Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 10 June 2015



Past Papers of FCPS Part 1 are essential part of preparation of exam. If you want to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1 you have to do all past papers. Without Past Papers it is almost impossible to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. This paper is collected by different candidates who took their exams of FCPS Part 1. We always try to make sure the questions are the same to that in original exams. We will be posting all past Papers here on the Blog of fcps part 1 dentistry.

Below is the paper of 10 june 2015.

MCQs shared by Dr MM and compiled by Dr Jahangir Khan

Sequence of utilization of energy during starvation is?
A) Carbohydrates –> Fats –> Proteins
B) Proteins –> Carbohydrates –> Fats
C) Fats –> Carbohydrates –> Proteins
D) Carbohydrates –> Proteins –> Fats .
Ans: A
Q 2: What is true about Corticospinal tract?
A) Arise from all motor cortex area
B) not known as pyramidal tract
C) Controls skill and coordinated movements
D) Decusate at upper medulla.
Ans: C
Q 3: Patient with infection containing gram positive cocci. Initial drug given?
A) Ampicillin
B) Cloxacillin
C) Ciprofloxacin
D) Penicillin G
Ans: D
Q 4: Broad spectrum antibiotic for gram positive organism
A. Cefazoline
B. Cetriaxon
C. Ciprofloxacin
Ans: : B
Q 5: Baby with Red colour urine?
A) G6PD deficiency
B) copper in urine 
Ans: A
Baby with cleft lip, hypertelorisim and micrognathia,  drug taken by her mother?
A) Phenytoin
B) Sodium valporate
C) Carbazepam
Ans: A.
Q 7: Creep is related to which of the following Materials?
A) Marginal breakdown of amalgam
B) Marginal breakdown of composite
Ans: A.
Q 8: Material which undergoes more thermal dimensional changes?
A) Amalgam
B) Composite
C) Unfilled resin
Ans: C
Blockade of Thoracic duct will lead to the swelling of all of the following except?
A. Cerebral hemisphere
B. Side of neck
C. Side of thorax
D. Arm
E. lower limb
Ans: A.
Q 10: which important structure is most closely related to Ethmoidal sinus?
A. Ophthalmic artery
B. Optic nerve
C. Oculomotor nerve
D. Trochlear nerve
E. Trigemnal nerve

Ans: B.

Q 11: 
Artery that supply SA Node arise from?
A. Left coronary Artery 
B. Right coronary Artery 
Ans: B.
Q 12: Circumflex artery supply which structure?
A. Right atria and right ventricle 
B. Left Atria and left ventricle Ans: B
Which of the following is not a content of infratemporal fossa?
A. Pterygoid venous plexus
B. Maxillary artery
C. Facial artery
D. Trigemnal nerve
Ans: C.
Q 14: What is true about Anterior scalene muscle?
A) Arise from anterior tubercle of vertebrae
B) Helps in expiration
C)  Lie posterior cervical pleura 
D) Supplied by ventral rami of some thing like cervical nerves
E) Phrenic nerve lie posterior to it .
Ans: A
Which one is NOT a Neural crest cell derivative?
A) Ciliary muscle
B) Sphincter muscle
C) Levator palpebrae musle of eye lid
D) Extraocular muscle
E) Dilator Muscle
Ans: E. 
Q 16: Regarding formen caecum, It gives rise to which gland?
A) Thyroid gland
B) Thymus
Ans: A. 
Q 17: One question about Gait theory of Pain, pain modulation occurs through?
A) Coricospinal Tract
B) Spinothalamic Tract
C) Substantia geletinosa 
D) Thalmus .
Ans: C. 

