Questions of Entrance Test by King Edward Medical University for Post Graduation 2015-2016 (2)

21: intussusception?

22: Dorsiflexion of foot is controlled by?

23:  What goes anteriorly to Subclavian muscle?

24: Degrees of burn k 2-3 questions?

25: Paeds se dehydration ka question aya tha, grade of dehydration.

Q…Dry Heat kills micro organisms by???
Q…Butterfly Rash scenrio..SLE ..
Q.air fluid level cavity on xray… DX .Lung abscess..
2 Questions about Burn…
Cardiac temponade scenrio..
Transitional epithelium location?
Startified non keratinized epithelium location?
A child with b/L pleural effusion..B/L pedal edema..puffy eyes…investigation?? Urnine Albumin.
Most common cause of Maternal mortality rate in pak???
Inferior oblique action??
Which of following is not used to declare brain stem death?
1)corneal reflex…2)light reflex..3)vestiblo occular Reflex.
Q.female with 1 × 1 cm erosion on cervix..
Ist investigation??
Pap smear…cone biopsy ..pelvic UsG..coloscopy.
Q.Female with vaginal discharge.
Wet smear show mobilty of falgella..DX? Trichomnas vaginalis..