Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 10 June 2015



These are MCQs, once all MCQs all are compiled, i will make answer key of it.
All these MCQs are contributed by our members Dr Waqas Sabir, Dr Laila, Delta Dell and many more . I am vary very thankful to all of you.

Blockade of Thoracic duct will lead to the swelling of all of the following except?
A. Cerebral hemisphere
B. Side of neck
C. Side of thorax
D. Arm
E. lower limb.

2. Which important structure is most closely related to postetior ethmoidal sinus?
A. Ophthalmic artery
B. Optic nerve
C. Oculomotor nerve
D. Trochlear nerve
E. Trigemnal nerve.

3. Blood supply of SA node from which artery?

4. Circumflex artery supply which structure?.

5. Which of the following is not a content of infratemporal fossa
A. Pterygoid venous plexus
B. Maxillary artery
C. Facial artery
D. Trigemnal nerve.

Regarding scalanes muscle which is correct
A. These muscles help in expiration
B. Lie posterior cervical pleura
C. Supplied by ventral rami of some thing like cervical nerves
D. Phrenic nerve lie anterior.

7: Which eye muscle is a derivative of neural crest cells
A. Ciliary muscle
B. Sphincter muscle
C. Levator palpebrae musle
D. Extraocular muscle.

8: Regarding formen caecum, It gives rise to which gland?
A. Thyroid gland
B. Thymus.

9: One question abt pain modulation theory, modulation occurs where
A. Coricospinal
B. Spinothalamic
C. Substantia geletinosa
D. Thalmus.

10: Nerve supply of muscle
A.40, 60 and some autonomic past paper question

Skull bones r not formed by
A. 1st pharyngeal arch
B. 2nd pharyngeal arch
C. Intramembranous ossification
D. Endochondral ossification
E. Hypoblast endoderm.

12: Regarding maxillary division of trigemnal nerve, it does not give sensory supply to which area
A. Upper lip
B. Bridge of nose
C. Temple area infront of ear.

13: Regarding External jugular vein which is correct
A. Formed behind the angle of mandible

Which gland contains numerous mucous cells and with serous demilunes
A. Submandibular
B. Sublingual.
C. Parotid
D. Pancrease .

15: Which of the following is not a derivative of 2nd pharyngeal arch
A. Hyoid
B. Stapes
C. Styloid
D. Stylohyoid ligament
E. Levator palpebrae muscle.

16: In muscle oxygen binds to
A. Actin
B. Myosin
C. Myoglobin
D. Troponin
E. Tropomyosin

Healing of open wound
A.contraction of myofibroblasts

18: Which collagen is most commonly involved in the strength of wound
A. Type1
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4

19: Pterotympanic fissure which structure passes through it
A.greater petrosal nerve

20: Acanthosis occur in which layer
A. Stratum basale
B. Stratum spinosum
C. Stratum granulosum

21: In a pt with the history betel nut chewing there is whitening in the floor of mouth and it is asymptomatic, what would the most suitable treatment option
A. Incisional biopsy
B. Advise the pt to stop betel nut
C. Prophlaxis
D. Take photographs for study model some thing
E.extraction of all teeth

22: Tooth root resorption occurs in which
A. Paget disease
B. Periapical cyst

23: Pyogenic granuloma
A. Attached gingiva
B. Marginal gingiva
C. Labial gingiva
D. Lingual gingiva

24: Cementum differs from bone
A. Avascular
B. Fibrous
C. Elastic

25: Essential amino acid
A. Methionine

26: which of the following is a Essential fatty acid
A. Arachidonic acid
B. Palmitic acid
C. Linoleic acid
D. Oleic acid
E. Strearic acid

27: Parotid gland secretion contains which of the following
A. Increase Na
B. Increasef k.
C. Increase Ca
D. Similar to CSF
E. Similar to serum

MCQs shared by Mastiod Process

28: Student makes full denture it has some deformity on lingual side. Teachers says it id due a defect. What the cause
A) Grnular porosity
B) Gaseous porosity
C) Monomer

29: Which one othe following lymphoid organ has no nodules
A) Thymus
B) Spleen
C) Lymph node
D) Tonsils

30: Which of the following is water solube vitamin
A) vitamin a
B) vitamin c
C) vitamin d
D) vitamin k

31: Bronze discolaration of oral mucosa
A) Peutz jager
B) Addisions disease

32: You see a gland on microscope with more mucous and some serous acini. The gland also has extensive braching and syatem.( some statement like tht). It will be most probably
A) Sublingual salivary gland
B) Parotid
C) Sub mandibular
D) Tonsillar

