Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry Online December 2014



Exam of FCPS Part 1 consists of 200 MCQs. Paper A and Paper B each paper has 100 MCQs. i will share one important thing here, that in each paper of FCPS Part 1 there are repeats of Past Papers. Sometimes few questions come in exam and some times even complete paper comes in exam. In order to perform well in Exam, you have to do MCQs of Past Papers. With out going through Past Papers it will be too much difficult to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. In our Blog we will be regularly Posting Past Papers so that you people can have good preparation for your exams.

Below is the past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry Online December 2014.

Most commonly Hbv and Hbc are transmitted through?
a. Blood transfusion
b. Needle injury
c. Person contact
Ans: b.

2. Dentist has taken an impression from the impression plaster and he has to make a positive replica which separating media should be used?
a. Soap solution
b. Wataer soluble alginate
c. Cold mold seal
d. Petroleum jelly
Ans: a.

3. Central chemoreceptors are more sensitive to?
a. pCO2
b. pO2
c. bicarbonate level
d. H+ ions
Ans: d.

4. Central chemo receptors are sensitive to which level of pCO2?
a. Increase level of pCO2
b. Decrease pCO
c. Increase pO
d. pH
Ans: a

Which statement is true about trigeminal ganglion or cave?
a. Is present in middle cranial fossae
b. lyes next to or lateral to cavernous sinus
c. Is partially covered by dura matter
Ans: a.

6. Which physiological event will occur when a person stands from sitting or lying position?
a. decrease in cardiac output b. postural hypotension
c. fainting
d. Increase in Heart Rate
Ans: d.

7. During standing or running which mechanism facilitate the flow of blood towards the heart
a. leg muscles contraction
b. viens
c. valves
d. gravity
Ans: a.

8. Cyclosporine given to a patient of liver or kidney transplant, how would it act?
a. Decreasing the inflimatory response
b. Acting on b-lymphocyte
c. Inhibits T-Helper and T-Supressor cells
Ans: c.

9. Biopsy of lymph nodes has taken from the cervical region what would be the findings?
a. Presence of Afferent and efferent vessels
b. Lymph nodules are not present
Ans: a.

10. Regarding trachea which statement is true?
a. Divides at the level of 4th thoracic vertebrae
b. Fibrous cartilage is present between them
c. Bifurcates at the level of T2
Ans: c.

11. Regarding cricoid cartilage which statement is true?
a. Forms fibrous joint with thyroid cartilage
b. Vocal cords are attached to it
c. Forms an incomplete ring
Ans: b

Patient can easily remove and insert the denture without fracture; it is due to which property?
a. Fatigue resistance
b. Ductililty
c. Hardness
Ans: a.

13. What will occur beyond the point of yield stress
a. Material undergoes plastic deformation
b. Tells about the property of material
Ans: a.

14. What is true about RBCs?
a. Have a life of 120 days
b. Give basophilia in blood histology
c. Life span of 10-12 days
Ans: a.

15. Absolute contraindication of propofol is?
a. Cardiac problems
b. Pregnancy
c. Porphyria
d. Hypersensitivity.
Ans: d

There was some question regarding glucose metabolisim during exercise? 17. Stannous exercise causes? a. Increase lactic acid raising plasma H+ ion conc.(Ans) . 18. Which hormone will be inhibited after the infusion of large amount dextrose saline a. ADH b. Aldosterone c. BNP d. Insulin Ans: a. 19. After a tonsillectomy a boy collapsed after 2 hrs,best possible cause will be? a. Hypovolumic shock b. Toxic shock c. Septicemic shock Ans: a

20. Drug to drug interaction is described by?
a. Naloxone reverses the effects of morphine(Ans)

21. Metal reinforced GIC is used for?
a. Core build up
b. Onlay
c. Inlay
d. Denture fabrication
Ans: a

22. EBV infection with atypical lymphocytosis, increase in which cells will occur?
a. B cells
b. T cells
c. Macrophages
d. Neutrophils
Ans: b

23. Action on stimulation of alpha receptors will be?
a. Mydriases
b. Broncho dilation
c. Increase secretion
Ans: a

24. Nerve innervations of skeletal muscles
a. 60% sensory 40% motor
b. 60% motor 40%sensory
c. 60%motor 40% sensory with autonomic fibres
Ans: c

25. Regarding salivary secretions which statement is true?
a. Major buffer is bicarbonate
b. Does not contain K ions when secreted through duct
c. Does not Contain amylase
d. Produced 2.5 liter per day
Ans: a


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