Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied 14 August 2015 A & B


c. mutattion of KALIGI gene on Y chromosome(something like that)
d. lesion of arcuate nucleus

2. eversion of foot by… peroneus longus

3. inversion and eversion at..
a.subtalar joiny
b.ankle joint

4. injury of ulnar nerve at elbow….claw hand

5. loss of sensation on lateral side of palm.. median nerve?

6. dermatome of lateral side of elbow…
a. c7
b. t1 . dont rem other options

7. diagstric muscle central tendon is attached to?
a. styloid process
b. hyoid bone

8. damage to cervical sympathtic ganglion .
a mydriasis
b ptosis

9. Lambda light chain protein accumulation
a. amyloidosis
b. alport syndrome.. 4got other options

10. csf goes to subarachnoid space via
a. medial aperture in 4th ventricle
b . lower apertures in lateral ventricles . something like that

11. loss of pain and temp sense but intact touch..
a. tabes dorsalis
b. syringomyelia

12. purkinje cells in
a. cerebellum
b. cerebellar cortex

13. screening test for sle.. ana
14. peri articular erosions on xray
a. RA
b. osteoarthritis
c. sle

14. pt had dyspnea and then died. autopsy shows wedge shaped leison.. dont rem the options

15. 45 year old previousl normal lady start having dyspnaeo, dry cough, fever 3 months back.. recovered for one month when she went on vacation..again developd symptoms when she got back to her canaries. xray multiple nodular lesions in all lung zones. dx
a.anrigen antibody mediated rxn
b. progressive interstitial lung disease
forgot other options

16. young pt has jaundice . total bil 10mg
conjugated. 1.2 ..
a. hepatitis causes unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia
b. unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia causes hemolysis
c. bile duct obstruction causes unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia

17. pt had rta e blunt trauma to abdomen.. which of the following cells will not enter into G1 phase of cell cyccle and will remain in G0
a. hepatocytes
b. skeletal muscle
c. endothelial cells

18. maranatic endocarditis mainly involves.
a. aortoc valve
b aortic and mitral
c. aortic and pul valves
d. somethong about vegetations

19. cresentic glomerlonephtitis is due to
a. fibrin leakage
b. antigen antibody complex deposition
c. subepithelial deposits

20. graves disease.. type of hypersensistivity

21. serotonin syndrome
a. tricyclic and flauxetine
b. chlorpromazine

21. which one can be elicited in pt with complete brain stem resection
a. spontanous respiration if pco2 >50
b. intelligable speech
c. flexor reflex aftr piching the toe

22. left optic tract lesion

23. example of choristoma
a. pancreatic tissue in gastric mucosa
b . pancreatic tissue in mouth
c, thyroid tissue in mouth

forgot other options

23. strusture 2 feet from caecum

24. pt had red raised lesions on skin since 3 months on rt arm which are increasing in size and number.. he also had watery diarrhea one month back and has generalized lymphadenopathy.. which is the cause of lesions

a. HHV8
forgot other options.. but i marked hhv8 suspecting aids in this pt

25. generalized painful lymphadenopathy, fever, sore throat…. mononucleosus

26.. skeletal system develop from
a. ,mesodrem
b. mesodrem + neural crest
c. splanchnic meso
d. somatic meso

27. true regarding vertecral clmn
a. all thoracic vertebrae hav articular facet for ribs
b. lumbar curve is maintained in adults
c. aeach vertebrae can be identified individually in adults

28. denticulate ligament
a. extension of dura
b. btwn dura and vertabrae
forgot others

29. least clearance is for (something like that)

b. urea
c. glucose


30. the amount of plasma required to reach the nephron to excerete the amount of it in urine is (something like that)

a.filtration rate
b. clearancE

31. young male with malar rash, arthralgia/arthritis, endocarditis ANA postive.. something about complement C1q (dont rem the full scenario),

a. antigen antibody complexes
(is it SLE?)