Q I8: Nerve supply of muscles contain 
past paper question
Ans: 60% motor, 40% Sensory and some autonomic fibres
Skull bones are not formed by?
A) Brachial Arches

B) Intramembranous ossification
C) Endochondral ossification
D) Hypoblast endoderm
Ans: D

Q 20: Regarding External jugular vein which is correct
A) Formed at the level of angle of mandible
B) lies deep to ScM
C) drain into IJV
Ans: A

Q 21: Which gland contains numerous mucous cells and with serous demilunes?
A. Submandibular Gland
B. Sublingual Gland
C. Parotid Gland
D. Pancrease  Gland
Ans: B

Q 22: Which of the following is not a derivative of 2nd pharyngeal arch
A. Hyoid
B. Stapes
C. Styloid
D. Stylohyoid ligament
E. Levator palpebrae muscle
Ans: E

Q 23: In muscle oxygen binds to
A. Actin
B. Myosin
C. Myoglobin
D. Troponin
E. Tropomyosin
Ans: C

Q 24: Healing of open wound?
A.contraction of myofibroblasts

Q 25: Which collagen is most commonly involved in providing strength to wound?
A. Type 1
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4
Ans: A

Q 26: which structure passes through Petrotympanic Fissure?
A. Greater petrosal nerve
B. Chorda tympani
C. Lesser petrosal nerve
D. Greater auricular
Ans: B

Q 27: Acanthosis occurs in which layer?
A. Stratum Basale
B. Stratum Spinosum
C. Stratum Granulosum
Ans: B

Q 28: In a patient with the history betel nut chewing there is whitening in the floor of mouth and it is asymptomatic, what would the most suitable advice for him?
A. Incisional biopsy of lesion
B. Advise the pt to stop betel nut

C. Prophlaxis
D. Take photographs for study model some thing
E. Extraction of all teeth
Ans: A

Q 29: Tooth root resorption occurs in which
A. Fibrous dysplasia
B. Hyperparathroidism
C. Paget disease
D. Periapical cyst
Ans: D

Q 30: Pyogenic granuloma is most commonly present at?
A. Attached gingiva
B. Marginal gingiva
C. Labial gingiva
D. Lingual gingiva
Ans: A

Q 31: Cementum differs from bone? (This Q was in both papers)
A. Avascular
B. Fibrous
C. Elastic 
Ans: A

Q 32 Essential amino acid which is not present in body, which is given by food?
A. Methionine
B cysteine
C threonine
D leucine
Ans: A

Q 33: which of the following is an Essential fatty acid?
A. Arachidonic acid
B. Palmitic acid
C. Linoleic acid
D. Oleic acid
E. Strearic acid

Ans: C

Q 34: Parotid gland secretion in unstimulated condition contains which of the following?
A. Increase Na
B. Increase k.
C. Increase Ca
D. Similar to CSF
E. Similar to serum
Ans: B

Q 33: Student makes full denture it has porosity on lingual side. Teachers says it is due a defect. What may be the cause?
A) Granular porosity
B) Gaseous porosity
C) Monomer
Ans: B

Q 34: Which of Following lymphoid organ has no nodules?
A) Thymus
B) Spleen
C) Lymph node
D) Tonsils
Ans: A

Q 35: Which of the following is water soluble vitamin
A) vitamin a
B) vitamin c
C) vitamin d
D) vitamin k
Ans: B

Q 36: Bronze discolaration of oral mucosa is due to which of the following conditions?
A) Peutz jager
B) Addisions disease
Ans: B

Q 37: A 3 months old baby with pH 7.2, pCO2 37, HCO3 14 comes in emergency. What will b the diagnosis?
A) Diabetic ketoacidosis.
B) Lactic acidosis.
C) Compensatory respirtory acidosis.
D) Renal tubular Acidosis
Ans: D

Q 38: Epithilium changes in chronic smoker?
A) Mixture of psudostratified and stratified sq epithilium

Q 39: Regarding hyaline cartilage which of the following is true?
A) Knee miniscus
B) Precursor of endochodral bone formation

C) Not present in nasal cartilage
Ans: B

Q 40: Regarding pain gate theory, modulation occurs in?
A) Spinothalamic tract
B) Dorsal column
C) Substantia gelatinosa
D) Thalamus
Ans: C

Q 41: Mast cells most appropriate?
A. Similar to eosonophil in function
B. Do not release leukotriene
C. similar to eosonophil in function
D. Is less granular
E. Release Heparin, Histamine and many Proteases
Ans: E

Q 42: A mother used alcohol in pregnancy child has mid ocular hypoplasia ocualr ptosis small height
A. Pharyngeal arch 1
B. Pharyngeal pouch 1
C. Pharyngeal cleft 1
Ans: A

