Past Paper of February 2015 FCPS Part1 Dentistry



Exam of FCPS Part 1 consists of 200 MCQs. Paper A and Paper B each paper has 100 MCQs. i will share one important thing here, that in each paper of FCPS Part 1 there are repeats of Past Papers. Sometimes few questions come in exam and some times even complete paper comes in exam. In order to perform well in Exam, you have to do MCQs of Past Papers. With out going through Past Papers it will be too much difficult to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. In our Blog we will be regularly Posting Past Papers so that you people can have good preparation for your exams.

Below is the past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry February 2015.

An 8 year old girls has oral ulcers. She complain that her ulcers worse during stress. Diagnosis. A. Recuurnt major ulcer B. Recurrent minor ulcer C. Herpetiform ulcer D. Bachet Ans: B. 2) ) What is True about pinna is? A) Elastic cartilage B) Hyaline cartilage. Ans: A. 2) True about internal acoustic meatus is? A) Facial nerve and vetibulocochlear nerve passes through it B) Present in Anterior cranial fossa Ans: A. 3) In the case of Extraction of 3rd molar, dry socket fromation takes place due to which mediator? A) Plasmin B) Fibrin C) Thrombin D) Plasminogen Ans: A. 4) Which hormonal secretion is increased in dark? A) Thyroid hormone B) Growth hormone C) ACTH D) Melatonin Ans: D. 5) Damage to chorda tympani causes ? A) Loss of taste on anterior 2/3rd of toungue B) Hearing loss C) Smell Ans: A. 6) Saliva secretion is controlled by which Cranial Nerve? A) FacialB) Hypoglossal C) Glossopharyngeal Ans: A

What decreases with aging A) BP B) Pulse rate, C) Residual volume D) vital capacity Ans: D. 8) Mesio-Palatal cusp of upper 2nd Molar occludes with? A) Central fossa of lower 2nd Molar B) Central Fossa of lower 1st molar C) Buccal grove of Lower 2nd molar Ans: A. 9) Which of the followings is not derived from neural crest cells? A) Ameloblast
B) Odonotblasts C) Glial cells Ans: A

Most numerous cells in brain? A) Fibrous astrocytes (Ans). 11) Neural crest derivative is?
A) Spinal dorsal root ganglia (Ans). 12) Mother took some drug during pregnancy, now child is having bruises due to vitamin deficiency of? A) Vit k b) Vit A C) Vit C D) Vit E Ans:A. 13) Enzyme which bring CO2 & H20 from tissues to blood is? A) Carbonic anhydrase B) Enolase Ans) A. 14) True about prostaglandins? A) Arachidonic acid metablolites (Ans). 15) Tongue deviates to right due to damage to? A) Right hypoglossal nerve B) right vagus nerve C) Left Hypoglossal nerve Ans: A

16) Cause of normal PTH in blood is?
A) Hyperparathyroidism
B) Hypoparathyroidism
C) Pseudohypoparathyroidm
D) Osteoporosis
Ans: C

17) Fats that are transferred from its storage site to liver and kidneys is in the form of?
A) Free F.A
B) chylomicrons
C) TGs
Ans: D

18) Teeth present at 11years age?
A) 13 23 35 45
B) 15 25 33 43
Ans: A

19) What is true about Iodine?
A) Requirement is increased during pregnancy
B) completely controls the thyroid harmone secretions
Ans: A

20) Adherence of plaque to tooth is due to?
A) Dextrans
B) Saliva Ans: A

21) Acanthosis occurs in which layer?
A) Granulosum
B) Spinosum
C) Basale
Ans: B

22) Effect of normal exercise to increase minute ventilation is due to?
A) Increase co2
B) Decrease CO2
C) Increase O2
D) Chemoreceptors Ans:

23) In exercise, circulation of skeletal muscles is controlled by?
A) Parasympathetic
B) Local metabolites
Ans: B

24) True about max sinus is?
A) Floor is formed by alveolar process of maxilla (Ans)

25) True about all paranasal sinuses is?
A) Develop late in life
B) Psedostrtafied columnar ciliated epithelium
C) Something related to nasal cavity
Ans: B

26) Total ATPs produced by complete breakdown of 1 molecule of sugar are?
A) 10
B) 14
C) 20
D) 36
E) 38
Ans: E

27) Water content of mature enamel is?
A) 4%
C) 30%
D) 90%
Ans: A

28) Most prominent and similar feature of dentine & bone is?
A) Collagen fibers
B) Elastic fibers
Ans: A

29) Blood supply to tooth apex starts in which stage?
A) Bud stage
B) Cap stage
C) Bell stage,
D) Apexogenesis
Ans: B

30) Trauma to Central incisor of 7.5 yrs child with pulp involvement, best treatment is
A) Apexification
B) Apexogenesis
C) Pulpotomy
Ans: B

31) Parotid gland stone causing atrophy due to?
A) Apoptosis
B) Degeneration
C) Necrosis
Ans: A

32) Howships lacunae contains?
A) Osteoblasts
B) Osteocytes
C) Osteoclasts
Ans: C

33) Bone that develops by intramembranous and endochondral ossification is ?
A) Mandible
B) Maxilla
C) Zygoma
Ans: A

34) Joint in mandible is?
A) Symphasis
B) Gomphosis
C) Synchondorsis
Ans: A

35) Most common space involved in the infection of lower 3rd molar is?
A) Submental
B) Parotid
C) Submandibular space
Ans) C

36) Patient had accident, now present with memory loss, which area is involved?
A) Hippocampus
B) Occipital Lobe
Ans: A

37) Patient with accident and no visible injury has PH 7.6, PC02 20, HCO3
27 A) Respiratory alkalosis (Ans)


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