Past Paper of FCPS Part 2 Gynacology November 2013


Gynae Obs, Paper 2, nov 7 ,2013


1 epidural bupuvacaine

2 local anesthetic bupivacaine

3 thiopental.. redistributed in body

4 remnant of allontois..

5 remnant of paramesonephric duct.. appendix testis

6 whip like cilia.. fallopian tube

7 partly ciliated tubular.. fallopian tube

8 tubular structure,lymhpoid tissue..


9 true abt sacroiliac joint.. plain synovial joint

10 pain radiating to medial malleolus…

11 boundry of pelvis… Pubic crest

12 transverse diam more than AP in inlet..gynaecoid pelvis

13 lesion below hymen drain in .. medial grp of horizontal superficial inguinal

14 tumor of perineal pouch will involve.. greater vestibular gland

15 inferior rectal artery..branch of internal artery

16 pain of defecation..inferior rectal Nerve

17 lacunar ligament..inguinal ligament

18 conjoint tendon..aponeurosis of transversus abdominis

19 part of pelvic diaphragm..puborectalis

20 uv prolapse due to..levator ani and perineal body

21 ureter.. crosses infront of the bifurcation of common iliac artery

22 defecation n micturation reflex..

23 not true abt ureter.. has stratified sq epithelium

24 pt take medicine for vaginal discharge,causes taste change n discharge become thick curdy,which medicine she took.. metronidazole

25 not given in pregnancy.. diuretic

26 pregnant,24,mitral stenosis,now dyspnea…pulmonary hypertension

27 multigravuda with IUD,bleedin per vaginal heavy..evacuation of uterus

28 pineal gland tumor in 4 yr old with dec melatonin..cause accelerated puberty

29 pregnant lady in RTA,died sumtime later due to.. fat embolism

30 another pregnant lady died,scenario not remembr..of amniotic fluid embolism

31 200 girls in hostel got hepatitid.. cause.. hep A/E?

32 pt passed black color urine..falciparum malaria

33 afyer hysterectomy,pt is bleeding intraabdominal,damage is to..branch of uterine artery

34 pap smear n colposcopy is done for HPV as…secondary prevention

35 in cervical mild dyskaryosis..CIN 1

36 true abt breast..15 to 20 lectiferous duct,tuboalveolar glands,extend from 2nd to 6th rib?

37 lady with poor socioeconomic have.. HPV infection

38 turner syndrome.. gonadal dysgenesis

39 eye catching female with primary amenorhea and absent uterus..testicular feminization syndrome

40 innervation if abdominal wall muscles.. T7 to L1

41 teratoma doesnot contain ..fat

42 true abt in rectus sheath

43 patent ductus arteriosus..prematurity

44 placental barriers separate..prevents fetus from maternal infections

45 type 3 hypersensitivity..arthous reaction

46 highest oxygen tension..pulmonary capillaries

47 true in neonate..bilirubin rise in first 10 to 14 days

48 primary formed in fetal cortex..?

49 which remain dormant after malaria..sporozoite,gametocyte,etc?

50 toxic shock syndrome?increase creatinine kinase.

51 not true abt cushing..hypotension

52 anxiety n irritability..hyperthyroid

53 in graves..raised T3 levels

54 xxx syndrome.. positive chromatin bodies?

55 mhc codes for..HLA..

56 study done for future outcome..cohort study

57 asian,black,white,hyspanic pt oercentage given on..pie chart

58 wrong abt hiv.. hiv is an indication of termination of pregnancy

59 testosterone conversion by 5 alpha reductase

60 obstetric use of oxytocin..increases excitability of myometrium

61 superficial inguinal ring related to..lioinguinal nerve

62 drainage of lateral side if breast..apical lymoh nodes

63 change in cervical epithelium by phenomenon of..metaplasia

64 change after ovulation..secretory andothelium

65 saw tooth glands,dilated vessels,phase of endometrium.. secretory

66 down regulation of tumor after treatment is by..degeneratiin/apoptosis etc?

67 osteoclastic activity decrease by..estrogen

68 cervical changes after radiotherapy.. karyorhexis n karyolysis

69 after bomb blast,first to occur..aplastic anemia

70 long term effect if transplantation..acute leukemia

71 pregnant with jaundice,which enzyme diagnostic.. ALT.. etc?

72 drug data by price..median

73 not given in pregnancy..diuretic

74 true abt trigone..has ureter orifices?

75 teratogenic..tetracycline

76 regarding calcitonin…

77 true statement for simple diffusion..water soluble drugs can pass

78 lymphocytes..unaffected by hormones

79 cervical tumor of 3.5 cm,ipsilateral lymphnode involved,mobilr.chance of metastasis.. T2N1M1

80 most radiosensitive..lymph node

81 a lady is ready for delivery,which helps in vaginal deliv..pubic arch more than 90 degree

82 true abt amniocentesis..more chance of fetal risk when done in 11 to 14 weeks

83 percentage of thalasemia carrier in pakistan.. 5 %

84 true abt beta antagonist…?

85 maternal death ratio.. 5/1000 live births

86 hormone which hypothalamus inhibit n stimulate both..growth hormone

87 subarachanoid space extend from..s2 to s3

88 hormone causing protein synthesis,lipid synthesis,glycolysis,gluconeogenesis..insulin

89 estrogen contraceptives cause..breast cancer.

90 in fight n flight..decrease respiratory airway resistance

91 in chronic renal failure,calcium deficiency due to..dec 1,25 dihydtoxycholicalceferol



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