Novermber 12th, 2014 (Gynae Obs) Paper A and B Mixed


1. Most of girls have ammenorhea during lactation, cause is
a) Stimulation of gonadotropin due to nipple stimulation
b) Due to release of prolactin
c) Milk secretion by oxytocin
d) It inhibits gonadotropin releasing hormone
2. Helper T cells
a) Are destroyed in autoimmune disorder
b) Induce plasma cell production
3. Other than nucleus, DNA is present in
a) Mitochondria
b) Ribosomes
c) Golgi bodies

4. The most powerful chemoattractant
a) C5a complement system
b) Leukotrienes
5. Not a known cause of syncope
a) Atrial stenosis
b) Diabetes Mellitis
c) Bouts of cough
d) Haemophilia
6. True about breast
a) Lies anywhere other than thorax
b) Milk is collected in Montgomery tubercles on suckling
c) Arise from mammary buds present on the memory line
7. Loss of sensation on skin over urogenital diaphragm, the nerve involved is
Compiled and edited by Dr.Dua Khan And Dr.Sidra Irshad
a) Urogenital never
b) Iliohypogastic nerve
c) Ilioinguinal nerve
8. Which one is not included in dispersion ?
a) Mode
b) Median
c) Mean
9. A patient having AIDS may also have one of the following with AIDS
a) Cervical Carcinoma
b) Leukemia
c) Endometrial Carcinoma
10. Severe hypermagnesemia may result in one of the following
a) Hypocalcemia
b) Hypercalcemia
c) Hypernatremia
d) Hyponatremia
11. One of the following that helps hydroxyproline collagen fibers to strengthen is
a) Ascorbic acid
b) Vitamin B12
c) Calcium
12. ADH is inhibited by
a) Alcohol
13. On the right of mediastinal thoracic aorta is
a) Mediastinal pleura
b) Vagus
14. Cerbral blood flow is maintained by
a) Autoregulation of local metabolites
Compiled and edited by Dr.Dua Khan And Dr.Sidra Irshad
15. Local edema cause is
a) Allergy
16. The time interval between 1st and 2nd heart sound is almost equal to
a) Ventricular systole
b) Atrial Systole
17. The side effect of chewing betal nut
a) Fibrosis
18. Aldosterone is secreted in response to
a) Increase in plasma potassium
19. More mitochondria are present at the apex of which of the following
a) cilia
20. True about uremic nephropathy
a) Normocytic normochromic anemia
21. Storage form of iron overload
a) Haemosiderin
22. A disc is herniated, it will affect
a) spinal nerve+ posterior root
23. Phrenic nerve
a) Pericardiophrenic
24. Which immunoglobulin is present in RH incompatibility
a) IgG
b) IgM
c) IgD
d) IgE
e) IgA