Q 43: Pterygoid hamulus injured after incision at hard palate which muscle is damaged?
A. Levator veli palatini

B. Tensor veli palatini
C. Superior constrictor of pharynx
D. Inferior constrictor of pharynx
Ans: B

Q 44: Pterygoman raphe give insertion to
A) Superior constrictor Muscle and Buccinator Muscle
B) superior and Middle constrictor
Ans: A

Q 45: Obese woman with hirtuism and muscle waisting presented in OPD. Which of the following may be the condition associated with it?
A) Cushing disease
B) Hyperparathyroidism
C) Hyperthyroidism
Ans: A

Q 46: pt complete heart block
Fainting occurs because there is delay in ventricles to pump blood.
B) Fainting occurs becausr atria fail to pump blood
C) Inverted T wave
Ans: A

Q 47: Which of the following is not correct about DIC?
A) Is consumptive coagulopathy
B) Maybe reversed by heparin
C) Inc in thrombin

D) decrease FDP
E) Increased Fibrinolytic activity
Ans: E

Q 48: Panadol is not given in post op Patient because?

A. Hepatotoxic (Ans)

And in other question option were antiinflamtry

Q 49: Prothrombin time is related to.
A. vit a
B. Vit d
C. Vit e
D. Vit k
E. Vit c
Ans: D

Q 50: Microgmathia of maxilla
A. Premaxillary area deficiency
B. Temporal deficince
C. Zygomatic deficiency
Ans: A

Q 51.Common Cause Metastatic calcification calcification in kidney:
A. Hyperparathyroidisim
B. Hypervitaminosis D
C. Diabetes
Ans: A

Q 52: Durin phargeal phase
A) Vocal cord approximate
B) Larynx and soft palt moves downward

C) Pharyngoesophageal sphincter contracts
Ans: A

Q 53. Pt given diphteria toxoid comes after 10 days cough skin rash?
A. Type 3 hypersensitivity (Ans) 

Q 54.: Regarding florosis of 1 ppm something like that….??
A. Concentration Has no effect on body (Ans)

Q 55: Endogenous pigmentation occurs in?
A) Ochronosis
B) Lead poison only
C) Hemochromatosis only
Ans: A

Q 56: Glucagon is increased in which of the following conditions?
A) Amyloidosis
B) Type 1 diabetes
C) Type 2 dabetes
Ans: B

Q 57: Tay sach disease is?
A)  Lysosome storage disease (Ans)

Q 58: Which of the following is highest energy source?
B) Protein
C) Fats
D) Starch
Ans: C

Q 59: A man bring his 10 year old son for treatment who has a large cavity with a carious first lower molar, pink discolouration of the tooth is due to which of the following conditions?
A) Internal resorption
B) Porphyria
C) Erythroblastosis fetalis
Ans: A

Q 60: Iron absorption is supported by?
A) Ferrous
B) Oxelates
C) Phytic acid
Ans: A

Q 62: A patient with cardiac problem treated by resuscitation and in this process patient inhaled gastric contents which was a mixture of peanuts and mushrooms, after few days patient complained about Non productive cough and he developed 4cm radiolucent lession in lungs. Which of the following conditions was associated with it?
A) Bronchiactasis
B) Bronchopulmonary sequestration
C) Chronic bronchitis
D) Lung abscess
E) Squamous cell carcinoma

Ans: D
Q 63: Glycoseaminoglcan sulphation process occur n?
A) Mitochondria
B) Golgi Apparatus
C) Ribosomes
Ans: B

Q 64: What is the difference between benign tumour and hyperplasia
A) Capsule
B) Resemblance to parent cell

C) Disorientation of cell shape n size
D) Invasion
Ans: A

Q 65.If Recurrent laryngeal nerve is damaged on both side of larynx which muscle would be spared after nerve damage
A) Cricothyroid Muscle
B) Posterior cricoarytenoid
C) Transverse arytenoid
D) Oblique muscle
Ans: A

Q 66: Patient presented with Fever.what is its mediators
A) Interleukin-1 and TNF alpha
B) C3b
C) Botulinum
Ans: A

