Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied June 2013


FCPS PART 1 MEDICINE JUNE 2013 with Answers

1.Regarding surfactant :

 A. Secreted by type 1 pneumocyte

 B. Secreted by type 2 pneumocyte

 C. Secreted by clara cell

Ans is B

2. In 90% cases of anthrax which of the following feature will be present:

A. Skin lesion

B. Haemorhagic pneumonia

C. Diarrhea

Ans is A


3.In unconscious pt lying supine gastric contents aspirate in:

A.Right apical lobe

B.Left apical lobe

C.Right lower lobe

D.left main bronchus

Ans is C(Sup part if right inf lobe)

4. Sphincter urethrae receives its innervation from

A. Inferior rectal nerve

B.Hypogastric plexus

C.Pudendal nerve

D. Obturator nerve

E. Vagus

Ans is C

5. Which one of the following is essential aminoacid


B. Tyrosine

C. Alanine

D. glutamate

Ans is A

6. Which of the following is autosomal recessive disorder:

A. Achondroplasia


C. Marfan disease

D. Alpha 1antitrypsin deficiency

E. Neurofibromatosis

Ans is D

7. Size of arteriole when constricted seen with naked eye:

A. 0.3mm

B. 0.5 to 1mm

C. 1mm

Ans is A

8. Which type of fibres transmit fast pricking type of pain :

A. A delta fibre

B. B type fibre

C. A beta fibre

D. C fibre

E. Free nerve ending

Ans is A

8.A person has PO2 50mm Hb 13mg/dl type of hypoxia

A. Anemic

B. Hypoxic

C. Ischemic

D. Stagnant

Ans is B

9.Initial step in apoptosis:

A.inhibition of p53

B. Activation of bcl 2

C.Activation of caspases

Ans is C

10.Increase in light chain immunoglobulins is feature of:

A. Endocrine type amyloidosis

B. Hereditary amyloidosis

C. Localized type amyloidosis

D. Reactive amyloidosis

E. Systemic type amyloidosis

Ans is E

11. HCO3 reabsortion from:



C.cortical collecting duct

D.loop of henele

E. PCT and collecting duct

Ans is B

12.Least likely cause of cardiogenic shock:

A. Hemopericardium

B. Hypovolemia

C. Cardiac temponade

D.Pulmonay embolism

E.constrictive pericarditis

Ans is B

13. 2/3 of total body of water is present in



C.interstitial fluid

D. Plasma


Ans is A

14. A young pt is complaining dry eye which of the following is involved:

A. Otic ganglion

B. Ciliary ganglion

C. Pterygopalatine ganglion

Ans is C

15. Regarding closrtidia:

A. Are facultative anaerobes

B. Are gram negative rods

C. Are mostly spore forming

D. Clostridium difficle causes gangrene

E. Clostridium perfringens causes diarrhea

Ans C

16.Which of the following fluid compartments contain aproximately 2/3rd of total body water: A. Extracellular

B. Interstitial

C. Intracellular

D. Plasma

E. Transcellular

Ans C

17. Pseudomembranous colitis is the least likely adverse effect of :

A. Cefamazine

B. Ceftriaxone

C. Clavunate ampicillin

D. Clindamycin

E. Vancomycin


18.More than 90% of all patients with antrax have:

A. Gastrointestinal haemorrhage

B. Haemorrhagic pneumonia

C. Liver failure

D. Septiciemia

E. Skin lesions

Ans is E

19.Fourth pharyngeal pouch contributes to the development of the :

A. Auditory tubes

B.Palatine tonsils

C. Superior parathyroid glands

D. Thymus

E. Thyroid gland

Ans is C

20. Appendicular artery is branch of: 

A. Anterior cecal

B. Illeal branch of superior mesentric artery

C. Illiocolic artery

D. Posterior cecal artery

E. Right colic artery

Ans is D

21. A patient came with history of injury and on examination there is winging of right sacpula, the patient most probably injured:

A. Long thoracic nerve

B. Lower subscapular nerve

C. Supra scapular nerve

D. Thoracodorsal nerve

E. Upper subscapular nerve

Ans is A

22. Complete rupture of anterior cruciate ligament will result in instability of tibia over femur,the direction of instability will most likely be:

A. Anterior

B. antero lateral

C. Antero medial

D. Postero lateral

E. Postero medial

Ans is A

23.The structure which arches over left lung root is:

