Online Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 16 April 2015 ( Second Portion)



In the Exam of FCPS Part 1 MCQs from the past Paper always come. These MCQs vary in number. As some time only few come in exam, some times much more and some times the complete Paper is the repeat of an Old one. You people should never skip Past Papers, as if you prepare from text Books and skip these papst Papers, it will almost be impossible to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. We regularly provide our readers with these past Papers. In future we will also provide New Past papers. Always do these past papers. Below are the MCQs from the exam of FCPS Past Paper held on 16 April 2015.

Cimetidine mechanism of action?
Ans: H2 receptor Antagonists .

106:  H1 antagonists?
a) Metabolism is slow In childern
b) Metabolism is fast in adults
c) Enzyme inducers
d) Metabolism not affected by liver disease
Ans: c.

107: Taste carried by?
a) Solitary tract
b) Internal capsule
Ans: a.

108: Which of theese not carry input of taste
a) Hipocampus
b) Amygdala
c) Ventro medial nucleus
d) Parareticular pontine
e) Ventral thalamic necleus
Ans: c

Glucagon secretion is inc by
a) Exercise.
b) Glucose
c) Somatostatin
d) Fatty acids
e) Secretin
Ans: a.

110: vesicles and ulceration present, Nickolsky’s sign may be present, immunofluorescence shows continous linear band of IgG and C3 along the basement membrane?
Ans: Pemphigoid.

111: Primary process in which thryoid hormone becomes inactive in liver?
Ans:  De-iodination.

112: Fibrous dysplasia and associated endocrine disease?
Ans: Increased production of cAmp .

113: What is true about nerve?
Ans: Perineureum controls the transport accross nerve .

114: woven bone?
Ans: Primary or immature bone z woven.
115:  Halothane mixed with which substance to maximize the effect?
Ans: Nitrous oxide.

116: Pleomorfphic adenoma
Ans: Juction of hard and soft palate.

117: Retromandibular vein is formed by ?
Ans: Superficial temporal and maxillary veins.

118: Buffer of kiney
Ans: Ammonia

119: The modulous of elasticity or youngs modulus of a materials is indicative of its
Ans: Rigidity.

120: which of the muscle is not important in activity but is of important landmark
Ans: scalenous anterior.

121: Reversible Hydro colloid impression materialassociated with gelation and sol formation?
Ans: hysteresis.

122: blood loss unconcious pt, 30 mins passed..bp is 50..which mechanism will now activate
Ans: cns ischemic response.

123: Tetracyclin discoloration of teeth is due its effect on?
Ans: Enamel

Immediate effect of insulin is?
Ans: Increase entry of K into the cell.

125: Hypoxemia causes hyperventilation by acting on?
Ans: Carotid Body.

126: True about Hyaline cartilage?
Ans: collagen fibres are not visible.

127: Thyroid gland arises from?
Ans: Ventral pharyngeal endoderm.

128: Increase in growth harmones occurs in?
Ans: Exercise.

129: sixth nerve arises from?
Ans: Pons

For the detection of submandibular duct stone?
Ans: Mandibular occlusal radiograph

131: Biologically active vitamin d is?
Ans: Ionized

132: Apoptosis is characterized by?
Ans: Cell shrinkage

133: Benzodiazipines activity is due to action on ?
Ans: GABA Receptors

134: Gypsum investment for?
Ans: Gold crowns

135: Increase water to powder ratio in gypsum causes?
Ans: Dec setting Expension

136: Least common structure derived from neural crest cells?
Ans: Ameloblast

137: Exudate v/s transudate difference?
Ans: .incresed numbers of inflamatory cells in exhudate

138: Regarding trachea which of the following is true?
Ans: Commences with lower boarder of cricoid cartilage

139: Which of the following is enzyme inducers?
Ans: Phenobarbitone

140: What is true about Foramen cecum ?
Ans: Site of evagination of thyroid gland

141: Vitamin D deficiency is associated with?
Ans: Hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia

142: Property of material that is used for polishing as well that resist scratching?
Ans: Hardness

143: Regarding histones what is true?
Ans: Are largely composed of lysine n arginine

144: How do leukocytes reach to the site of inflammation?
Ans: Chemokines

145: Which enzyme is responsible for conversion of nor epinephrine into epinephrine?
Ans: phenylethanoline N-Methyl transferase( PNMT)

146: Disturbances in the level of alkaline phosphate may be present in?
Ans: Bone disease

147: PO2 in arterial blood depends on which of the followings?
Ans: oxygen dissolved in plasma

148: Patient loses water in sweating and he drinks 2 litter of pure water, what will be the
Ans: Increase in ECF volume

149: Only abductor of vocal folds is?
Ans: Posterior crico aretynoid muscle

150: A patient develops leg ulcers 2 months after radiotherapy, what may be the cause of
this condition?
Ans: Endarteritis obliterans