Q 67: Patient with adduction of eye and ia unable to move eye ,damage is ?
A) Superior rectus Muscle
B) Medial rectus Muscle
C) Lateral rectus Muscle
D) Superior oblique Muscle
E) Inferior oblique Muscle
Ans: C

Q 68: Relationship of Position of sup. Parathyroid is :
A) Post to recurrent laryngeal cranially to Inferior thyroid artery
Other Options like that ( rabia Ali mcq)
Q 69: Compared with propranolol, atenolol
Causes less bronchial constriction etc ( asim n shoaib mcq)

Q 70: Weakest phase of amalgam is
A) Gamma
B) GAmma 1
C) Gamma 2
D) Epilson
E) Beta
Ans: C

Q 71: what is inappropriate regarding to polymyxins?
A) It has little effect against gram positive Bacteria
B) It enters renal tububules causing haemoptysis
C) It is effective against gram negative Bacteria
Ans: C

Q 73.Most likely characteristic of proteins?
A) DiSulphide bond
B) Sulfhydryl bond
C) One fixed sulfhydryl bond and sulfide
D) Sulphide bond
Ans: A

Q 74: Maxillary Nerve not sensitive to anatomical area of?
A) Bridge of nose
B) Skin of temporal
C) Lips
D) Upper teeth
E) Maxillary sinus
Ans: A

Q 75. Aspirin toxicity is treated by?
A) Sodium Bicarbonates
B) NH4cl
C) Diuretics
Ans: A

Q 76: tRNA binds with?
A) Nucleus
C) Free Amino Acid
D) Golgi Apparatus
Ans: C

Q 77: which should not be removed by fast hand bur during cavity preparation?
A) Part of Soft caries
B) Part of hard caries
C) Unsupported part of enamel
Ans: A

Q 78: Patient with carious Lower 2nd molar and difficulty in opening of mouth. Which of the following space might be involved?
A) Buccal space
B) Lateral phyrengeal space
C) Submassetric space
Ans: C

Q 79: Present in dentine and bone but not in enamel?
A) Amorphous Calcium carbonate

B) Amorphous Calcium phospahte
C) Hydrooxyapetite
D) Brushite
Ans: A

Q 80: Root resorption caused due to?
A. Periapical cyst
B. Hyperparathyrodism
C. Fibrous dysplasia
D. Pagets disease
Ans: A

Q 81: Female patient presented with upper tooth #21 fracture without pulp exposure and need anterior tooth restoration with conservative approach with less tooth demage?
A. Dentine bonding agent followed by composite
B. Gic/ (ca0h)2 followed by composite
C. Calcium hydroxide followed by composite
D. Zinc phosphate followed by composite
Ans: A

Q 82: Slowly adapting fibers are?
A) Hair cell fibers
B) Meissnier
C) Pacinian
D) Krauser’s
E) Pain fibers
Ans: A

Q 83: Heart muscles work as syncytium because of?
A) Gap junctions
B) Tight junctions
Ans: A

Q 84: Regarding chloramphenicol what is true?
A) Causes bone marrow depression
B) Can b given in children
Ans: A

Q 85: Superior orbital fissure is present?
A) Between greater and lesser wings of Spenoid Bone
B) Between greater wing of spenoid and maxilla
Ans: A

Q 86: First permanent tooth initiation at?
A. 3 week
B. 3 Month
C. 4 Month
D. 1 Month
E. 2 Month
Ans: C

Q 87: Agar Hydrocolloid gel should be liquified by heating at?
A) 40-45 *c
B) 100 *c
C) 80-85 *c
D) 65 *c
Ans: B

Q 88: Anterior traingle innervation
A) C2,C3
B) C3 ,C4,C5
Ans: A

Q 89: Mother uses medication for acne problem, Child develops staining of teeth, which structure is involved?
A) Enamel
B) Dentine
C) Cementum
Ans: A

Q 90: Patient is anemic, having the signs of megaloblastic anemia. Which part of GIT is involved?
A) Dudinum
B) Ilium
C) Pyloric end of stomach
D) Colon

Ans: B
Q 91: 3months after gastrectomy patient shows?
A. Hypochromic microcytic anemia
B. Megaloblastic anemia
C. Sickle cell anemia
D. Von villebrand disease
Ans: B