A. Arch of aorta

B. Azygous vein

C. Left phernic nerve

D. Left main bronchus

E. Left vagus nerve

Ans is C

24. Purkinje fibers in the heart :

A. Are specialized cardiac muscle cells

B. Have numerous myofibrils

C. Have poor qualities of glycogen

D. Have poor central sarcoplasm

E. Have cells which are similar than ordinary cardiac muscle cell

Ans is A

25.Most likely cause of instant death by hanging is due to damage to medulla oblongata because of fracture of :

A. Base of skull

B. Body of atlas

C. C3

D. C4

E. Odontoid process of axis

Ans E

26. Eating raw or undercooked meat can cause infestation by:

A. Drancunculus medinensis

B. Echinoccocus granulosus

C. Live fluke

D. Schistoma

E. Tape worm


27.Most serious side effect of diptheria exotoxin is on :

A. Heart

B. Kidney

C. Larynx

D. Nerve fibres

E. Tonsil

Ans is A

28. Heart muscle cannot develop tetany because it has :

A. Action potential with plateu

B. Junctional delay

C. Long refractory period

D. Due to automaticity

Ans is C

29. Why ketamine can be repeated used to change dressing in burns patient :

A. It can be used both intravenously and intramuscularly

B. Doesn’t cause hypotension

C. Doesn’t cause addiction

D. Can cause profound analgesia

Ans is D

30.Patient having Hb 6mg/dl increased platelet count with hyperplastic bone marrow what could be the cause:

A. Acute blood loss

B. hemolytic anemia

C. Leukemia

D. Iron deficiency anemia

Ans is C

31. A patient comes to doctor with complain of pain down the medial side of right forearm and hand and wasting of small muscles of hand.On examination circulation of upperlimb was also impaired ,the structure most likely to be involved is:

A. Head of right humerus

B. Left cervical rib

C. Right first rib

D. Right second rib

E. Right cervical rib


32.Fatty liver seen in all except:

A.Alcoholic Disease



D.Hepatic congestion

E.Viral hepatitis

Ans E

33. Which of the following is primary cartilagenous joint :

A. Inferior tibiofibular joint

B. Manubrosternal joint

C. Costocartilagenous joint

D. Joint b/w skull sutures

E. Pubic symphysis

Ans C???

34. Which of the following is not supplied by 2nd division of trigeminal nerve:

A. Teeth

B. Nasal cavity

C. Nasopharynx

D. Temporal bone

E. One of the sinus

Ans C

35. Integrins are present on :

A. Endothelial cell

B. Leukocyte

C. Platelets

D. Fibroblast

E. Bacteria

Ans A

36.In subdural haematoma which of the vessel is involved:

A. Middle meningeal artery

B. Inferior Cerebral vein

C. Anterior division of middle meningeal artery

D. Middle cerebral artery

E. Superior cerebral vein

Ans B

37.Antithyriod drug which can be used safely to treat thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy:

A. Radio active iodine

B. Methimazole

C. Propylthiouracil

D. Propranolol

E. Surgery


38. A female patient having rightsided colostomy done on TPN most likely to develop:

A. Hyperglycemia

B. Hypocalcemia

C. Hyperkalemia

D. Hyponatremia

E. Fatty liver

Ans A

39. Cerebellum connected with Mid brain via:

A. Inferior cerebellar pundcle

B. Middle cerebellar puduncle

C. Superior cerebellar puduncle

D. Spinothalamic tract

Ans C

40. Which of the following is not associated with HIV:

A. Kaposi sarcoma

B. Lymphoma

C. CNS lymphoma

D. Pneumocytitis carinii

E. Squamous cell carcinoma

Ans E

41. Which of the following is not direct effect of Cushing’s syndrome:

A. Buffalo hump

B. Hirsuitism

C. Pendulous abdomen

D. Weakness of muscle

E. Thinning of legs

Ans.b or c???

