Online Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 16 April 2015



In the Exam of FCPS Part 1 MCQs from the past Paper always come. These MCQs vary in number. As some time only few come in exam, some times much more and some times the complete Paper is the repeat of an Old one. You people should never skip Past Papers, as if you prepare from text Books and skip these papst Papers, it will almost be impossible to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. We regularly provide our readers with these past Papers. In future we will also provide New Past papers. Always do these past papers. Below are the MCQs from the exam of FCPS Past Paper held on 16 April 2015.

Area of the brain responsible for memory Ans: Hippocampus. 2: Type of Gold Alloy used for Crown and Bridge construction? Ans: Type 3. 3: Dry Socket after tooth extraction is due to which Mediator? Ans: Plasmin. 4: Hypoplasia caused by localized infection or trauma? Ans: Turners Tooth. 5: Oropharyngeal Mucosa is supplied by?
Ans: Glossopharyngeal Nerve. 6: Gastrin is inhibited by? Ans: Somatostatin. 7: Best Impression Material used for making obturator is? Ans: Black Gutta Percha. 8: Condition in which cranial vault fails to form and most of the brain tissue is absent is ? Ans: Anancephaly. 9: First Pass metabolism is mainly related to? Ans: Oral route

Paranchymal tissue of thyroid gland derived from? Ans: Fourth Pouch

Highest cholestrol with lipoprotein? Ans: LDL . 12: Example of Neuro Secretion? Ans: Oxytocine. 13: A patient is having increase level of calcium, decrease level of phosphorous and increase level of alkaline phosphates, what might be the condition ? Ans: Primary Hyperparathyroidism. 14: For the treatment of factor VIII deficiency which of the followings is given? Ans: Cryoprecipitates. 15: Free nerve endings are? Ans: Unencapsulated. 16: Anemia associated with chronic renal failure is due to? Ans: Decreased production of erythropoietin

First line of defence in bleeding? Ans: Blood Vessels . 18: Prolong administration of corticosteroids is associated with? Ans: Bone fractures . 19: Myelin sheath in CNS is formed by? Ans: Oligodendrocytes . 20: Type of collagen present in dermis is? Ans: Type 1 Collagen. 21: Spore forming Micro organism? Ans: Clostredia. 22: Most common cause of blindness in the world is? Ans: Chlymadia. 23: Vitamin D deficiency is associated with? Ans: Hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia

True about thyrocervical trunk ? Ans: Inferior thyroid artery . 25: A patient is hit on face by hard object which causes redness(flarring) of skin, it is due to which mediator? Ans: Histamine. 26: Methyl metyacrylate is polymerized by? Ans: Pressure curing. 27: Stregth of porcelain is reduced by? Ans: Increase in initial compression of material

Lower lip drainage is into?
Ans: Sub mental and sub mandibular lymph nodes

29: What is true about Active transport?
Ans:  Against electro-chemical gradient

30: During packing of denture inadequate pressure is apllied it will cause?
Ans:  Porosity all over the denture

31: Solution Hardening process causes?
Ans: Force of attraction between atoms of different radii

32: Patient came to dentist as he was using denture and after some time there was corrosion
of denture, it was mainly due to decrease amount of?
Ans: chromium

33: Fraction of excreted sodium is used to assess ?
Ans: kidney tubular function

34: At age of 10-11 which teeth are present?
Ans: 13,23,35,45

35: Which one of the following is natural sympathetic agent?
Ans: Nor Epinephrine

36: Flouroacetate inhibit which of the following?
Ans: Cytochrome

37: Example of Pharmacodynamics is?
Ans: Effect of morphine reversed by Naloxone.

38: Most important mediator of acute inflammation?
Ans: Histamin

39: A diabetic patient is advised fasting blood glucose level, at what value doctor is
confusing and needs further evaluation with glucose tolerance test?
Ans: 07 m mol/l

40: Neurogenic shock is characterized by?
Ans: Loss of vasomotor tone

41: Endotoxins cause the activation of?
Ans: Complement system

42: Barbiturates is not related to?
Ans: Anelgesia

43: Metastatic calcification occurs in ?
Ans: Normal Kidney

44: Treatment of Herpes simplex?
Ans: Acyclovir

45: Initial sign of Lidocaine overdose is?
Ans: Perioral paresthesia

46: While giving patient an inferior alveolar nerve block, the needle passes through which
Ans: Mucosa,  Buccinator and areolar tissue.