33: A 3 months old baby with ph 7.32, pco2 i think 31, hco3 13 comes in emergency. What ur diagnosis
A) Lactic acid acidosis
B) Compensated respiratory

35: Epithium changes in chronic smoker?
A) mixture of psudostatified and statified epithilium
Doest remember other options but it was past paper mcq

36: Regarding hyaline cartilage
A) Knee miniscus
B) Precursor of endochodral bone formation

MCQs shared by Dr Tahreem Zafar

37: Mast cells most appropriate?
A. Similar to eosonophil in function
B. Do not release leukotriene
C. similar to eosonophil in function
D. Is granular
E. Release heparin histamine and many proteases { i tikd this one }

38: A mother used alcohol in pregnancy child has mid ocular hypoplasia ocualr ptosis small height
A. Pharyngeal arch 1
B. Pharyngeal pouch 1
C. Pharyngeal cleft 1

39:  Pterygoid hamulus injured aftar incison at hard palate which muscle is damaged
A. Levator veli or tensor veli
B. Superior const of pharynx

40: Pterygoman raphe is formed by
A. Sup constrictor plus buccinator

41: Obese woman hirtuism hyperglycemia and somethin
A. Cushing syndrom

42: pt complete heart block
A, Atria do not contract
B. Ventricle unable to pump blood

43: DIC
A. Inc coagulopathy
B. Maybe reversed by heparin
C. Inc in thrombin

44: Paracetamol
A. Nephrooxic
B. Not have anti inflamatory effects
C. Inc pt time

45: Dec in fibrinogen
A. vit a
B. Vit d
C. Vit e
D. Vit k
E. Vit c

46: Microgmathia of maxilla
A. Premaxillary area deficiency
B. Temporal deficince
C. Zygomatic deficiency

47: A 3 year old dec na dec k dec hco2 and serum creatinine
A. Addison
B. Renal tubular necrosis

48: Hyperpara cause
A. Metastaification calcification in kidney

49: Durin phargeal phase
A. Vocal cord approximate
B. Larynx moves downward

50: Pt given diphteria toxoid comes after 10 days cough skin rash
A. Type 3 hypersensitivity

51: florosis
A, 300/1000 ppm
B. 100/10000ppm

52: Endogenous pigmentation
A. onchronosis i marked it
B. Lead poison only

53: Glucagon inc in
A. Type 1 diabetes
B. Type 2 dabetes

54: Tay sach disease is
A. lysosome storage disease

55: Why paracetamol is given after surgery of abdomen?

56: Difference b/w septic and hypovolumic shock?
A. C o is greater thn nrmal
B. Contractility is grtr thn nirmal
C. Heart rate is greater thn normal
D. Inc in tpr in septic

57: Which of these are highest energy source
B. Protein
C. Fats
D. Starch

58: A person with food poisioning having projectile vomiting. Organism involved
A. Clostridium botulinum
B. Diarrhoea

59: A man bring his 10 year old son for treatment who has a large cavity with a carious first molar .pink discolouration of the tooth is due to
A. Internal resorption
B. Porphyria
C. Erythroblastosis fetalis

60: Iron absorption is supported by
A. Ferrous
B. Oxelates
C. Phytic acid

61: pt with cardiac problem treated by rescusitation nd n this process pt inhale gastric contents which z mixture of peanuts n mushrooms,,,after few days pt complain of non productive cough,,,n diagnosed as 4cm radiolucent lession n lung?
A. Bronchiactasis
B. Bronchopulmonary sequestration
C. Chronic bronchitis
D. Lung abscess
E. Squamous cell carcinoma

62: Glycoseaminoglcan sulphation process occur n?
A. Mitochondria
B. Golgi Apparatus
C. Ribosomes

63: Difference between benign tumour and hyperplasia
A. Capsule
B. Resemblance to parent cell

64: Which muscle spared if ext laryngeal damaged
A. Cricothyroid

65: Position of sup. Parathyroid
A. Post to recurrent laryngeal cranially

66: Fever mediators
A. Il-1
B. TNF a
C. Botulinum

67: pt unable to move eye from adduction bcz of damage to?
A. Sup rectus
B. Medial rectus
C. Lateral rectus
D. Sup oblique
E. Inf oblique

68: Relation of thyroid artery with parathyroid
A. posteriorly caudally
B. posteriorly crucially
C. anteriorly cranially
D. anteriorly caudally