25. The most common route of transmission of HBV and HCV is through
a) Blood transfusion
b) Through sharps and needles
26. Thirst is increased by
a) decrease in plasma volume
27. Parasympathetic action
a) Contraction of pupil
28. Lesion on the nose with vasculitis
a) Wegener’s
29. Biceps related dermatome
a) C6
30. Heart’s apex
a) 8cm from the midline
31. Characteristic of carcinoma
a) Invasion
32. Diagnostic of carcinoma
a) Metastasis
33. Pulmonary infarction will most probably lead to
a) Thromboembolism
34. Krebs cycle
a) Acetyl Co A
35. After a road traffic accident and fracture of bone with BP 90/70, the first line of
treatment is
a) I/V fluid
36. Diagnostic of TB
a) Caseous necrosis
b) Acid Fast Bacilli
37. Smooth endoplasmic retuculm is also involved in
a) Detoxification
38. Carcinogen
a) Benzidine
39. Which mechanism is involved in carrying the particle inside the cell when actin, myosin
clathrin are involved
a) Pinocytosis
40. Estrogen’s side effect
a) Thromboembolism
41. Left renal vein
a) Anterior to aorta and left renal artery
42. Physiological jaundice – After the 2nd day of birth of the baby
43. Gall stones in a pregnant lady investigation done
a) GGT
44. Parents are informed about the disability of their child due to a debilitating disease.
The first
reaction of the parents is
a) Denial
45. Patient is having generalized edema. The investigation of choice is
a) Urinary proteins
46. The most serious side effect of gas gangrene
a) Toxemia
47. Fast pain is carried by
a) a delta fibers
48. Pretracheal infection will be transferred to
a) Anterior mediastinum
b) Posterior mediastinum
49. Adrenalectomy
a) Sodium Chloride
50. Active transport is seen in all except
a) All drugs
51. CD4 are
a) helper T cells
52. In severe diarrhea
a) Metabolic acidosis and normal anion gap
53. Spinal anesthesia is given to a patient, there is sudden loss of sensation due to
a) loss of vasomotor tone
54. Radiation is given to a patient. The extent of injury depends upon
a) Duration for which radiation is given
b) Tissue type
55. Definition of vital capacity
56. Metabolism of drug is increased by
a) Lipid soloubility
b) Increasing the liver enzymes
57. Amniotic memberane
a) Immunogenic
58. Broca’s area
a) Middle cerebral
59. Optic chiasma if cut in the optic Chiasma, what will be the consequence
a) Bitemporal hemianopia
60. Brain
a) Liquefactive necrosis
61. Golgi Tendon Organ is involved in
a) Relaxation
62. Insulin increases by
a) GIP
63. Posterior communicating artery connects
a) Intrnal carotid artery and basilar artery
64. Bioavailibility is increased by
a) Oral
b) I/V
c) I/M
65. Basal ganglia is involved in
a) Initiating movement
b) Cognitive function
66. Macula densa
a) Renin
67. Female hormones are derived from which of the following vitamins
a) Tyrosine
68. Hypokalemia on ECG is represented by
a) U wave
69. Regarding CSF findings
a) Decreased glucose in pyogenic meningitis
b) Fungal meningitis has normal glucose level
c) Viral meningitis has high glucose level
70. Barr body is diagnostic for
a) Klienfelter
b) Turner
71. A farmer working in a farm for many hours on a hot day, and suddenly fells
unconscious due
a) Increased Sweating
72. Regarding the end arteries
a) Present more in the vital organs
73. Female in labour, station 2 on PV, ischial spines inverted, arch less triangular, which
pelvis is this
a) Gynaecoid
b) Anthropoid
c) Android
74. Patient in operating room suddenly develops decrease in respiratory rate and pulse rate
heart rate drops quickly to 20. What immediate treatment should be given
a) I/V atropine
75. Simple squamous epithelium present in all except
a) Ureter
b) Terminal respiratory duct
c) Tympanic membrane
76. Blood leaving placeta has how much percentage of PO2
a) 30 %
b) 40 %
c) 50 %

77. Craniophrangioma ablation is done in a woman due to tumor, what is required for
