Rabia Ali 4th Edition Errata (Latest)


Rabia Ali 4th Edition Errata (Latest):

ANATOMY(DETAILED AND ALMOST COMPLETE) GENERAL{complete}:- 31—- D 62—-B THORAX{complete} :- 18—-A(CPSP key) 22—-C 29—-A 43—-A

51—-B(asim med n anesthesia key,for both 6 yr old child or any age) 79—-B 157—-D 103—-C 118—-B 135—-A 140—-A 164—-D(asim key,other all are good alternate drain systems) 194—-B(CPSP key) 211—-B 212—-B(most common type ‘A’ b/w L1 & L2) 215—-all are true 216—-D(CPSP key) UPPER LIMB{complete}:- 93—-B(key is correct;admins) 122—-A(75% drain) 152—-A LOWER LIMB{complete}:- 15—-A(if put except in statement then ans C) 64—-B 67—-E 69—-D 93—-D(adductor longus is in medial compartment of thigh) 94—-B(add except in statement)

119—-C ABDOMEN{complete}:- 29—-B 96—-D(first aid) 99—-B 102—-B 117—-B 127—-D 142—-change statement to ‘not lying anterior’ 165—-B(asim key) 167—-B 172—-A 204—-D(drain into left common iliac) 218—-C 229—-B 234—-C 236—-C(no anastomosis,admins) PELVIS AND PERINEUM{complete}:- 22—-A 65—-D 70—-A(CPSP key) 71—-C 88—-add to statement pain in lumbar region after hysterectomy(past paper q) 106—-C(correct)

116—-in statement ‘BISHOP score’ 127—-change internal carotid to internal iliac artery in statement 143—-D 147—-D(fascia present between prostat,urinary bladder and rectum) 158—-A HEAD AND NECK:- 5—-C 9—-C 23—-A 29—-A(superficial middle cerebral vein directly drains into cavernous sinus and deep middle cerebral vein finally drains into straight sinus) 40—-B 86—-D(separate bone)key is correct 92—-B 128—-E 129—-E BACK AND VERTEBRAL COLUMN{complte}:- 2—-A 9—-B(asim key) NEUROANATOMY{complete}:- 35,46—-A+B(follow key) 54—-if LMN type ans is A;if UMN type ans is B

64—-B 71—-C 86—-C 92—-C 109—-B 161—-C 168—-C 222—-E 226—-E 229—-C 230—-A 233—-A 256—-change stem in A spinal nerves ans is C 266—-A(reflexes normal) 267—-B 268—-complete statement by add angle of mouth deviated to(if towards left ans is internal capsule or if deviation to right then ans is pons) 277—-C(CPSP key) 281—-D 282—-C 283—-C 285—-B HISTOLOGY{complete}:- 9—-B(CPSP key) 19—-A(CPSP key)

25—-A 38—-A 45—-B(most common in sigmoid) 51—-D 57—-C 69—-B EMBRYOLOGY{complete}:- 47—-D(asim key) 53—-C 54—-C 68—-A 80—-B 97—-C(if except added in statement then ans is D) 106—-D(asim key) 108—-A 123—-D 139—-B(if stem C is non union of metanphros and ureteric bud then select C) 146—-all wrong(ans is after 14 weeks or 14-18 wks) 147—-A 148—-A 154—-A(CPSP key) 155—-B(CPSP key) 156—-C(CPSP key) 172—-(pouch derivative is palatine tonsillar crypt epithelium

and arch derivative is stylohoid;change in statement Pouch to arch,ans is B) 173—-A(ratheke pouch related to ant pituitary,foramen cecum related to thyroid) 179—-A+B(follow key) 180—-D PHYSIOLOGY:- CELL AND GENERAL:- 40—-B 50—-A 62—-C 65—-C NERVE AND MUSCLE:- 29—-A(correct) 46—-A BLOOD:- 7—-D(correct) 85—-B CVS:- 1—-add option E (slow ejection phase) ans is E 7—-A 130—-A(if systemic BP less than 50 then CNS ischemic response) 149—-E 163—-B