69: Weakest phase of amalgam is
A. gamma
B. GAmma1
C. Gamma2
D. Epilson
E. beta

70: wht z inappropriate regarding to polymyxins?
A. it has lil effect against gram positive
B. it enters renal tububules causing haemaptysis
C. it z effective against gram negative

71: Saliva has
A. More k
B. More Na
C. Less Na

72: Most likely characteristic of proteins
A. Sulphide bond
B. Sulfhydryl bond
C. One fixed sulfhydryl bond and sulfide

73: Maxillary Nerve not sensitive to anatomical area of?
A. bridge of nose
B. skin of temporal area
C. lips
D. upper teeth
E. maxillary sinus

74: Right sequence of utilisation in starvation
A. CHO-fat-protein
B. CHO-protein-fat
C. Protein-fat-cHo
D.Fat- protein-ChO

75: Aspirin toxicity z treated by?
A. Sodium Bicarbonates
B. NH4cl
C. Diuretics

76: root resorption caused due to?
A. Periapical cyst
B. Hyperparathyrodism
C. Fibrous dysplasia
D. Pagets disease

77: tRNA binds with?
A. Nucleus
C. Free Amino Acid
D. Golgi Apparatus

78: which shd nt be removed by fast hand bur
A. Soft caries unsuported enamel

79: Lower2 molar carious and trismus which space involved
A. Buccal space
B. Lateral phyrengeal space
C. Submassetric space

80: Present in dentine and bone but not in enamel?
A. Calcium carbonate
B. Hydrooxyapetite
C. Calcium phosphate
D. Brushite

81: Root resorption caused due to?
A. Periapical cyst
B. Hyperparathyrodism
C. Fibrous dysplasia
D. Pagets disease

82: Female patient need anterior tooth restoration with healthy dentin
A. Dentine bonding agent folowed by composite
B. Gic or ca hydroxide folowed by composite
C. Calcium hydroxide folowed by commposite
D. Zinc phosphate folowed by compo

83: Sinus artery is a Branch of  Circumflex artery
A. Supplies SA node
B. Suplies AV node

84: Nonacomodated z?
A. Pascinian
B. Hair follicles
C. Meissonor

85: Heart muscles work as syncytium because of?
A) gap junction
B) tight junction

86: Regarding chloramphenicol what is true?
A. Causes bone marrow depression
B. Can b given in children

87: superior orbital fissure?
A. is in between greater n lesser wing of spenoid
B. B/w greatr spenoid and maxilla

88: First permanent tooth initiation at?
A. 3 week
B. 3 mnth
C. 4th mnth
D. 1 mnth
E. 2nd mnth

89: Agar hydrocolloid gel should be liquified by heating at?

90: Anterior traingle innervation
A) C2,C3
B) C3 ,C4,C5

91: Mother uses medication for acne problem, Child develops staining of teeth, which structure is involved?
A. Enamel
B. Dentine
C. Cementum

92: Regarding iron metabolism?
A. jejunum
B. ileum
C. duodenum
D. colon

93: Resting membrane potential of nerve?
A. +40
B.  +65

94: Deficiency of prothrombin is due to deficiency of?
A. vit k

MCQs shared by Dr Laila

95: Which of the following is not fat soluble vitamin?
A. Vit C

96: Secondary polycythemia is due to?
A. Increase production of erythropoitin

97: Which of the following os Not trannmitted by blood?
A. Hepatitis A

98: 11 mm wire, How much force is required to stretch or some thing like that to 22 mm in same direction?

99: Tm joint problem . Pain. History of chewing. Muscle involved?
A. Masseter

100: Decrease lacrimation, which ganglion is involved?
A. Pterygopalatine ganglion

101: Denture made . Wearing . Corrosion . Manufacturer point deficiency of?
A. Chromium

102: Which of the following doesnot produce endotoxins.
A. Staph aureus.
B. Strept fecalis.
C. Closttidium botulinum
D. Clostridium perfringes.
E. E.coli(some strains)

103:  Most common cause of liver cirhosis in adult man :
A. Alcoholism.

B. Hep b.
C. Hep c.

104: Virus not transmitted by blood.
A. Cmv.