42. Postganglionic sympathetic fibres are carried by:

A. Cervical nerve

B. Every spinal nerve

C. Thoracic nerve

D. Lumbar nerve

E. Sacral nerve


43. Nucleus is continuous with :

A. Rough endoplasmic reticulum

B. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

C. Contain pores


44.Two point discrimination appreciated at:

A. Mesener’s corpuscles

B. Paccian corpuscles

C. Goldi tendon organ

D. Merkel disc

E. Muscle spindle


45. Hormone required for brain development in fetal life:

A. Thyroid hormone

B. Growth hormone

C. Cortisol

D. Androgen


46. Radiation casues Carcinoma after how many years of exposure:

A. Less than one year

B. Less than two years

C. B/W 2 to 5yrs

D. After 10 years


47. U wave in ECG is due to:

A. Atrial depolarization

B. Ventricular depolarization

C. Atrial repolarization

D. Slow repolarization of papillary muscle


E. Septal depolarization

48. Unconscious patient brought to hospital after one hr of severe haemorrhage BP 50mmHg, pulse is rapid,cold calmy skin ,which mechanism is most active at this stage:

A. Baro receptor

B. CNS ischemic respone

C. Bain bridge response

D. Chemoreceptor


49. Following are the second line drugs for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis except:

A. Antibiotics

B. Antimalarials

C. Penicillamine

D. Intrarticular gold

E. Sulphasalazine


50. A 40 yrs old lady presented in casualty with sudden onset of palpitation and fainting,she has had similar episodes in the past her ECG shows ventricular rate of 180b/min,which is regular,treatment will be:

A. Amiodarone

B. Verapamil

C. Cardioversion

D. Digoxin

E. Disopyramide


51.Somatic sensory area 1 differs from primary motor area in:

A. Consists of granular cortex

B. Contributes fibres in the pyramidal tract

C. Has contralateral representation of parts of body

D. Has larger representation area for certain parts of the body

E. Is mainly on lateral surface of the hemisphere

Ans A


52. Receptors in muscles which prevent their length to go beyond limits are:

A. Golgi tendon organ

B. Messener’s corpuscles

C. Muscle spindles

D. Pacinian corpuscles

E. Ruffini’s end organ


53. Most important initial step in mechanism of apoptosis is:

A. Activation of Bcl 2 family of proteins

B. Activation of caspases

C. Frustrated phagocytosis

D. Receptor mediated phagocytosis

E. Supression of p 53 gene


54. A patient presented with mild anemia,moderate splenomegaly and gall stones her peripheral blood film shows small round RBC’S with increased osmotic fragility most likely condition she is suffering from:

A. G6PD Deficiency

B. Haemoglobin C disease

C. Hereditory spherocytosis

D. Thalassemia

E. Sickle cell anemia


55. In pancreatic fistula somatostatin helps by :

A. Decreasing the output of secretions

B. Increasing the ph of secretions

C. Increasing the blood flow of gland

D. Inhibiting enzymes



56.Insulin secretion is increased by:

A.Beta blockers

B. Somatostatin

C. Secretin

D. Thiazides

E. Glucagon


57. Regarding atrial flutter which is true:

A. Heart rate is in between 250 and 300b/min

B.Treated by defib shock

C. Heart rate above 450b/min

D. Circus movement is not the reason


58. SA node is located in right atrium near:


B.Fossa ovalis

C.Superior part of sulcus terminalis

D. Lower part of crista terminalis

E. Between right auricle and right atrium

Ans is C

59.  Which of the following is present inside the peritoneal cavity:


B. Proximal part of deudenum

C. Fallopian tube

D. Gonads

E. Uterus


60. Regarding Platelets which is correct:

A. Forms clot with collagen fibres

B. Has half life of 120 days

C. Don’t have nucleus

D. Has granules

Ans is C


61.Bleeding time is increased in :

A. Liver failure

B. Haemophilia

C. Thrombocytopenia

D. Vit K deficiency

Ans a

62. Most abundant immunoglobulin in plasma is:

A. IgG

B. IgM

C. IgE

D. IgA

Ans is A

63. A pt is passing urine at rate of 1ml/mim,lowest osmolarity of urine will be at which level :

A. Cortical collecting tubule

B. Macula densa

C. Tip of loop of henele

D. Papillary collecting tubule

E. Proximal convulated tubule


 64. 14 yrs old male pt came with complain of sudden increase in height and galactorhea,xray skull showed enlarged sella turcica on histological finding which will be the most appropriate:

A. Hissing bodies

B. Increase no of eosinophils

C. Increase no of acidophils

D. Increase no of basophils

E. Increase no of chromophobe

Ans.c or e???