Q 92: Anaphylactic shock feature than hypovolemic shock
A. H.R inc
B. C.O inc
C. Creatinine inc
D. Peripheral resist inc
E. vent.contraction inc

Q 93: What is the Difference between hyperplasia and begnin tumor?
A. Capsule (Ans) 

Q 94: Which of the following is not fat soluble vitamin?
A) Vit C (Ans) 

Q 95: Secondary polycythemia is due to?
A) Increase production of erythropoitin (Ans) 

Q 96: Which of the following os not trannmitted by blood?
A) Cmv.
B) Ebv.
C) Htlv1
D) Hep A
Ans: D

Q 97: you have a 22 mm length wire How much force is required to stretch a wire of 11 mm
in same direction?
A) Twice
B) 16times
C) 4times
D) 8times
Ans: D
Keys of the rest of the questions will be available only on my Book of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry. 

Q 98: patient presented with pain while chewing. She has a habit of excessive chewing. She is counseled given physical exercise and analgesic. A splint is also made for her. Cause of pain is due to
A. Masseter
B anterior fiber of temporal is
C lateral pterygoid
D posterior fiber of master
E buccinator

Q 99: Decrease lacrimation, which ganglion is involved?
A. Pterygopalatine ganglion

Q 100: Which of the following doesnot produce endotoxins.
A. Staph aureus.
B. Strept fecalis.
C. Closttidium botulinum
D. Clostridium perfringes.
E. E.coli(some strains)

Q 101: Most common cause of liver cirhosis in adult man :
A. Alcoholism.
B. Hep b.
C. Hep c.

Q 102:  Percentage of Water in Enamel is?
A. 4%
B. 6%
C. 8%

Q 103: What is true about phenol injection?
A. more painfull than alcohol
B. Less painfull than alcohol


Q 105: Earliest sign of radiotherapy
A. Skin desquammation
B. Endarteritis obliterans
C. Anemia

Q 106: Sodium retention in body is due to?
A. Heart Failure

Q 107:Patient comes to prosthodontist second time with a complaint of loosing dentures colour(corrosion) after wearing it. What Manufacturer point deficiency is there?
A. Chromium
B nikal
C titanium
D cobalt

Q 108: MINIMUM OCCLUSAL CLEARANCE FOR PFM crown on Guiding cups?
A. O.5
B. 1.5
C. 2
D. 2.5

Q 109Hypertrichosis is due to?
A carbamazepine
B phenytoin
C Sodium Valporate
D colanzapine

Q 110Ameloblasts?
A. Are important for Differentiation of cells for Dentine formation
B. Not involved in differentiation

Q 111: Metastatic Calcification is present in?
A. Hyperparathyroidism

B hypervitaminosis D

Q 112: Glycogen accumulation in?
A amyloidosis

B. Diabetes Melitus

Q 113 Function of aldosteron?
A. Causes hydrogen ion absorption

Q 114: Vocal cord nodes in smoker least likely
A. Hyperplasia
B. Metaplasia
C. Atropy

Q 115: What is true about Gentamycine?
A. contraindicated n renal impairmnt

Q 116: True about acid etching?
A. Best on erroded Dentin 

Q 117 pitting and Mottled Enamel is due to?
A. Chronic Endemic Florosis


Q 119: Organism that cause meningitis and secondary to lung abscess .
A. Staph aurs

B Strep pneumonia
C Pneumococii.
D Hemophilus influenza.

Q 120: Tongue on protrusion deviate to opposite side. lesion n?
A. Hypoglossal nucleus
B. Facial nucleus

Q 121: Pain from posterior one third of tongue carried by all except?
A. Hypoglossal N
B. Glossopharyngeal N
C. Circumvallate N
D facial N

Q 122: Short acting benzodiazapine
A. Lorazepam
C. Temazepam
D. Oxazepam
E. Triazolam

Q 123 Acute 1st sign of Bupivacaine side effect?
A. Ringing in ear
B. Convulsion
C ventricular arrhythmia
D hypotension

Q 124: Regarding complete Heart Block? Rabia ali mcq

Q 125: Codeine is?
A. A Natural alkaloid of opoid
B half as toxic as morphine
C causes severe bronchoconstriction