B. Ebv.
C. Htlv1 and .
D. Hep A

A. O.5
B. 1.5
C. 2
D. 2.5

106: During pharyngeal phase of swallowing?
A. Pharygeal folds close together

107: Percentage of Water in Enamel is?
A. 4%
B. 6%
C. 8%

108: What is true about phenol injection?
A. more painfull than alcohol
B. Less painfull than alcohol


110: Earliest sign of radiotherapy
A. Skin desquammation
B. Endarteritis obliterans
C. Anemia

111: Hypertrichosis is due to?
A. Sodium Valporate

112: Ameloblasts?
A. Differentiates cells for Dentine
B. Not involved in differentiation

113: Sodium retention in body is due to?
A. Heart Failure

114: Metastatic Calcification is present in?
A. Hyperthyroidism
B. Hyperparathyroidism

115: Glycogen accumulation in?
A. Diabetes Melitus
B. Hemochromatosis

116: Function of aldosteron?
A. Causes hydrogen ion absorption

117: Speed of induction of anesthesia?
A. Atropine given before anesthesia

118: Vocal cord nodes in smoker least likely
A. Hyperplasia
B. Metaplasia
C. Atropy

119: What is true about Gentamycine?
A. contraindicated n renal impairmnt

120: Cleft lip is caused by?
A. Phynitoin

121: Micrognathia of Maxilla is due to?
A. Lateral nasal swelling
B. Pre maxillary ares

122: True about acid etching?
A. Best on erroded Dentin

123: pitting and Mottled Enamel is due to?
A. Chronic Endemic Florosis


125: Organism that cause meningitis and pneumonia.
A. Staph pneumonia.

B. Pneumococii.
C. Hemophilus influenza.

126: Tongue on protrusion deviate to opposite side. lesion n?
A. Hypoglosall nucleus
B. Facial nucleus

127: Pain from posterior one third of tongue carried by all except?
A. Hypoglossal
B. Glossopharyngeal
C. Circumvallate

128: Short acting benzodiazapine
A. Lorazepam
C. Temazepam
D. Oxazepam
E. Triazolam

129: Bupivacaine side effect?
A. Ringing in ear
B. Convulsion

130: Regarding complete Heart Block?
A. Inverted T Wave
B. Atria fail to pump bld n ventricles

131: Codeine is?
A. Natural alkaloid

132: what is true about Thyroid Gland?
A. Tall epithelium
B. No capsule

133: What is the feature of UMN lesion?
A. Ability to wrinkle forehead on affected side
B. Lacrimation
C. Both eyes close togather

134: Precursor of Thromoxane n prostaglandins ?
A. Arachidonic Acid

135: Panadol is not given in post Surgery patient because?
A.  Hepatotoxicity

136: Regarding crohns disease?
A. Involve small n large intestine
B. Invole colon transmurally
C. Progress to cancer

137: Which of the following drugs excrete with out any Biotransformation?
A. Streptomycin
B. Gentamycin
C. Isoniazid
D. Asprin

138: Meningitis with pus, which organism is involved?
A. Pneumococci
B. Streptococci
C. Ecoli
D. Meningococi

139: Chemical transformation of drug with out any synthatase?
A. Acytilation
B. Methylation
C. Oxidation

140: Pt is anemic signs of megaloblastic anemia lesion of git which part involved
A. Dudinum
B. Ilium
C. Pyloric end of stomach
D. Colon

141: Regarding nitrous oxide?
A. Insoluble n blood
B. Have inc MAC

142: Lungs compliance inc n?
A. Emphysema
B. Pulmonary fibrosis
C. Bronchial asthma

143: Implants are made up of?
A. titanium

MCQs shared by Dr Zahra Khan

144: Fever, headache, horizantal diplopia anisocoria, mydriasis,
A. Horner syndrome
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Abducent nerve
D. Oculomotor
E. Trochlear

145: Anaphylactic shock feature than hypovolemic shock
A. H.R inc
B. C.O inc
C. Creatinine inc
D. Peripheral resist inc
E. vent.contraction inc

146: Obstructive jaundice which of the following is raised?
A. ALt
B. Ast
C. Ck
D. 5N’
E. Alp

147: Aspirine antidote relating scenerio
A. NH4cl
B. Bicarbonate
C. Diuretic

148: Thorax resonant percussion b/w
A. 2 n 4
B. 4 n 6
C. Mid axillary line

149: Parotid gland secretion similar to?
A. Serum
B. inc k
C. inc ca
D. inc Na

150: ESr decreases when
A. Albumin increases

151: Regarding odontoblast which is not true?
A. Passage of microorganism to pulp

152: Polymerase chain reaction?
A. Detection of chromosomal gene abnormality
B. Western blot

