Questions of Punjab Public Service Commission for the Posts of Dental Surgeons 05 October 2015


Define epithelium
Differences of pulpotomy and pulpectomy
Differentiate direct and indirect pulp capping
Management of needle prick injury
Define orthodontics
Hairy tongue
What is cell
Difference between dentist and dental surgeon?
What is teledentistry
Features of gingivitis on xray


Which medicine s to avoid in hepc
Sterilization temperature
Antibiotic protocol of infective endocarditis
How to control gag reflex in Ortho
Parts of partial denture

Neshan e haider to many till now?
Name them
Divisions of punjab
Are you ready to go to rural areas? How will u work ?
Health care comission and pmdc related stuff
Name of governor of punjab
Chief justice of supreme court and lahore high court
Why u chose dentistry

Absolute contraindication of extraction
ludwig angina
bleaching process
AIDS stands for what.
Oral manifestation of aids

Difference between leukoplakia and candidiasis.

Panels ; Dr irfan, dr shahid, dr armaghan , dr usman akhter, dr shugfta, dr ilyas



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