the prostate?? 184-Mother lost her maternal behavior, cause ? 185.All of the following cause horner syndrome except a. Klumpkes paralysis b. Cervical lymphadenopathy c. Syrangiomyelia in pons 186-Which upper-eyelid structure is considered to be analogous to the capsulopalpebral fascia of the lower eyelid? a. Müller’s muscle. b. levator palpebrae superioris. c. levator aponeurosis. d. Whitnall’s ligament. e. orbital septum 187- loss of heat by sweating most probably involve? a. loss of heat by radiation b. by evaporation c. vasodilation d. excessive sympathetic activity 188- age of embryo for an 14 dat of which is commonaly used? a. last mentural period b. fertilization 189- pt having 2 litr of blood loss show a. dec in stroke vol b. negative feedback compensation 190- about stomach a.parasympathetic activity increASE the muscular movement b. parasympathetic activity increase enzyme secretion 191- pt with SIADH show hyposmolar overhydration 192- slow growing tumor of thyroid? papillary carcinoma 193-which condition show normal MCV MCHC MCH? a. a pregnant lady taking no vit b. blood loss before 2 days c. thalasemia 194-renal excretion of drug? affected by glomerular filtration 195-depression of parasympathetic activity increase pulse rate 196- stomach fusiform bud appears in a. 6 wk b. 4 wk c. 4 mnth d. 10 wk 197- virus cause cancer orcosones 198-left afrenal drain into left renal 199- mifipristone is a.antiprogestin b.antiestrogen 200-child with fever nausea vomiting- tender swelling of submandibular gland along with left tensticular enlargement, his collegues also suffer from this mumps n measls 201-40 yrs lady hypothyroidism having mass-endrocrinologist advise FNAC, it shows increase lymphocytes a. thyroid lymphoma b. follicular adrenaloma c. thyroid carcinoma 202-increase bone growth, irregular thickening due to? increase parathyroid hormone 203- epidural space contain? venous plexus 204- female; changes in RBC shape n size, microcytic hypochromic, what is missing in her diet? iron 2 05- SVC commence opposite to L5 206- heart shaped body thoracic vertebrae 207- which is neural tube defect meningeocoel 208- compaction, seggregation of inner cell mass occur after? a. 1st cleavage b. 2nd cleavage c. 4th cleavage d. 5 cleavege e. 3 cleavage 209-cardiac cycle if heart rate double? 0.8 sec 210-vaginal secretion igA 70% 211- stretch sensation carried by ? c fibres 212- proprioception dorsal column 213- ketamine- emersence delirum, cvs depression doesnot cause amnesia 214- atropine- antagonize acetylcholine by dec formation of acetycholine 215- regarding intestinal epithelium villi absent in duodenum 216- swallowing a. pharyngeal stage 20 sec b. center located in medulla n lower pons c. 2ndry peristalsis 217-hormone involved in lymphocyte prduction a. zona fassiculus b.thyroid cells 218- new antihypertensive drug going to be tested by which technique a. sequential trial b… 219- direct inguinal hernia? hesselbech triangle 220- hernia after surgery, layer involved fascia transversalis 221- inferior mesenteric artery obstruction, ischemia in descending n sigmoid colon 222-Which of the following increase HR a.EXERCISE b.STRESS ANXIETY c.EPINEPHRINE 223- How axillary vein is formed. Vena comiates of brachial artery and basiliac vein 224-which stage of mosqito enter into human -> schozont 225-Amino acid deficiency that leads to cell injury A. tyrosine. B. Adenine C. Glycine (tyrosine) 226- Numeours apical mitochondria A. Hepatocytes B. Squamous cells C. Skeletal cells. D. Ciliated cell. e.Steroid secretIng cells (ciliated cells) 227- One question was regarding lesion of optic chiasm 228-. Strep pneumonia A. Common cause of meningitis 229- Male pt RTA, multiple fractures. Intial A. Vol replacement 330-pt has sevre pain in chin region with eruptions A. Trigeminal neuralgia B. Herpes zostr (herpes) 331. Difference between first and second heart sound. A. S1 is louder B. S1 has higher frequency 332. About s2 spiliting. A. Split is increaseD if aortic valves close early B. Split increase with delayed aortic valves closure C. delayed Mitral valve closure.. dont rememeb this option correctly.. 