Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry February 2015 B



Exam of FCPS Part 1 consists of 200 MCQs. Paper A and Paper B each paper has 100 MCQs. i will share one important thing here, that in each paper of FCPS Part 1 there are repeats of Past Papers. Sometimes few questions come in exam and some times even complete paper comes in exam. In order to perform well in Exam, you have to do MCQs of Past Papers. With out going through Past Papers it will be too much difficult to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. In our Blog we will be regularly posting Past Papers so that you people can have good preparation for your exams.

Below is the past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry February 2015.

Enzyme which convert Nor-epinephrine to epinephrine?
A) Phenylethanolamine-N-methyltransferase (Ans).

2) Strongest stimulus for erythropeitein is ?
A) Hypoxia (Ans).

3) Drug of choice for status epilepticus?
A) Diazepam,
B) Phenytoin
Ans: A.

4) Painful swelling in right toe, diagnostic test which is necessary?
A) Joint fluid Microscopy (Ans).

5) Old age diabetic patient with lower limbs swelling, best test
A) Urea & creatinine.

6) Glucose level that need further assessment
A) 7mmol/L (Ans).

7) Most commonly conditioner used for GIC is?
A) Polyacrilic acid (Ans)

12 year boy with fracture upper central, no pulp exposure, material of choice is?
A) Amalgam
B) Composite
Ans: B.

9) Idea dental stone?
A) Alpha hemihydrate
B) Beta hemihydrate
C) Hydrocal
Ans: A .

10) Strengthening agent for dental porcelain is?
A) Quartz
B) Cristoballite
C) Potassium
Ans: A.

11) Strengthening agent for nobel metal alloys?
A) Platinum
B) Copper
C) Iron
Ans: B.

12) Swelling in neck, best diagnostic test?
A) x-rays
B) Blood test
C) Thyroid test
D) Biopsy
Ans: C.

13) Patient with history of thyrotoxicosis now presents with exophthalmos, best diagnostic test is
A) Anti-thyroid antibodies
C) Serum T3
Ans: A

In what condition, there will be renal stone in 75% cases?
A) Hyperparathyroidism
B) Hypoparathyroidism
Ans: A.

15) Abscess due to lower molar carious lesion that leads to limited mouth opening due to involvement of?
A) Buccal space
B) Submandibular space
C) Parotid space
D) Submesseteric space
Ans: D.

16) what is true about Penicillin?
A) Activated by B-lactamase
B) Has 4 lactam groups
C) Is more affective against gram negative due to thick cell wall
D) Has no effect in diphtheria
E) Acts by interfaring with cell wall synthesis
Ans: E.

17) NSAIDS are?
A) nonselective inhibitors of the enzyme cyclooxygenase
B) used as anti-epileptics
Ans: A

Propanolol is Contra Indicated in?
A) Asthma (Ans).

19) Aspirin causes?
A) Git upset & ulcers
B) Causes seizures
Ans: A .

20) Sulphonamide causes?
A) Steven Johnson syndrome
B) grey baby syndrome
Ans: A.

21) which of the following is Aminoglycoside?
A) Amikacin
B) Ciprofloxacin
C) Metronidazole
Ans: A

Lidocane max dose is?
A) 2mg/kg
B) 4.5 mg/kg
C) 7mg/kg
D) 10mg/kg Ans: B

23) Inhalation anaesthetic that increases cerebral Blood flow and contra indicated in increase intra cranial pressure is?
A) Enflurane
B) Halothane
C) Sevoflurane
Ans: B

24) Which of the following is more radiosensitive?
A) Bone marrow
B) Muscle
C) Cartilage
Ans: A

25) Another question about radiosensitve tissue

26) Patient with radiotherapy has rampant caries, it is due to which of the following?
A) Xerostomia (Ans)

27) Saliva contains?
A) Alpha amylase
B) Beta amylase
Ans: A



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