Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Gynae and Obs 2015


1..Aik pta nai ajeeb sa que tha aftr prostctomy koi infection tha .. which layer of facia is
keept opn ..
A~bucks fascia
B~waldr fascia
C~sarca fascia
D~denevlr fascia
E~weldrs fascia

Attached distally to the undersurface of the glans penis at the corona, Buck’s fascia extends into the perineum,
enclosing each crus of the corpora cavernosa and the bulb of the corpus spongiosum and firmly fixing these
structures to the pubis, ischium, and inferior fascia of the perineal membrane (urogenital diaphragm)
question was k prostatectomy k baad rectourethral fistula ban gya tha.. to which layer shud have been preserved to
be on safe side? i think denonviliers was the right option
2 people recall diff ques…

2..Effect of sympathetic system on carbs
a.Adrenaline inc.glycogenolysis
b..alpha receptors suppress insulin
c.B 1receptors antagonist inc insulin spleen
a.coagulativ necrosis
b. fat nec

4..Lft renal vein to aorta
b.Ant to aorta
c.Post to ureteric pelvis
d.Posterior to renal artery

5..Person not able to open mouth
c.Lat .ptery

6..Tid.V affected..
a.Injury of Inspiratory
c.Decc.cmpliance tension…….not solveeeeee

7..13 yrs girl ; x.ray of elbow
Secondary center of ossification
c.Med condyle
d.lateral condyle
Two counting methods are taught to help remember the ages at which the ossification centers appear: 1-3-5-7-9-11
(simple) and 1-5-7-10-10-11 (more accurate).
capitellum: 1 year
radial head: 3 years
medial epicondyle: 5 years
trochlea: 7 years
olecranon: 9 years
lateral epicondyle: 11 years

8..Estrogen will not inc the risk ov following :
A. Breast CA
B. Emdometrial CA
C. CA gall bladder
D. HCC ovary

9..Infection is suprfical perinal pouch ll go to
A~deep trasvrs penineal muscl
B~great vestubulaar glnd
C~bulbiurethral glad

10..Regarding fibroblasts which is true A itz of rabia ali mcq
A) produce collagen only
B) produce elastic fibers only
C) produce amorphous ecm
D) ) reticular fibres only

11..premature ovarian failure associated most commonly with 1)genetic abnormailty
2)autoimune disease 3)chemotherapy 4)radiotherapy 5)last option forgot

12..thrombocytopenia by??
a. thiazide…..asim key
b. chloramphenicol……f.b admin
c. quinine

13..Metabolite use to check vit d levels..
A. 1, 25dihydroxy D
B. 25 hydroxy D

14..abnormal curve in lumbar spine?

15..Mass of lymphoid tissue covered by resp epithelium is palatine or lingual phyringial tonsil

16 Bouderies of post triangle of neck

17..Which vitamin is involved in formation of clotting factors
A) vit A.
B) vit d
C) vit c
D) vit E
E) vit B6

18..New born is diagnosed to hv inclusion congestivitis bcox mother had vaginal infection…
possible cause
A) chlamydia
B) staph aureus
C) fungus
D) dun remember
2 bacteria cause congenital conjuctivitis:
Gonococcus & chlymadia
Inclusion conjuctivitis indicates that its due to Chlymadia bcoz its obligate intracellular n forms intracellular inclusions

19..Most numerous lg in blood
A) lg G
B) lg m
C) lg A.

20..Structure leavng thorax.entering root of neck and again entering poster mediastinum
Left subclavian
Rite subclavian
Ascending aorta

21..phagocytes in blood.

22..hormones involved in lymphocytes growth and development?

21…Most Common site of brain abscess
A ) frontal lobe
B) parietal lobe
C) temporal lobe

22..Valves r presnt in
A) ateries
B) large veins
C) medium sized veins
D) capillaries
medium sized veins ..ref : blue histology

23..common step of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis
Fructose 1, 6 bisphosphate

24..organism causing burkitts lymphoma

25..daily protein required by average adult person?
Grams of protein needed each day
Woman 46gm man 56 gm

26..* I.C and EC k+ maintenance
Na/k atpase
H ions
Angio 2

27..Wilsons diagnosis

28* regarding facial nerve
a..myelohoid belly of digastric
C.chorda tympani arises from horizontal part

29* Related to 3rd pharyngeal arch

30* cholinergic fibers arise from?

31* change in vascular resistance posp op
catecholamines. acth.

32* Co2 diffuses easily into brain
* Spleen
coagulative necrosis

33* protein requirement in 70 kg person,,,120gm
Its 0.8 gm /pound…..1kg equal to 2.2 pound
70 kg * 2.2= 120 pounds
120* 0.8 = 121 something.

34* premalignant skin lesion?
* thyroid gland relations

35* insoluble form of iron storage?