65. Exopthalmus due to :

A. Increase TSI

B. Increase T3 and T4

C. Increase TSH

D. Increase free thyroxine


66. In an asthamatic patient volume most likely to be decreased is:






67. Most likely about mammary gland:

A. Extend vertically from 2 to 6th rib

B. Contains 15 to 20 lactiferous ducts

C. Contains sebaceous gland in areola

D. In pregnancy contain lactiferous ducts and secretory alveoli

Ans is B

68. Heinz bodies are found in :

A. G6PD deficiency

B. Sickle cell anemia

C. Pyruvate kinase deficiency

D. Hereditary spherocytosis

Ans is A

69. A person after the thorn prick presents in the emergency with the localized abscess of left leg. The organism responsible for abscess most likely is
(A) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
(B) Staphylococcus aureus
(C) E. coli
(D) Streptococcus pyogenes
(E) Staphylococcus epidermidis



70. Pre-ganglionic autonomic neurons contain which type of fibers
(A) A alpha
(B) A beta
(C) A delta
(D) Beta
(E) C fibers


Ans D

71.  Which statement regarding medulla oblongata is correct
(A) Olives are situated most medially
(B) Upper portion of medulla has relation with fourth ventricle posteriorly
(C) Located between pons and cerebellum
(D) Pyramids cross above medulla
(E) None of them is correct



72. A person has weakness in adduction and medial rotation of arm. Muscle which can perform these actions is most likely
(A) Teres major
(B) Teres minor
(C) Supraspinatous
(D) Subscapularis
(E) Latissimus dorsi



73. After amputation, a patient presents to you with a painful firm nodule over his left leg. On biopsy nerve cells are seen to be arranged in haphazard manner. Your diagnosis is
(A) Ganglion
(B) Neuroma
(C) Ganglioneuroma
(D) Ganglioma
(E) Neurofibroma



74. During the late stages of pregnancy the maternal blood passes to the fetus via the following
(A) Syncytiotrophoblasts only
(B) Cyto trophoblasts only
(C) Fetal endothelium
(D) Fetal endothelium + Cyto trophoblasts
(E) Syncytiotrophoblasts and Cyto trophoblasts



75.  Which statement regarding CSF is correct
(A) Has cushion like effect
(B) Produced in blood brain barrier
(C) Absorbed in ventricles
(D) Derived from lymph
(E) None is correct



76. The most sensitive indicator of diabetic nephropathy
(A) Albuminuria
(B) Raised BUN
(C) Glycosuria
(D) Hematuria
(E) Kenoneuria



77. The most important clinical feature of pure water intoxication
(A) Edema
(B) Engorged neck vein
(C) Thirst
(D) Alert behavior
(E) Slow pulse


ans.b or e??

78.  In a patient of pure water depletion , the fluid most likely to be administered
(A) Normal saline
(B) 5% Dextrose water
(C) Hypotonic saline
(D) Hypertonic saline
(E) 5% Dextrose saline



79. A lady after surgery presents in the ward with the swollen legs bilaterally. DVT is suspected. The pathology is
(A) Endothelial injury
(B) Endothelial injury + Blood stasis
(C) Blood stasis
(D) Coagulopathy + Blood stasis
(E) Coagulopathy

80. Which part of brachial plexus is found on the borders of axilla
(A) Roots
(B) Divisions
(C) Cords
(D) Trunks
(E) Suprascapular nerve

81.  Mechanism of action of aspirin
(A) Aggravates thromboxanes
(B) Activates platelets
(C) Stabilizes the vascular endothelium
(D) Irreversibly blocks COX

Ans d

82.  Lumbar puncture is done at which level
(A) L2- L3
(B) L4-L5
(C) S1-S2
(D) L5-S1


Ans b

83. GFR decreases as the result of
(A) Constriction of efferent arteriole
(B) Constriction of afferent arteriole
(C) Dilatation of afferent arteriole
(D) All of them
(E) None of them

84.  At which level spinal cord injury does not affect respiration
(A) At C5
(B) Above C5
(C) Below C5
(D) Above C3
(E) Below C3



85.  Natural anticoagulant in body
(A) Warfarin
(B) Heparin
(C) Herudin
(D) Heparin and Warfarin
(E) All of them



86. The drug used most likely in acute pulmonary which has also some effect on smooth muscles
(A) Thiazide diuretic
(B) Spironolactone
(C) Loop diuretics
(D) Triamtrine
(E) Acetazolamide

87. A virus can cause cancer with the underlying mechanism of
(A) Having oncogenes
(B) Having proto oncogenes
(C) Proteins particles
(D) Nuclear integration

88. Which of the following does not drain into internal jugular vein
(A) Lingual vein
(B) Facial vein
(C) External jugular vein
(D) Thyroid veins