166—-C NEUROPHYSIOLOGY:- 40—-A 116—-D 81—-A(correct) 155—-B 166—-A 171—-B 215—-B ENDOCRINOLOGY:- 18—-C 127—-B(correct) REPRODUCTION:- 43—-D 70—-D 73—-A GIT:- 42—-A(correct) 64—-E(correct) RESPIRATION:- 32—-B(correct) 46—-B(correct) 62—-C KIDNEY AND BODY FLUIDS:- 13—-B+C (B ans)

18—-A(correct) 28—-A 49—-C(key correct) 71—-D 88—-A(key correct) 92—-C 108—-D(CPSP key) 130—-C(correct) 147—-B 156—-A 163—-C METABOLISM AND TEMPERATURE:- 19—-C 20—-D 22—-A 23—-A 25—-B 26—-D 28—-A 37—-D 39—-A GENERAL PATHOLOGY CELL INJURY:- 51—-A(correct) 57—-D(CPSP key)

58—-D(correct) INFLAMMATION:- 28—-E(in acute implant neutrophils,in chronic giant cells) 42—-D 78—-A HEMODYNAMIC DISORDER:- 2—-B(correct) 17—-A 21—-wrong BCQ 24—-D(correct) 56—-A 59—-A(correct) 60—-B(correct) IMMUNE SYSTEM:- 27—-C 88—-D 115—-C 121—-A(correct) 122—-B(correct) 131—-A 136—-A GENETICS:- 32—-A(some say B is cpsp key,if u find follow it) 49—-B ENVIRONMENT AND NUTRITION:-

13—-A 14—-B 24—-D(correct) 40—-A NEOPLASIA:- 24—-A 47—-E 53—-B 54—-A TISSUE AND WOUND REPAIR:- 19—-B SPECIAL PATHOLOGY: BLOOD:- 12—-A(correct) 85—-A+D(follow key) 92—-A(correct) 132—-A(most appropriate initial investigation) 138—-A 156—-E 163—-D(correct) 178—-A 196—-D CVS:- 20—-A(CPSP key) 68—-E(CPSP key)

GIT:- 31—-B(correct) 34—-E 82—-B RESPIRATION:- 18—-B 48—-B 49—-A BONE AND SOFT TISSUES:- 2—-D RENAL:- 20—-A(correct) 46—-A(correct) SKIN:- 8—-D 9—-B 10—-A 11—-A 12—-A 13—-B 14—-C 15—-B 16—-A 17—-A (all these ans 8 to 17 are correct) NEUROPATHOLOGY:-

12—-D ENDOCRINOLOGY:- 23—-C(correct) 42—-D 59—-D 60—-D 62—-B REPRODUCTION:- 10—-A(correct) 22—-B(correct) 46—-A MICROBIOLOGY:- 5—-A(correct) 31—-C(If only herpes virus in option then choose hep D) 73—-C 76—-D 95—-C(correct) 122—-B 129—-C(correct) 185—-C(correct) 208—-A(correct) 209—-A(correct) 252—-A 253—-D(CPSP key) 289—-D

325—-A 326—-C PHARMACOLOGY:- 45—-A(correct) 46—-D 49—-C 57—-B 61—-B 66—-D 75—-A 105—-A(correct) 141—-D 167—-B 246—-B 247—-A(correct) 278—-C 288—-A+B(follow key) 301—-add except in statement ans is D 305—-D 445—-A BIOCHEMISTRY{complete}:- 8—-A(correct) 25—-D(CPSP key) 27—-A 32—-A(content is starch,compound is ATP)

34—-E BIOSTATISTICS{complete}:- 2—-B 4—-C 5—-A(correct) 8—-D 25—-C 50—-A(correct) 53—-C 54—-D 56—-A 57—-C 60—-A !!!—BEST OF LUCK— !!!



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