333. Doctor patient relation regarding question. Aisa question tha k which will have adverse effect on doctor pt relation.. (dont rem the exact words) A. the hurrying attitude of doctor and angry Behaviour .something like that. B. Use of jargon 16th August 2015 1-Renin is incresed by Increased K Increse plasma osmolarity 2-Regarding IVC most appropriate is A. commences at the level of L5 B. has tributries similar to that of aorta 3-Primary esophageal peristalsis is diferent from secondary by a.Presence of oropharyngeal phase b.Doesnt cause relaxation of LES 4-Malar rash plus raynod syndrome plus ana positive plus anti jo1 positive tha us na mixed connective tissue ki disease abnaye thi anti RNP 5-increase venois return that was correct as due to thoracoabdominal pump of diaphram during inspiration 6-Tachy cardia … Isobro dinitrate karta ha normal therapitic dose pa poocha tha…right venteicle walay ka typical myxoma ki picture thi…. Ace … Can cause inc plasma potasium bcoz if hypertension crisis due to renal artery stenosis bilateral we cant use it 7-Blood group antigens a.Glycoproteins b.Glycolipids 8-glycoprotein confirm goljan 9-Sample for traponema pallidum Genital swab 10-Right gastroepiploic artery b/o gastroduodenal artery 11-Mao inhibitor tundra fish/cheese 12-Platelet aggregator TXA2 13-Primary cartilage joint Costochondral 14-TCA interation cause hypertensive crisis 15-Virulence factor? 16-alzhemer ka us mein us na association de thi or 14 15 21 ka sath or apo e2 tha ya e4 ?? apo e4 17-single layer epithelial cells .. primordial foliicle 18-Fingers say sensation. a.Aplha one b.Aplha 2 19-Pain fibers tracts end at? 20-Thermal stress? Heat stroke 21-Granulocyte colony stimulating factor 22-middle thyroid vein drains to a anterior jugular b. external jugular c. internal jugular 23- what type of joint is present between two parts of mandible during 1st year of life? a.Gomphosis b.Syndesmosis c.Symphysis d.Suture 24- Which of following is primary cartiliginous joint?? a.Costochondral b.syndesmosis c.Symphysis d.Tooth in a socket 25- A patient with moon facies, hypertension n osteoporosis. Which of following finding will be present?? a.Inc BLood Glucose b.Dec Blood Glucose c.Dec calcium d.Inc calcium e.Dec phosphate 26- A patient with chronic renal failure. Which gland will be hypertrophied?? a.Parathyroid b.Pancreas c.Thyroid d.Adrenal Cortex 27- ulnar nerve lesion will cause? a.Loss of abduction b.adduction of fingers c.hypothenar 28-End stage renal disease with severe anemia. cause of anemia? Dec erythropeitin 29-Na absorption in DCT is influenced by?? a.Aldosterone b.Brain Natriuretic Peptide c.ANP d.ADH 30-Weakest phase in amalgam? a.Sn2Hg b.Sn3Hg c.Ag3Sn d.Ag2hg 31- A paedodontist send a stainless steel crown for repair. the technician was unable to join the fractured parts. The primary ingredient missing which chromium oxide ko kuch karta hai aisa likha tha a.Sodium Chloride b.Fluoride c.Zinc d.Chromium 32- Corrugated plaque on lateral surface of tongue. a.Hairy Leukoplakia b.Leukoplakia c.candidiasis 33- Painles swelling on mid palate. firm non tender Pleomorphic adenoma muco epidermoid CA 34-Painless hard swelling on mid hard palate?? palatine torus 35-anti thrombotic effect of aspirin is by?? Blocking cyclo-oxygenase pathway 36-venous return decreases in a. skeletal muscle paralysis b. femoral arteriovenous fistula 37-decreased ventricular filling in increase HR (stem) due to a/ diastole is decreased more than systole b. diastole decreased, systole remains normal 38-abscess contain a. dead bacteria b. dead neutrophils 39-post interventricular branches of riye coronary artery a. 2 in no. b. 3 in no. c. 2 no, n supply the diaphargmatic surface of heart 40-trigeminal nerve a. has 3 ganglion b.supplies temporalis c. area around angle of jaw 41- among following hooks/ arches around the root of left lung a. left vagus b. left phrenic nerve 42-pt with paller, dysphagia .. hb.6h/dl, MCV 68, MCH 24, loner cells, cause is a. iron def b.ACD c.thalassemia