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>>>Post Graduate Entrance Exam Preparation<<<

Salam. After so many people asking about the exam we will try to summarise here some important things which will help you to perform well in the exam.

There are 150 questions among which there will be schemed distribution of MCQ’s mostly from clinical subjects and some from basic subjects.

The distribution is also given in add and will be accordingly in exam. You need to prepare clinical subjects really well.


This time there was negative marking too so you have to be confident while answering the questions. And it surely needs a thorough preparation.

Major bulk of questions will be from internal medicine and general surgery. Practice as much MCQ’s as you can from books like chandkians, asim and shoaib etc.

The paper will be same for all candidates irrespective of the speciality chosen by the time of application. So you have to be good overall.

There’s no specific book from which they take questions so we can’t precisely recommend any book but good practice on solving MCQ’s can make difference.

Study anatomy from snell’s review, patho and physio from brs + kaplan lecture notes. Just Give a read to histo and embryo from high yield.

Do USMLE 1st aid as much as you can as it will really help you in basic sciences as well as part of clinical subject. There’s no limit for MCQ’s practice so best would be to 1st read thoroughly and then test your ownself by doing MCQ’s of the same unit from different sources.

You can study Oxford for medicine if you like it. Similarly surgery from any handbook of your choice. But your prime target should be to practice MCQ’s

Best of Luck.

Source: MD, MS & MDS Doctors Community Pakistan – MDCP


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