36* max glucose absorption

37* 100pts of int.homorrhoids surgeon divided them into 2 groups
One group on med
And onther on dietary mod
After one year surgeon call them all and asjed their experience
Type of study
Case control
Clinical trial
Prospective cohort or retrospective

38* Adenoma..
Glandular pattern

39* Protein synthesis..
Smooth e.r
Granular Er

40* Characteristic of skeletal muscle
Intrinsic ca2+ generation ability
Increase number of apica lnuclei

41* raynauds phenomenon seen in
peripheral arterial disease?
42* End of ventricular ejection
Av valve close
QRS and T waves represnt together the ventricular systole…..and hence at end of systole surely comes T wave and
AV valve closes followed by diastole
43* 4th heart sound
Ventricular filling

44* Thorn prick
Staph Aureus
45* Impaired wound healing
46* Dorsal spinal rami
Extensors of trunk
47* length of trachea in neonates
length of trachea average 4.12 cm
48.Basic drugs bound with:
albumin alpha glycoprpotein
49★pt was hving altered taste, dyspepsia with microcytic hypochromic anemia… stool test
showed eggs. Which organism is responsible
A) ankylostome duodenale
B) hydated cyst
C) pin worm- vermicularis wala
A ( hookworm causes anemia)
50..Cluster of cd4 cells on surface is related to
Th cells
51..mechanism of local anesthetic action.options included
1)blocking influx of Na channels 2) interfere with resting membrane potential
52..hyperkalemia causes heart to stop…in diastole…systole…between systole and diastole…
In hyperkalemia K can’t leave the cell due to high concentration of K ions outside the cell, making the cell stuck in
repolarization phase (diastole)
53..noradrenaline acts as a chemical transmitter at the post ganglionic sympatheticnerves
supplying the
sweat glands
• Noradernaline kidny me hta………………….at sweat gland neurotransmitter is ACh
54..thrombi from deep veins of legs mostly occlude which vessels?
27, Klinefelter ..
XXY (ans)
55. Deep vein thrombus lodge in
Pulmonry artery
Pulmonry vein
Rite atrium
56. Women blood group o neg
.rbcs lack antigen (ans)
Could be recepient
57.In neonates
All face bones ossified
Orbit diameter greater than maxillary length
Orbit diameter equal to mandibular
All sutures ossified
58..single most potent factor for secretion of insulin from pancreatic beta cells in humans.
glucose was one of the option. other options included beta adrenergic
59..hemorrhagic infarcts ocur typically in? 1) pulmonary thomboembolism 2) liver in hypotension
60..nucleolus 1) no limiting membrane 2) contains DNA and ribosomes 3) contains DNA only 4)
stains lightly basophilic 5)
61..Philadelphia chromosome present in which disorder?CML
62..relations of phrenic nerve with subclavian vessels and scalnei musc
in neck it lies on scalnus antiror, and in thorx subclvian….. (antriorly)
63…virus involved in AIDS related kaposisarcoma….Hhv8
64..toxoplasmosis is a. bacterial disorder b. viral c.parasitic d.helminthic
65..inferier rectal artery is a branch of?
sup rectal …sup mesenteric
middle rectal -intrnal iliac
inf rectal —-int pudendal
66..diphylobothrium latum from fish. causes B12 defiiency
67..biological factor involved in cervical ca ans HPV
68..infarction of post 1/3rd of inter ventricular septum. artery responsible?
Posterior descending rite coronary artery
69.Skeletal muscle paralysis
War gas
Curare (ans)
70,Diphtheria toxin main action on
71…Capillary hydrostatic pressure heart failure (ans)
72..local anesthetic with highest toxicity….bupuvacain
73..inferior vena cava .. options included that it commences at L5 level
74..base of bl;ad er is posterior surface
Dec in size
Failure of growth(ans)
76..Imp.differnce b/w benign and malignant
Inc.Nc ratio
Invasion(ans )
Coagulase (ans)
Lactose fermnt
78, Woman taking estrogen
Breast C.A
79.Pulmonry congestion
Could be cardiac failure(ans)
Foriegn body
Cardiac temponade
80. Glucose max reabsorption
C .T
81.Glucose and amino acids absorption in intestinal cells
Facilatated diffusion(ans)
Active transport
82..increased karyopyknosis index in young females indicates what?
an index that is calculated as the percentage of epithelial cells with karyopyknotic nuclei exfoliated from the vagina
and is used in the hormonal evaluation of a patient scenario was based on normal distribution curve. and question was asked how many
%age falls in 1st standard deviation. different options were given and 68%is the answer
( 68.5 ist , 2nd 95.4, 3rd 99.7)
84..germ cells from yolk sac migrate to gonadal ridges on which week?
a.3rd b.4th c.5th d. 6th
ans cccccc langman embryo( 3rd wk : primodial germ cells reside in the yolk sac 4th wk: migrate along the
dorsal mesenty to the hind gut 5th wk : arrive at the primitve gonads 6th wk : invade in the gonads)
85..what is correct about thyroid gland 1)supplied by 3 paired arteries 2) surrounded by
prevertebral fascia 3) isthmus attached to cricoid 4) veous drainage in bracheocephalic internal
jugular vein 5) forgot the last option
86..what is correct about human kidney? 1)single lobular organ 2)renal corpuscles found only in
87..what is true about hcg?1) can be detected in serum on 9th day of ovulation 2) max level
reached on 18th wk 3) secondary rise during late 3rd trimester 4) rises 4 times every 48 hours 5)
secondary fall during last 2 wks of pregnancy?? Pleatu reaches up to 18 to 20 weks B is rite
88..a female pt comes in ur office and starts talking in seductive way. most imp step from u
shud be? 1)call nurse 2) refer the pt to other dr 3) start asking about her personal life 4) refuse
examining her
89..type of sacroiliac joint?
90..proteins in mitochondria synthesized by…ribosomes 70s
91..fibroblast function in wound healing/ 1) synthesis of collages fibers only 2) synthesis of elastic
fibers only 3) reticular fibres only 4) extra cellular amorphous substances
92..Ans eeeee
93..if heart rate doubles during excercise? then cardiac cycle will complete in? a.0,2s b. 0.4s
c.0,8s d. 1.2s
Normal heart cycle is of 0.8sec
Wn heart rate wud b double then it wud b of 0.4sec


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