d. 43-most common cause of fat necrosis in peritoneum acute pancreatitis 44-acute appendicitis, a young man had appendectomy predominant cells found neutrophils 45-lady has breast implant leakage of implant some lump/ inflamation found, most likely cells to found giant cells 46- most commonly associated with bronchigenic CA asbesbs silica berylium 47- non IDDM woman, had abdominal surgery,8 days after developsy SOB, shock cause of P.E is a. fat embolism b. amniotic c.thromboembolism 48-aphasia , damage in a.parietal lobe b.temporal lobe c.frontal lobe 49-p5 with water deprivation n SIADH secretion difference will be 50- plasma osmolarity will be decreased by injection of a.aldosteron b.vassopressin c.hypertonic glucose d.normal saline e, albunism 51-amino acid cant be synthesized by body a.alanine b.glycine c.glutamate d.phenylalanine 52- hypermagnesia cause a.hyper reflexia b. dec ach uptake c. dec ach release d. smooth muscle contraction 53-in flight fright response a. dec airway resistance 54- placenta a. hemochorea type b. lined by amnion on internal surface c. removed due to rupture of uterine arteries 55- most common remnant of allontois? a. urachal cyst b.uracgal fistula c. urachal inus d. umblical sinus e. meckels 56-cause of thromboembolism a. prolobged immobilization c. surgery 57- a hypersensitive lady, came with shock, with K 6.1 mmol, mist likely due to a. renal failure b. diuretic overdose 58- edema in renal failure is due to A.hypoalbunemia b. na retention 59- if a drug is transported by simple diffusion, then a.its not suitable b. require energy 60 – regarding statistics a. positive showing towards R 61- one molecule of glucose how many ATP molecules a.32 b.30 c.34 d.16 62- information cession is a.information to pts regarding development of new b. session with pts c. attendents alleviating misbelief d. taking informed consent 63- basic drug binds a.albumin b. glycoprotien c. gama globulin d. lipoprotiens 64- jaundice in pregnancy (past BCQ) a. ALP b. GAMA GGT c, ALT 65-pt of acute haemorrhage component which will be replaced in the end a. RBC b. K or some electrolyte c. plasma volume 66- FRC is a.vol of air remains in lung after tidal vol 67- commonest cause of shift of K from intracellular to extracellular a. strenous exercise b. alkalosis c. insulin d. aldosteron 68- in summer, a fasting man has concentrated urine due to a. dec water intake b. ADH secretion c. inc sweating 69- regarding trachea a. is 15cm long b. commence at lower end of cricoid cartilage 70- damage to medulla oblongata during hanging a. C3 b.C4 c. odontoid process d. axis 71- sternocleidomastoid causes a. movemnt of head in opposite direction against force 72-platelets a. have half life of 10 days b. increases after spleenectomy c. granules conatin actin molecule d. are stimulated by growth hormone 73- lymphocytes a. immunity against cancer cells b. not affected by hormone c. monocytes 74- most severe reaction a. A+ to O+ b.A+ to AB+ c.O+ to A+ d. A- TO A+ 75- immunioglobulins are produced by plasma cells 76- CO2 diffuse easily high diffusion co efficient 77- chromosomes arrange themselves on equitorial plate in which phase a. prophase b.metaphase c. prometaphase d. telophase 78- highest clearance by kidney a. insulin b. PAH c.glucose d.urea 79- rapidly adapting receptors a.puccinian corpuscle 80- nerve endings are non encapuslated receptors 81- young man , 2 hrs after tonillectomy have tachycardia and hypotension,type of shock hypovolemic 82- prolong OCP intake, increased risk of a. thromboemolism b.breast cancer 83- about healing a. old age after 60 causes delayed healing b. ascorbic acid deficiency cause delayed 84-.ribosomes Organ of protein synthesis 85-Menopause women most likely a.Inc fsh and lh b.Anovulatory cycl 86-Do hypertensive drugs k liye apne hypothesis diya ha.. your research has rejected null hypothesis. what it means? a.Your hypothesis has been rejected b.There is no difference between two drugs c.Your hypothesis has been accepted 87-Mifpristone?? a.Antihypertensive b.Anticarcinogenic c.Used to treat premature