89. Hand muscles are supplied by
(A) C1
(B) T1
(C) T2
(D) T1 and T2



90. Maxillary artery is the artery of
(A) Ist brachial arch
(B) Second brachial arch
(C) Third brachial arch
(D) Fourth brachial arch
(E) Sixth arch



91. Nerve accompanies with superior thyroid artery is
(A) External laryngeal nerve
(B) Internal laryngeal nerve
(C) Superior laryngeal nerve
(D) Recurrent laryngeal nerve
(E) None of them

92. The last thing to be returned to normal on hemorrhagic shock
(A) Heart rate
(B) Blood pressure
(C) Cardiac contractility
(D) RBCs in peripheral smear
(E) Pulse pressure

93. 8 years old child presents to you with recurrent opportunistic infection with Klebsiella. Most likely immune deficiency state is
(A) Severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome
(B) A gammaglobulinemia
(C) Chronic granulomatous disease
(D) Pseudohypoparathyroidism
(E) None of them



94. Which statement regarding medulla oblongata is correct
(A) Olives are situated most medially
(B) Upper portion of medulla has relation with fourth ventricle posteriorly
(C) Located between pons and cerebellum
(D) Pyramids cross above medulla


95. The hormone responsible for the brain development in fetal life
(A) Thyroid hormone
(B) Growth hormone
(D) Prolactin


96. Testosterone causes transient bone growth because:

A. it causes epiphyseal closure

B. downgrade its receptors

C. 17 ketosteroid


97. pt with increased heaptic glycogen with normal structure, no inc in serum glucose

after giving fructose,enzyme deficiency


B. glucose 6 phospahate

C. hexokinase

Ansb or c??


97. soldeir came from high attitude , 2000 ft , pcv 60 %,malaise,fever, spleenomegaly, cyanosis

A. sec polycythemia

B. methmaglobinemia

ans a

98. opiods are agonist, one with antagonist:

A. pethidine


C. pentazocine


E. fentanyl


99. which of the following is not neoplasia :

A. choriostoma

B. memgioma

C. lymphoma


100. 40 yrz old lady with swelling n pain in knee joint, synovial fluid shows basophilic rhomboid crystals:

A. calcium pyrophosphate

B. monosodium urate

C. glycine



101.Glucose transport is directly proportional to it’s concentration, this phenomenon is known as :

A -Active Transport

B- Diffusion

C- Facilitated Diffusion


102. biceps reflex absent, knee n ankle reflex hyper, ventilation rate 16 / min, cause spinal cord section :

A. L1 l2 l3

B. c8 t1

C. t8 t9

D. c5 c6

E.c3 c4



102 . Most evident clinical feature of sjogrens :

A. enlargement of salivary gland

B .dry mouth n dry eyes

C. dry mouth only



103 .Leprosy

A. Intracellular acid fast

B. Intraceelualar non acid fast

C. Extracelluar acid fast




104. A 40 year Male working as a taxi driver in sharjah presented with C/O fever,weight

loss,anorexia. Diarrehea, spleenomegaly,he is emaciated,has jaundice and generalized

lymphadenopathy.whats the diagnosis:


B. Leishmaniasis

C. Yellow fever


105. Female having HIV but no AIDS CD count 800 now having middle ear infection SOM (supartive

otits media), cause

A. pneumocytis carinii

B. streptococci pneumonia

C. M avium

D.Psedomanas aueriginosa

E. staph aureus

ans e or b???

106. protein bound fraction of the drug is:

B. inactive

C.more lipid soluble

ans b??

107. Which of the following has the greatest amount of blood

A. Capillaries

B. Resistance vessels

C. Large veins

D. Arteries

ans c

108. The differentiating feature of Kwashiorkor from Marasmus
(A) Muscle wasting is not present
(B) Pitting edema
(C) Fat loss
ans b

109.  Which substance is released from sympathetic pre-synaptic neurons mainly
(A) Acetylcholine
(B) Epinephrine
(C) Nor epinephrine
(D) Dopamine


ans a

110. Which statement regarding CSF is correct
(A) Has cushion like effect
(B) Produced in blood brain barrier
(C) Absorbed in ventricles
(D) Derived from lymph



111. Zinc is important as essential element in
(A) Carbonic anhydrase
(B) Cellular oxidation
(C) Glycolysis
(D) Glycogenolysis
(E) Ketogenesis


ans b??

112. Triglycerides are maximum in
(C) Chylomicron


Ans c

113.  Anterior choroidal artery is branch of
(A) External carotid artery
(B) Internal carotid artery
(C) Anterior cerebral artery
(D) Middle cerebral artery
(E) Anterior communicating artery


ans b??

