Questions of Punjab Public Service Commission for the Posts of Dental Surgeons 02 October 2015


Below are the questions asked in the Interview of Punjab Public Service Commission:

Introduce yourself
Health care commission ..when established, functions,policies and all.
How will u improve primary health system
What are the Roles of PMDC?

Discription of Extraction forceps?
Forceps name to hold nasal and zygomatic Bone?
Difference between american and British forceps?
Bleaching agents consists of?
How to do extractions in renal disorder patients?
MTA ,varnishes, Fluoride
Latest endodontic techniques
Dry socket management
Perio indices probes
Best filling materials in kids
Maryland bridge
Define dentistry?
WHO definition of health

Why u became dentist?
Feature of gingivitis on x ray?
Spreading healthcare info at community level

Plaque and partial denture relation
Infective endocarditis prophylaxis
Cross infection control
Drugs to avoid in patients of Hepatitis
Health care system
Flouride mechanism of action
Alginate drawbacks
Gag control while taking imp

What u will do if u get this job?

Dry socket,diff b/w primary,secondary n tertiary health care units, centric relation and centric occlusion difference, cross infection control, difference b/w sterilization and disinfection.LA contents.

How you will treat a hepatitis c patients ( cross infection control again), components of RPD (Connectors, retainers, pontics).how u ll see gingivitus on radiograph? One major factor involved in periodontitis etc..

What will you do if you were sent to peripheral areas with no facilities? How will you aware the people there?  What will you choose b/w fcps and your job?


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