a) Pulsatile release of Gnrh
b) HMG followed by HCG
c) Clomiphene citrate
78. Oral (buccalpharyngeal) membrane separates
a) Oral cavity and nasal cavity
b) Larynx and pharynx
c) Buccopharyngeal membrane from the primitive gut
79. 50 years old male do strenous work on a hot sunny day, blo0d Na 110 – 120, suddenly
collpses, due to
a) Excesive sweetng
b) Diarrhea
c) Vomitng
d) Lack of fluids intak
e) compulsive water intake
80. Which drug does not cause teratogenicity
a) Dietylstilbestrol
b) Fluoxetine
c) lysergic acid
81. In which one of the following more mitochondria are present in the apical region
a) Parenchymal of liver
b) Skeletal muscle
c) Smooth muscle
d) Ciliated Cells
82. In chronic intra vascular hemolysis
a) Dec heptoglobin
b) Reticulocytocis
c) Hemoglobinuria
d) Hemoglobinemia
83. Lymph drainage of anus
a) Medial Group of superficial inguinal lymph nodes
84. Coefficient of variance include all except
a) Mean
b) Mode
c) Range
d) Median
85. Severe bradycardia and low pulse, oculocardiac reflex is stimulated, what is the
a) I/V atropine
b) Stop stimulus
86. Syncope is not a recognized feature of
a) Haemophilia
b) Aortic stenosis
c) DM
87. Carotid body increases stimulation when
a) Increase in pco2
b) Increase in PH
c) Increase in p02
d) Pc02 in CSF
88. The most common cause of anemia in pregnancy
a) Haemodilution
b) Iron deficiency
c) Folate deficiency
d) B12 deficiency
89. Most imp factor in 2nd stage of labour
a) Oxytocin
b) Prostaglandin
c) Abdominal muscle contraction
90. Middle rectal artery is a branch of
a. Inferior mesenteric
b. Internal illiac
c.external iliac
91. lymph supply of labia majora
a) Internal and external iliac lymph nodes
b) Superficial inguinal lymph nodes
c) Deep inguinal lymph nodes
92. Uterosacral ligament
a) Is attched from cervix to the sacrum
b) Can be palpated on vaginal examination
c) Is part of the parietal fascia
93. Greatest blood vol is present in
a) Venules/vein
b) Arterioles
c) Aorta
94. Female in labour for 2 hrs. -2 station occipitoanterior position. Confirmed by
a dead hydrocephalous baby. Where will gynaecologist insert the needle to drain the CSF
a) Anterior fontenelle
b) Posterior fontenella
c) Frontal suture
d) Occipital suture
95. About amoeba
a) Not a nematode
96. About Hydatid cyst all are true except
a) In bone
b) Larva enters human by penetrating skin
c) It can be present in humans in larval as well as cyst form
97. Which of the following is a carcinogen
a) Benzidene
98. Woman having metastasized carcinoma given some form of hormonal therapy, tumor
regressed in size due to
a) Atrophy
b) Apoptosis
c) Degeneration
d) Infarction
e) Necrosis
99. Suprapubic incisioň is given by a surgeon, artery injured in the suprapubic fat is
a) inferior epigastric
b) Superior epigastric
100. Pudndal nerve does NOT supply
a) Sphincter urethra
b) Posterior vaginal fornices
101. Posterior communicating artery connects
a) Middle and posterior
b) Basilar with middle cerebral
c) Runs below oculomotor…
d) Runs above occulomotor…
102. A patient having infection in pretracheal fascia infection will spread up to
a) Superior mediastinum
b) Anterior mediastinum
c) Inferior mediastinum
103. Least likely cause in 17 to 20 weeek abortion
a) Cervical oss incompitant
b) Fetal infection
c) Fetal cytogenetic abnormality
d) Hydrops
104. A pregnant lady 16 weeks pregnant got injured in an accident and got a fracture of
pelvis. The most likely in this lady is
a. Amniotic Embolism
b. Air Embolism
c. Fat Embolism
105. Regarding hylaine cartilage
a) Collagen and elastic fibers are visible
b) Both of the above mentioned are not visible
c) Only collagen visible
d) Collagen not visible
106. How can rubella infection be prevented
a) Anti rubella vaccine
b) Families education
c) Vaccination to babies
d) Avoid exposure with contacts
107. Characterstic feature of chronic inflammation in hepatitis