47: Gamma 2 in amalgam reaction…?
Ans: Sn3Hg

48: Stapedius muscle is supplied by which nerve?
Ans: Facial nerve

49: Hyperplastic parathyroid gland contains primarily which of the followings?
Ans: Chief and oxiphils cells

50: Third stage of deglutition is due to which of the followings?
Ans: Gravity

51: Which of the followings agent present in saliva causes breakdown of bacterial cell wall ?
Ans: Lysozymes

52: What is true about Facial artery?
Ans: Forms a groove on deep part of gland and then becomes superfrcial to it

53: A Patient has streptococcal throat infection and he has fever, this fever is due to?
Ans: interleukin 1

54: Chemotactic factor is?
Ans: C5a

55: Brown discoloration of buccal mucosa occurs in?
Ans: Addisons disease

56: In Bulimia nervosa, the tone of lower esophagous is decrease due to decrease in?
Ans: Dopamine

57: What is true about nerve?
Ans: Perineureum controls the transport accross nerve

58: Non – essential amino acid is derived from ?
Ans: Glutamate

59: Reticular white bilateral patchesare present on buccal mucosa in following conditions?
Ans: Lichen planus

60: Plasma half life depends on?
Ans: Rate of clearance

61: Innervation to the skeletal muscles are?
Ans: 60% motor and 40% sensory and some autonomic Fibres

62: In heat cure acrylic dentures porosity is present in thicker portions of denture, what may
be the cause of this type of porosities ?
Ans: Temprature above the boiling point of monomer

63: A Patient with pedal edema and swelling , his urine analysis shows fats oval bodies.
What will be the diagnosis of this case?
Ans: Nephrotic syndrome

64: Amount of energy absorbed without permanent deformation is?
Ans: Resilience

65: After giving which of the following drugs blood is regularly checked?
Ans: Vencomycin

66: Dark and light lines in enamel and dentine is mainly due to ?
Ans: Active and inactive growth of related tissue

67: Which of the following local anesthetic has highest protein bonding capacity?
Ans: Bupivacain

68: Diabetic pt with darkening complexion working in sun, hemosiderosis is also present and
bronze skin. What is the cause of condition?
Ans: Increase absorption of iron from intestine

69: what is true about Hyaline cartilage?
Ans: Precursor of endochondral bone formation

70: Mechanism of action of tetracycline is?
Ans: Inhibits amino transferase on bacterial ribosome

71: Mechanism of action of Co- trimoxazole is?
Ans: Folic acid inhibition

72: Which of the following is enzyme inducers?
Ans: Phenobarbitone

73: CEMENTOBLASTOMA is most commonly present?
Ans: Lower 1st molar

74: Porcelain is formed by the process of
Ans: Fritting

75: Which process of temporal bone is absent at birth?
Ans: Mastoid process

76: Thyroid gland arises from?
Ans: Ventral pharyngeal endoderm

77: Corneal reflex is controlled by ?
Ans: Trigeminal nerve

78: Muscles of mastications are derived from ?
Ans: 1st Pharyngeal Arch

79: Haemmorhage during tracheostomy occurs due to
Ans: Isthumus

80: Second heart sound is due to the closure of ?
Ans: Pulmonary and aortic valves

81: what is true about Alcohol and Phenol?
Ans: Phenol inj is less painful

82: what is true about irreversible cell injury?
Ans: Lysosomal rupture

83: Elastic Cartilage appears yellow in color when freshly cut due to?
Ans: More elastic fibers

84: Apoptosis is characterized by?
Ans: Cell shrinkage

85: Quartz in porcelain act as?
Ans: Strengthener

86: Plaque adheres to tooth by?
Ans: Dextrans

87: Anesthetic agent causing increase cerebral blood flow and contra indicated in increased intra
cranial pressure is?
Ans: Halothane

88: Knoop hardness no of type 2 gold alloy is ?
Ans: 90-120

89: A patient after operation of removing submandibular duct stone is unable to protrude his tongue,
it is due to injury of which muscle?
Ans: genioglosus

90: Anticholinergic used in management of ?
Ans: Acute bronchospasm

91: Buffer of blood is?
Ans: Bicarbonates

92: Silver in dental amalgam causes?
Ans: Decrease setting time

93: Fissure groove is most commonly present on ?
Ans: bucal surface of mandiular 1st molar

94: Potent chemotatic factor is?
Ans: C5a

95: Child with pitting on enamel surface and is of endemic condition, what might be the reason for it?
Ans: Chronic endemic fluorosis

96: Patient is havin hyper reflexia and atrophy of muscles and clasp knife rigidity, the lesion is most
probably present in?
Ans: Basal ganglion

97: A patient is having Atriial fibrillation ,he has given a drug and he develops disn of muscle
weakness. Which drug is responsible?
Ans: Digoxin

98: What is the function of Sodium lauyryl sulphate in dentrifice?
Ans: Detergent

99: Antifungals are contra indicate for?
Ans: Indwelin IV catheter

100: Normal hearing range of human ear?
Ans: 1000-2000hz

101: What is the level of hyoid bone at cervical vertebrae?
Ans: C3

102: Hep B infection is detected by
Ans: Hbs Ag and Hb e antibody

103: cell wall is protected by?
Ans: Lipid breakdown products.

104: Regarding trachea which of the following is true?
Ans: Commences with lower boarder of cricoid cartilage



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