uterine contractions 88-2.corpus striatum includes Caudate plus putamen 89-intracellular buffer is a.HB b.Bicarb c.Phosphat 90-12yr old child not respondind to antidiarrheal treatment have partial villous atrophy with PAS positive macrophages.diagnosis is a.Imunoproliferative disorder b.Lymphoma c.Giardiasis d.Celiac e.Whipple 91-.Philadelphia chromosome is in a.Cml b.Hodgkin 92-baby observed after birth that no anus present but diaper had stained meconium.diagnosis is a.Imperforate anus b.Rectovaginal fistula 93-most reliable investigation/observation for diagnosing tb is a.Afb b.Caseating granuloma 94-.classical findind in tb is a.Epitheliod collection b.Caseating granuloma 95-.hormone for neural/brain development in intrauterine life TSH 96-factor k shifting out of cell a.Insulin b.Alkalosis c.Strenuous exercise d.Diabetes inspidus e.Alkalosis 97-12 yr old pale.lethargic.HB.6.TLC 4.8.plt 240.hbf 97%.hba2 is 3%.diagnosis a.B thalasemia major b.Thalasemia intermedia 98-for detecting thalasemia in intrauterine life a.CVS b.Mothers bld electrophoresis 99-branch of middle cerebral artery a.Posterior communicating b.Choroidal artery 100-Common or most likely feature of shock a.Hypotension b.Hypoxemia c.Dec perfusion all over in tissues 101-Septic shock a.Is misnomer bc blood pressure is maintained b.Caused by psuedomonas species c.Pt is usually hypertensive 102-urogenital diaphragm is injured which nerve will b damaged?? some thing like a.Ilio inguinal nerve b.Genital br of genitofemoral nerv 103-Most likely cause of atherosclerosis a.Diastolic hypertension b.Cholesteatoma 104-which carcinogen has its carcinogenic effect after long use or as late complication?? a.Benzene b.Asbestosis c,Estrogen 105-Digoxin toxicity? ? a.Hyperkalemia b.Hypernatremia c.Hypochloremia 106-.in female pelvis structure between ureter and peritoneum is a.Obturator artery b.Obturator nerve c.Uterine artery 107-.man has vesicular eruption and burning sensation just below clavicle.area is supplied by a.C3.c4. b.T2 c.T3 d.T4 108-.diminished knee jerk due to injury of a.L3 b.L4 c.L5 17th plus 18th August 1. 6 weeks pregnancy tenderness in RIF.she tested at home and preg test was positive a.appendicitis b.Ectopic 2 .there is a stone in ureter at pelvic brim which structures surgeon must know are near to it a.Sigmoid colon b.Desending colon 3.receptor on adrenal gland a.Alpha 1 b.Beta 1 c.Beta 2 d.Nicotinic 4-.skeletal muscle neuromuscular plate a.Acetylcholenestrase b.Norepi 5-.breast cancer after manopause a.Drug give b.Tamoxifen? 6-.NMDA blockade related to a.GABA b.Glycine c.Glutamine d.Serotonin 7-.ph 7.36 a.Pco2 30 b.Bicarb 16 8-.patellar tendon hit a.Quadratus contracts b.Golgi tendon c.Muscle spindle afferent 9-.sigmoid colon a.Supplied by left colic b.At pelvic brim 10-.pectoral lymph nodes drain which breast quadrant 11-.least malignant a.Hepatoma b.Adenoma 12-.appendicectomy may damage whic structure? 13.processus vaginalis a.Covers only testis? 14-.inguinal ligament a.Iliohypogastric passes through it b.From anterior sup iliac spine to pubic tubercle 15-.which one in amniotic fluid is specific for doagnosis Wbcs 16-.pt under treatment for pulm tb 17-Which drug causes (eye related koi side effect tha) a.Ethambutol b.Pyrazinamide c.Isoniazid d.Rifampicin 18-.flu like illness self limiting ,On gram stain no identifiable organism but neutrophils seen M.avium 19.difference btw plasma and ICF osmolarity No difference? 20-.on ecg QRS complex starts a bit early to a.Ventricle systole b.Ventricle filling 21-.least movable joint during child birth a.Symohysis 22-.y ovaries dont go or fall in pelvis Uterus 23-.Gnrh secretes Fsh and lh 24-.oxytocin and vassopressin are produced by a.Neurohypophysis b.Hypothalamus 25-.initiation of labour a.Fetal ACTH b.Maternal ACTH 26-.GH Half life/time it stays is 6 to 10 min? 27.Fast pain fibers—> A delta 28-.Arches over right main bronchus a.Arch of aorta b.Azygous c.Hemiazygous d.Esphagus 29-.In cancer> keratin 30-.serum lactate raised ,cardiac output 2 L, cvp 2 Type of shock 31-.Lateral part of vaginal fornix is