32. pt lost 8% blood in 30 mins, whch volume is significantly reduced

a venous blood
b. capillary blood
dont rem other

33. thyoid gland
a. active forms had follicles with colloid
b. isthmus at 4 and 5 tracheal rings

34. most of active thyoid hormone released into circulation is
a. T3
b. T4

35. NON FLUNT aphasia.. brocas

36. all the sensry input to primary somatosensory cortex will be lost if following set of structures are damaged

a. dorsal column , grey matter of spinal cord, trigeminal , solaitray nucleus
b. dorsal coulm, grey matter of sp cord, trigeminal

36, retinal changes in hypertension
a. AV nipping
b.retinal detachment
c. exudates.. it wasnt hard exudates. some other kind of exudate was mentioned. dont rem its name

a. single lobed structure
b. lies on sternothroid and sternohyoic.
c.aorta lies ant to it
d. it regress aftr birth

38. virus related cancer
a. T cell leukemia
b.renal carcinome
c.small cell carcinoma

39. paraneoplastic syndrome
a. small cell carcinoma

40. contruction worker with resp problem, plaque like lesion on lungs
a. silica

41. inguna canal.
a. ant sup ilaiac spine to pubic tubercle
b. conjoint tendon forms its upper boundry

42. abundant antibody..igG

43. histamine release
a. fentanyl
b. morphine

44. arterial supply of epicardium
a. internal thoracic
b. pericardio phrnic

45. regarding renal vessels
a. rt vein is longer than left
b. left renal vein lies ant to aorta and lft renal artery

46. adrenal is seperated from kidney by??

47. bladder cancer.. schistosoma hematobium

48. young boy e pallor.. crew cut appearance on xray.. dignostic test.
a. hb electrophoresis
b. bone marrow aspiration

49. iron stored in females
b. 4gm
c. 3gm

50. olfactory cortex
a. ant perforated substance
b. calcrine sulcus
c. lateral olfactory area

51. hepatocyte regeneration

a. heatocyte growth factor.
b. tgf
c. pdgf?

52. whch of these stimulate erythroid stem cells to proliferate and differentiate
a. erythropoiten
b. growth factors
c gorwth hormone
d, androgens

53. pt with lower back ache and pain at posterior thigh. dr tells him the longest nerve of body is involved. origin?
a. saccral plexys
b lumbosaccral plexus
c thoracolumbar.

54. saliva
a. normally acidic ph
b. predominantly mucoid in normal conditions
c. has Na and K less than plasma

55. dialysis fluid.
a. has less hco3 than plasma
b. has more glucose than plasma

56. one question was regarding glysolysis in rbc,.. some difficlult named pathway

57. pt has defeciency of glucose 6 phosphatase… finding
a. hyperglycemia
b. hypoglycemia
c. no glycogen

58. puberty
a. high gonadotrophs
forgot other

59. hashimoto thyroidistis.

a. anti tsh antibodies
b. anti microsomal and anti thyroglubulin

60. source of estrogen and progesteron in late pregnancy
a. ovary
b. corpus leuteum
c. placenta

61. ovarian fossa related injury.. vessel involved
a. internal iliac
b. external iliac mature follicle, the ovary is surrounded by mound of cells called
a. cumulous oophrous
b. corona radiata
c. antrum

63. at basal side of seminefeous tubules there are cells that form mature sperm cells
a. spermatis
b. type A sprematogonia
c. typre b spermatogonia
d. primary spermatogonia

64. one question ws regarding diphylobotrium latum causing megaloblastic anemia

54. micorcytic hypochromic anemia..iron deficiency

56. rt cornoary artery
a. has two branches that supply ant surface of rt ventricle
b. has two branches one of which supplies diaphragmatic surface of rt ventricle

57. cornoary blood flow is increased by
a. adenosine
b. NO

58. angiotension does long term regulation of BP thorugh’
a. vasoconstrictiom
b. activating aldosterine release

59. inc interstitial fluid by
a. hypertension
b. inc cappilary permeability/inc capiilary hydrostatic pressure

60. pt with Ph7.4.. po2 8KPa , hco3 4kpa… diagnosis
a. resident at high altitude
b. compensated resp alkalosis.
c. metaolic acidosis’
d. resp alkalosis

61. premalignant lesion
a. dysplasia
b. condylomata
c. cystic hyperplasia of endometrium
d. endometrial hyperplasia

62. cimetidine differ from ranitidine bcz ranitidine
a. has lesser cns toxicity
b. causes acid secretion

63. one question regarding vol of distribution

64. digoxin is a doc for
a. atrial fib
b. heart block
c. vt

65. in shock body response as a whole
a. cns ischemic respoce
b. adrenosympathetic

66. mech for metastasis
a. loss of e cadherin
d. destruction of ecm

67. regarding heart
a. left atrium has thicker wall thean rt atrium


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