Q 126: Question true Thyroid Gland?……

Q 127: Precursor of Thromoxane n prostaglandins ?
A. Arachidonic Acid

Q 128: Regarding crohns disease?
A. Involve small n large intestine
B. Invole colon transmurally
C. Progress to cancer

Q 128: Which of the following drugs excrete with out any Biotransformation?
A. Streptomycin
B. Gentamycin
C. Isoniazid
D. Asprin
E procain

Q 129: What is the feature of UMN lesion?
A. Ability to wrinkle forehead on affected side
B. Lacrimation
C. Both eyes close together
D hyperacusis

Q 130: Phase 1 reaction Chemical transformation of drug with out any synthatase?
A. Acytilation
B. Methylation
C. Oxidation
D sulfonation

Q 131: Regarding nitrous oxide?
A. Insoluble n blood
B. Have inc MAC

Q 132: Lungs compliance inc n?
A. Emphysema
B. Pulmonary fibrosis
C. Bronchial asthma

Q 133 Implants are made up of?
A. titanium

Q 134: Fever, headache, horizantal diplopia anisocoria, mydriasis,
A. Horner syndrome
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Abducent nerve
D. Oculomotor
E. Trochlear

Q 135: Obstructive jaundice which of the following is raised?
A. ALt
B. Ast
C. Ck
D. 5N’
E. Alp

Q 136: Aspirine antidote relating scenerio
A. NH4cl
B. Bicarbonate
C. Diuretic

Q 137: Parotid gland secretion similar to?
A. Serum
B. inc k
C. inc ca
D. inc Na

Q 138:  ESr decreases when
A. Albumin increases

Q 139: Regarding odontoblast which is not true?
A. Passage of microorganism to pulp

Q 140: Polymerase chain reaction?
A. Detection of chromosomal gene abnormality
B. Western blot

Q 141: Regarding fats which z inappropriate
A. Its main heart fuel

Q 142: reagarding Thorax, resonant percussion can be heard at area
A. 2 n 4 at mid axillary line
B. 4 n 6 at Mid axillary line

Q 143: What is true about salivary flow?
A. Inhibited by pilocarpine
B. Increases during sleep

Q 144: After hypophysectomy what will happen?
A. Addison disease
B. Cushing disease
C. Menstruation decreases
D diabetic insipidus

Q 145: Regarding Neurons?
A. Unipolar neurons have dendrite axon
B. Unipolar have axon n 1 synapse
D… ( basically a Q about axon and dendrites division of uni and multi polar neurons)
Q 146: In last trimester of pregnancy difficulty in breathing due to
A. Distention of abdomen
B. vital capacity
C. Inc diffusion of o2
D. Dec fev1/frc
E increase PaCO2
Q 147: Regarding rapid induction of anesthesia is related to
A atropine given before anesthesia
B high MAC value
C decrease lipid solubility
Q 148: NA is reabsorbed at DCT by
A Aldosterone
B arginine vasopressin
Q 149: Except type Question about musculospindle innervation things involving action of GTO and muscle spindle
Q 150: Question consequences of bounding of enamel to roughened dentine??
Q 151: Question about breaking of solder joint of crown due deficiency of flux
A flouride
B graphite
c chromium

Q 152: deep carious lesion not involving pulp, best lining material
A CA(0h)2
Q 153: best test for asthmatic patient
Q 154: volume of distribution of 70kg man is 8Liters, reason:
A.Decrease protein bounding of drug
Q 155: Regarding Chrons disease
A involve small and large intestine
B progress to cancer
c involve colon transmurally

Q.156 Question about Baroreceptor are fired by reason??? Just remember increase PaCO2
Q.157  Increase PaCO2 is associated with
A hypotension
B tachycardia
C Dec epinehrine release
D Dec cetacholamine release
Q 158:  regarding not true about RMP??
A. RMP value +40 mv
B. At rest interior is more negative and there is K efflux

Q 159: Cell swells in hypoxic cell injury cuz of ?
A. Water entering the cell
B. Intracellular accumulation of glycogen
C. Intracellular accumulation of proteins
D. Intracellular accumulation if lipids


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