more closely related to a.Uterine artery b.Broad ligament c.Ureter 32-.Urogenital diaphragm laterally attached to 33-.vit b12 absorbed in Ileum 34-.terminal ileum absorbs Vit b12 35-.lady with rigors and chills n after 2 days blackening of urine a.Post strep glomerulonephritis b.Plasmodium falciparum 36-.arteries and veins(coronary) Run in their spaces on heart 37-.tricuspid valve sound felt at Lower border R sternum 38-.rectus abdominous a.Starts near xiphoid process b.Anchored to anterior n post sheath via intersections(aisa e kuch tha) c.Ends at level of arcuate line 39-.skin around anus lymphatic drainage is to? 40-.scalenus anterior a.Inserts in ist rib b.Abv subclavian vein near ist rib 41-.mcv 58 Ferretin 15o Hypochromic hypocytic Iron def anemia Thal minor 44-.multiple bone fractures history,blue sclera Which product’s enzyme is deficient a.Collagen b.Myosin c.Hyalin 45-.medial part of thigh n sole of foot medial is supplied by which dermatome 46-oligurea a.Less than 500ml b.Less than 100 ml 47-.25cholecalciferol to 1.25 reduces in a.Chronic kidney disease b.Liver etc 48-.common cause of fatty liver in our population a.Hep b c b.Alcohol 49-.a mother deliverd n 2 days afterwards died Most common cause postmortem in ojr country a.Malnutrition b.Sepsis c.Hemorrhage 50-.2nd pharyngel arch forms(2 questions) Stylohyoid ligament 51-.regarding embryo of heart Septum primum n secundum fuse to form interatrial septum 52.uterus is supported by a.Broad ligament b.Uterosacral ligament c.Transverse cervical ligament 53-.Under action of insulin glucose enters a.Liver b.Muscle 54-pelvic diaphram formed by Levator ani 55-. German measles in mother cause what in babies a.Congenital catarct b.Mental deformities c.Ear deformities 56-.to reduce incidence of congenital catarct Immunize girls with rubella vaccine 57-.toxoid Tetanus 58-.botulism Flaccid paralysis 59-T3 is produced by a.Principle cells of thyroid b.Parafollicular cells of thyroid 60.In case of factor ix deficiency Blood Cryopreciptate Ffp Platelets 61.recurrent abortions Lupous 62- In AID/HIV patient which skin malignancy occur A.melanoma B.squamous cell CA 63 .in neoplasm which natural mechanism occur3- A. Apoptosis B. Bacterial immunoglobulin produce defence mechanism 64-. CBD A. Supradudenal, infradudenal , intradudenal , retro dudenal B. Omenal, supradudenal, intradudenal 65-. Connection of lesser sac closed to greater sac except for A. Epiploic formen (ans) B. IVC 66-. Caput me dosa most commonly occur at A. Para umbilical vein (ans) B. Inf rectal veins 67-. Fundas of stomach lymph node lymphatic drainage A. Celiac node ( ans) B. SM node C. Hepatic node 68-. Arch of aorta compress A. Left bronchus ( ans) B. Oesophagus C. Left atrium 69-. Mixed venous blood found at A. Pulmonary artery (ans) B. Pulmonary vein 70-. Coronary venous drainage of heart, at coronary sinus greatest ( sum thing like that in question ) A. Greater cardiac vein (ans) B. All cardiac vein C. Small cardiac vein D. Anterior cardiac vein 71. Fastest conduction/ Myelination at A. Panic anion corpuscles (ans) B. Free nerve ending 72-positive predictive value All Postives (dn remember exact options) 73-.if patient z having fatal disease a.Provide info bed side b.Provide in presence of all staff c.In prezence of all relatives d.In outdoor exclusively 74-.a female after child birth is having severe bleeding from vagina Which drug to be given 75-.pt of DM uses daltone(aisa e koi nam tha)Also uses drugs for asthma…..now symptoms exagerrated which drug causes interaction a.B blocker b.Steroids 76-.haloperidol given oral anesthesia….pain n anesthetic effect is achieved but not optimum,What should be added a.Sevoflurane b.Nitric oxide c.Suxamethonium 77-.lipid soluble anesthetic a.Spreads rapid b.Stays for long 78-Derivative of ectoderm A. Lens (ans) B. Retina C. Autonomic ganglia 79-. Trigone of bladder A. Ureter open as oblique slits ( I marked it but not sure) B. Develop from urogenital sinus 80-. Regarding sigmoid colon A. Start at pelvic brim B. Supply by left colic artery ( both options seems to