Online Demo Paper of FCPS Part 1 for Pharmacology


We have decide to take Online Tests similarly like CPSP takes for FCPS Part 1. These Demo tests are very similar to that of FCPS Part 1 by CPSP. These Online tests will give you better idea of how the paper will come in the exam of FCPS Part 1. From 2016 all papers of FCPS Part 1 will be online. SO we are providing you with initial preparation so that you will not feel any difficulty for FCPS Part 1. All these Demo papers are with timing as the paper of FCPS Part 1 consists of paper a and paper B, each with 100 questions and 150 minutes. So we have arranged to put timer in the demo papers similar like CPSP fcps part 1 Papers. No other website is providing such preparation. So hopefully it will make your prep up to the Mark.

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This test is for all students who are appearing in the exam of fcps part 1. This Mock test is for the subject of Pharmacology. There are 20 MCQs. Once you started the quiz you have to complete it in 30 Minutes. At the end of the Quiz there will be your result score. Remember passing Score will be 16/20. So try to correct all MCQs. After the quize you can view correct answers as well. Do not forget, passing score is 16 out of 20 MCQs.

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Online MCQs Test of Pharmacology

Pharmacology Mock Test for the students taking their exam of November 2015.


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