151: Neutrophils count will be increased in which of the followings condition?
Ans: Myocardial infarction

152: Selective inhibitor of COX-2 is?
Ans: Celecoxib

153: After Abdominal surgery of patient , he develops a scar at the site of surgery, after 2
months the changes in scar is?
Ans: 50-70% will improve slowly by the modification of collagen

154: Which one of the followings determines the micro hardness of dental materials?
Ans: KHN

155: Anti biotic prophylaxis for infective endocarditis is?
Ans: 2gm Amoxicillin PO 1 hour before surgery

156: The first diagnostic sign of low calcium level in blood
Ans: Tetany

157:  ZNO eugenol paste contains which accelerator?
Ans: Zinc acetate

158:  Which of the following liner should not be used under composite restoration?
Ans:  CaOH

159: Which is true regarding light curing of composite resins during curing?
Ans: Shrinks towards light source

160: Which property of the metal clasp helps in its insertion and removal without breaking?
Ans:  Fatigue resistance

161:  Which ridge is present in all teeth?
Ans: Marginal Ridge

162: Highest gingival contour is present in which teeth?
Ans: .Mesial anterior

163:  Porosity in the thickest part of dentures is due to?
Ans: Boiling of Monomer

164:  A pin point depression or pit in the surface of bone is called?
Ans: Fovae

165: A patient cannot taste quinine drop placed on post tongue. The most likely impaired nerve is?
Ans: Glossopharyngeal

166:  In a patient damage to right hypoglossal nerve will cause?
Ans: Tongue will deviate to the side of lesion

167:  Right sided deviation of tongue…problem is in which nerve?( same question style changed)
Ans: right hypoglossal nerve

168:  Brodman area 43 represents what?
Ans: Gustatory Area

169: Acidophil secreted by anterior pituitary hormone is?
Ans: Prolactin

170:  Diffuculty in mouth opening.. the inner surface if cheeks is tight..
Ans: Oral submucus fibrosis

171: Aspirin acts on?
Ans: Both cox 1 cox 2

172: Parotid duct stone will cause?
Ans: Apoptosis

173: Type of collagen present in periodontal ligament?
Ans: Type 1

174: Which anesthetic cannot be used in closed circuite anesthesia?
Ans: Halothane

175:  Pharyngeal tonsil is present between?
Ans: Palatoglossus and palatopharyngeal Arches

176: Most common infection pass due to needle prick injury?
Ans: Hepatitis B

177: Which anemia is due to maturation failure?
Ans: Pernicious Anemia

178: Vit c role In collagen synthesis?
Ans: hydroxylation of proline

179: Paracetamol is not used in patients of?
Ans:  active liver disease

180: What happens as compensation when a person stands from sitting position?
Ans: Increased Heart Rate

181: A patient came with peri orbital edema and ride side facial swelling due to incisors pulpal pathology.. whuch vein is the cause of root if spread of this infection?
Ans: Superior ophthalmic vein

182: Bactericidal antibiotic?
Ans: Penicillin

183: What is true about bacteriostatic drugs?
Ans: Acts during Log Phase of Bacterial Growth

184:  About clavulonic acid used with amoxicillin?
Ans: Increases its antibacterial spectrum

185: Lower lip is supplied by?
Ans: Mental Nerve

186: During parotid gland surgery facial nerve is damaged.. which muscle will be effected
Ans: Buccinator

187: Action of lateral pterygoid with both sided anterior part of digastric muscle is?
Ans:  lt elevates and protrudes the mandible

188: Clicking of sound…doctor examine by putting fingers In external auditory meatus or something…. cause??
Ans: Capsule

189: Neural tube derivatives?
Ans: Brain

190:  After lower premolar extraction.. patient feels numbness in right side of lower lip.. which nerve is effected?
Ans: Mental Nerve

191:  Taste buds are?
Ans: Chemoreceptors

192: Liver necrosis.. what will be raised?
Ans:  ALT

193: A lady came with recent jaundice n pain in right side (liver k uper ka area) .. with corneal icterus.. cause
Ans: Hepatitis

194: .What is the most imp factor causing delayence in wound healing?
Ans: Tumor

195: The loss of water by evaporation from surface of hydrocolloid gel is?
Ans: Hysteresis

196:  The total area under the stressstrain curve?
Ans: Toughness

197: Barbiturates act on?
Ans: GABA Receptors

198:  Some scenario like woman is vomiting jaundiced headache nausea.. blood tranmsitted hepatitis.. which one?
Ans: Hepatitis C

199: Local anesthesia given with ca channel blocket will cause?
Ans: Hypotension

200: Drug efficacy refers to?
Ans: Maximum effect


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