correct) 81-. Testicular CA metastasis A. Testicular lymph node (ans) B. Renal lymph node C. Inf mesenteric lymph node 82-. Ejaculatory duct open into A. Prostatic urethra (ans) B. Penile urethra C. External urethral sphincter 83-. Antibodies are formed by A. Plasma cell ( ans) B. Macrophages C. Lymphocyte 84-. Aphasia due to damage of A. Temporal lobe ( ans) B. Paretial lobe C. Hippocampus 86-. Inter acellular buffer A. Protein (ans) B. HCO3 C. Phosphate 89-. Essential amino acid not produced but include in diet A. Phenylalanine (ans) B. Tyrosine C. Guanine D. Alanine 90-. Silicon breast implant scenario later inflammatory changes A. Neutrophil ( marked ths but not sure) B. Plasma cells 91-pleural effusiin best drained from a.Upper border of lower rib b.Mid axillary line c.Mid clavicular line 92- Immunological way to attack (some thing) a.TB b.Treponema c,Mycobacterium leprae 93-. Regarding polycytemia Vera A. Increase blood concentration B. Increase RBC mass C. Increase RBC concentration D. Melo fibrosis 94-. Type 1 hyperlipidemia A. Defect at HDL surface receptor or antigen 95-. Most common cause of congenital male infertility A. Cryptoradism (ans) B. Malunion of ejaculatory duct C. Loss of function of seminal vesicles D. Blockage of vas deferens 96-. Most commonly fractured bone in hand A. Scaphoid (ans) B. Pisiform C. Lunate D. Hemate 97-. Ulnar nerve supply A. Medial 2 lumberical (ans) B. Small muscles all 98-. Frontal eye field blood supply by A. ACA (ans) B. MCA C. PCA 99-. Thumb n finger representation area A. Dorsal n ventral nucleus gracilis B. Dorsal n ventral nucleus cute ous C. Medial n lateral nucleus gracilis D. Medial n lateral nucleus cunatous E. Lateral n medial nucleus gracilis 100-. Regarding posterior cranial fossa A. Facial nerve pass through internal acoustic meatus ( ans) Forgot other options 101-. Patient with increased intracranial pressure n papilledema A. Hydrocephalus (ans) 102-. 12 years old boy not responding to antidiarrheal drugs, n have partial villus atrophy with positive PAS positive macrophages, diagnosis A. Giardiasis (ans) B. Celiac disease C. Whipple disease D. Lymphoma 103-. CO2 diffuses greatly than O2 due to A. Diffusion coefficient ( ans) B. Increase pH C. Increase water solubility 104-. Ribosomes A. With ER formed cytoplasmic protein synthesis (ans but nt sure) B. Protein synthesis 105-. Pus in boil of nose or any organ A. Dead neutrophils (ans) B. Dead bacteria 106-. Greatest renal clearance by A. Inulin (ans) B. PAH C. Albumin 107-. About plasma osmolarity A. Vasopressin (ans) B. Hypertonic saline solution C. Isotonic saline solution D. Aldosterone E. 20% albumin 108-. Which bone formed medial longitudinal arch A. Tallus (ans) B. Calcaneus 109-. Cavernous sinus thrombosis which vein involve A. Inferior ophthalmic vein (ans) B. Sup ophthalmic vein 110-. Rupture of middle cerebral artery A. Epidural hematoma (ans) B. Subdural hematoma C. Subarachnoid hemorrhage 111-. About thyroid gland A. Epithelium changes according to function ( ans) 112-. Most appropriate about diaphragm A. Innervated by phrenic n intercostal nerves (ans) 113-A 48 yr old lady c/o inc. weight..TSH=4..T3= 4 ‘T4=8…. A..hyperthyroid B..hypothyroid C..over eating D..hypopituitrism 114-most imp strong exotoxin of strep pneumonia a.leucocidin b.streptolysin c.catalase d.coagulase e.fibrinolysin 115-PS nerves are a.3 b.7 c, 9 d, 10 116- hepatic pedicle a. Hepatic artery b. Portal vein 117- COPD bed ridden pt is havin SOB cause Pulmnry embolism 118- tractus solitarius 2 nd neuron for taste receptors 119- muscles o back are supplied by Post. Spinal Ganglion 120- which of the following is prevent unwanted transport b/w 2 epithelium of 2 cells Gap junction 121- leasy movable joint during child birth Symphysis 122- SK muscle neuromuscular plate Acetylcholenestrase 123- botulism Tetanus 124- neutrophils increase in Cardiac failure 125- recurrent abortion Lupus 126-most common cause of bronchogenic CA A.aesbestos B.tobacco smoke Regards: Dr. Muhammad Husnain Akram


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