115. The muscle forming the inferior relation with hip joint
(A) Piriformis
(B) Obturator exturnus
(C) Obturator internus
(D) Gemmilus inferior
(E) Quadratous femoris
ans ??????

116. Patient presents with hematuria and hemoptysis, the likelt diagnosis is
(A) Good pasture syndrome
(B) Lung abscess
(C) Nephrotic syndrome
(D) Wegener granuloma
ans a

117.  A child comes in the emergency with cough and respiratory obstruction. Emergency tracheostomy is planned. You will confirm the diagnosis with
(A) Blood culture
(B) Throat culture
(C) Urine culture
(D) Complete blood count


ans b

118. Correct statement regarding Oogenesis
(A) First meiotic division starts during fetal life
(B) Graffian follicle contains primary oocyte
(C) Secondary meiotic division completes just before fertilization
(D) Adult ovary has columnar epithelium


ans B

119. Gastric lymphoma is most strongly associated with
(A) H. pylori
(B) Peptic ulcer disesse
(C) Curling ulcers
(D) Gastritis
ans a

120. ADH acts on
(C) Macula densa
(D) Medullary collecting tubule
(E) Cortical collecting tubule

ans e

121.  The most effective mechanism of prevention of heat loss
(A) Shivering
(B) Vasoconstriction
(C) Vasodilatation
(D) Conduction
(E) Vaporization


ans b

122.  Internal spermatic fascia is derived from
(A) Cremasteric fascia
(B) External oblique
(C) Internal oblique
(D) Fascia transversalis


ans d

123.  Dependence does not develop to which one of the followings effects of opoids
(A) Pupillary constriction
(B) Pupillary dilatation
(C) Effect on CVS
(D) Respiratory depression
(E) Both C and D
ans a

124. Which is true regarding esophageal opening in diaphragm
(A) Located at T8 vertebral level
(B) Present in the left crus of diaphragm with a sling from right sided crus
(C) Transmits right phrenic nerve
(D) Present in right crus
(E) Can act as a sphincter
ans d

125. Which structure doesn’t form the anterior relation of left kidney
(A) Stomach
(B) Spleen
(C) Rib
(D) Pancrease
(E) Colic flexure

ans c

126. An old lady presents to your office with three month history of pallor, increased respiratory rate, mild to moderate edema. On investigations, creatinine is 3.8 mg/dl, urea is 180 mg/dl and Hb is 7.3 g/dl. The most likely cause in your opinion
(A) Acute renal failure
(C) Erythropoietin deficiency
(D) Nephritic syndrome
ans c

127. Most important diagnostic feature of ileum on biopsy
(A) Brunners glands
(B) Langerhans cells
(C) Paneths cells
(D) Lymphoid tissue in submucosa
(E) Lymphoid tissue in mucosa
ans d

128. Damage to mandibular foramen causes injury to which structure
(A) Inferior alveolar nerve
(B) Mandibular nerve
(C) Nerve to mylohyoid
(D) Facial nerve
ans a

129. Broder classification of tumor is based on
(A) Degree of mitosis
(B) Structure of stroma
(C) Tissue of origin
(D) Grading on histopathology
(E) Total number of mitosis and grading


ans a???

130.  Injury to the neck of fibula cause damage to
(A) Common fibular nerve
(B) Deep fibular nerve
(C) Tibial nerve

ans a
131.A patient presents in the emergency with loss of sensations over the fingertips of lateral 2 fingers. The most likely nerve to be damaged is
(A) Ulnar nerve
(B) Radial nerve
(C) Median nerve
(D) Deep branch of radial nerve
(E) Palmer cutaneous nerve

ans c

132. Regarding pudendal canal:
(A) Anal sphincter forms medial relation
(B) Is same as obturator canal
(C) Fat here is richly supplied with blood
(D) Obturator internus forms posterior relation
(E) All above are correct


133.  Gastric lymphoma is most strongly associated with :
(A) H. pylori
(B) Peptic ulcer disesse
(C) Curling ulcers
(D) Gastritis

ans a

134.  Drug of choice for Gas gangrene :
(A) Ciprofloxacin
(B) Penicillin
(C) Aminoglycosides
(D) Cefhalosporins
(E) Macrolides

ans b
135.  Source of creatinine :
(A) Fat
(B) Muscle
(C) Spleen
(D) Liver
(E) kidney


ans b?


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