153: Regarding fats which z inappropriate
A. Its main heart fuel

154: What is true about salivary flow?
A. Inhibited by pilocarpine
B. Increases during sleep

155: After hypophysectomy what will happen?
A. Addison disease
B. Cushing disease
C. Menstruation decreases

156: Regarding Neurons?
A. Unipolar neurons have dendrite axon
B. Unipolar have axon n 1 synapse

MCQs shared by Dr Vimla

157: which one of the following is not involved in skull formation?
A. Hypoblastic endoderm
B. Intramembranos osification
C. Endochondral ossification
D. Frontal process

158: Derivative of neural crest intramembranous?
A. Extra ocular muscle
B. Sphincter pupillae
C. Cilliary muscle
D. Constrictor muscle

159: In last trimester of pregnancy difficulty in breathing due to
A. Distention of abdomen
B. vital capacity
C. Inc diffusion of o2
D. Dec fev1/frc

160: A pt is complaing of diplopia. Cant rotate eye medially from adducted position?? Which muscle is paralysed
A. Superior rectus.
B. Inferior rectus
C. Lateral rectus
D. Supra orbital
E. infra orbital

161: Bud formation for permanant restoration occur during which stage
A. 6 wk.
B. 1 month
C. 2 months
D. 4 months

162: An anemic pt comes wd abd pain defect in which part
A. Duodenum.
B. Ileum
C. Jejunum.
D. Colon

163: Radiolucency at the apex of tooth most commonly
A. Periapical cyst.
B. Dentigerous cyst

164: 7 yr old child come wd fracture not involving pulp which treatment is done
A. Gic + varnish+ composite
B. Gic+ caoh+ composite

165: which material is used for deep carious lesion
A. ZnoE.
B. CaoH.
C. Gic
d. Composite

166: What is true about aminoglcan
A. Peptides complxed wd carbohydrate
B. Peptide complxd wd carbohydrate n uronic acid
C. Peptide n uronic acid
D. Carbohydrate n uronic acid

167: Brain shows which type of necrosis?
A. Liquefactive
B. Casseous
C. Coagulative

168: Necrosis in liver histological studies show?
A. Liquefactive neceosis
B. Coagulative
C. Enzymatic
D. Fat necrosis
169: Stiffness of two wires diameter of one wire is 11 mm and other wire is 22 mm,  how much force is required to bend them?
A. 4 times
B. 8 times
C. 16 Times
D.  Same
170: Relate to carotid baro receptor?
A. p02 in blood
B. p02 in csf
C. pH in blood
171: Cell swells in hypoxic cell injury due to?
A. Water entering the cell
B. Intracellular accumulation of glycogen
C. Intracellular accumulation of proteins
D. Intracellular accumulation if lipids
172: 3 month child present with epilepsy some drug is given to him cause something . which is responsible for that?
A. Phenobarbitone
B. Phenytoin
C. Ethosuximide
D. Diazepam
 173: For polymerizarion of methylmethacralate best process is?
A. Wet heat cure at 100 degree
B. Dry heat cure
C. Pressure curing
174:  Which bacteria does not produce exotoxin?
A) E. Coli
B) S. Fecalis
175: wht is inappropriate regarding to polymyxins?
A. It has lil effect against gram positive
B. It enters renal tububules causing haemaptysis
C. It is effective against gram negative
176: Blockage of submandibular gland duct. Which x ray view should be taken?
A. Mandibulo occlusal view
B. Opg
C. Pns
177: Which one is NOT a neural crest cell derivative??
A. Ciliary muscle
B. Dilator muscle

C. Sphincter muscle
D. Extraocular muscle
E. Levator palpebrae or orbicularis
178: Bronchial asthma test?
A. Fev1
179: Dark brown urine due to deficiency of?
A. Copper
B. G6pd
180: Amino acid not produced in body?
A. Methonine
181: Lymphocytosis not absolute criteria for?
A. Syphilis
182: Anaphylaxis?
A. Type 1 hyersensitivity
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4
183: Obturator material to close space in upper molar communicating to sinus?
A. Black gutta purcha
184: The curing best done by?
A. Heat,
B. light cold
C. pressure
185: Dental student made denture, a porous structure present on lingual aspect. The teacher told him its processing fault. What was process failult?
A. Granulation
B. Monomer boiling
C. Insufficient packing/pressure
186: Triglycerol hydrolyse by?
A. Lipoprotein lipase



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