a) Fibrosis
b) Lymphocyt infiltration
c) Plasma cell infiltration
108. Insoluble storage form of iron in iron overload
a) Hemosiderin
b) Ferritin
c) Apoferritin
d) Transferrin
109. Torch can causes congenital abnormalities except
a) Hepatomegaly
b) Splenomegaly
c) Cataract
d) Pnemonia
e) Microcephaly
110. Wrong about bupivacaine
Compiled and edited by Dr.Dua Khan And Dr.Sidra Irshad
a) Blocks Na channel
b) Act on resting cells
111. Regarding bupuvacaine which is correct
a) 5% contain 50gm
b) Ester anesthetic
c) Have I/V induction
112. % age of thallessemia trait in Pakistan
a) 5%
b) 10%
c) 20%
113. The gland having more serous portion is
a) Parotid
b) Submandibular
c) Sublingual
114. Bioavilability is one of the factors that determines the concentration of drug if given
a) Subligual
b) IV
c) Oral
d) Per rectal

115. True about kidney and relations of different structures passing through it is
a) Right rein art smaller than left
b) Left renal vein is anterior to aorta and left renal artery
c) Pararenal fat covers kidney but not the adrenal gland
d) Right renal artery is smaller than left
e) Left renal vein is lower than the right renal vein
116. Severe hypomagnesemia
a) Hypocalcemia
b) Hyprcalcemia
117. 4ml vial of 2 percent lignocaine
a) 2gm
b) 8gm
c) 20gm
d) 80gm
e) 200gm
Explanation: In 2% have 20 mg per in 4ml is 4× 20 = 80 (by Bushra Fayaz – thanks
118. Nerve supply of urogenital triangle
Ilioinguinal nerve
119. Ovary
a) Has no venous plexus
b) Is behind ureter
c) Attached to uterus via broad ligament
120. Inguinal canal
a) Extends from anterior superior iliac spine to pubic tubercle
b) Not present in infants
c) Superorly bounded by conjoined tendon
d) Inferiorly by deep fascia of thigh
121. Structures pass through greater sciatic notch
a) Piriformis
b) Pudendal nerve
c) Obturator internus
122. Pelvic part of ureter relations
123. Nerve supply of detrusor muscle
a) S2, S3, S4
124. Embrological counter part of mullerian tubercle
a) Round ligament
b) Appendix
c) Ejaculatry duct
d) Uremic nephropathy
e) seminal collicolus
125. In the last trimester of pregnancy blood is separated by
a) Fetal endothelium and cytotrophpblast
b) Fetal endothelium and syncitiotrophoblast
126. Glucose transport from mother to fetus is by
a) Facilitatd diffusion
b) Simple Diffusion
127. Severe diarhea leads to
a) Metabolic acidosis with normal anion gap
128. There was a question about Megaloblastic Anemia (MCV was 105. MCHC and Hb
given. Hb I think was 7.6)
129. Uremic Nephropathy?
a) Normocytic Normochronic Anemia
130. Women having lack of vagitable diet resulting deficiencies
a) Anencephaly
131. Prevalence is
a) Number of new cases in a place in a fixed duration of time
b) All the cases in a place including new and old
132. Visual impulse is associated with
a) Dissociation of rhodopsin to retinal and opsin
b) The reduction of NADP
c) The hydrolysis of visual purple
d) None of the above
133. Normochromic anemia in CRF
134. Recurent nerve is a branch of vagus nerve
135. Microscopic diagnosis of TB
a) AFB
b) Caseous Necrosis
136. local metabolites in skeletal muscles
a) Decrease TPR
137. Autoregulation in coronary is by
a) Local metabolites
138. At the end of a marathon race there is
a) Increased glucagon and low insulin
139. A pregnant lady has jaundice due to stone obstruction. The most reliable investigation
a) GGT
b) Alt
c) Ast
d) ALT and S.Br
140. SER also involved in
a) Detoxification
141. Medial leminiscus -Iinvolved in sharp pain
142. Posterior fontanella – Is smaller than the anterior
143. Not involved in intrnsic pathway – Factor 7
144. Diabatic nephropathy – necessary investigation is Urine Albumin
145. A 7 years old child having generalized edema. Investigatoin of choice is
a) urine albumin
b) Urea and creatinine
146. Allele
a) Is non indentical part of a gene
147. Diagnostic of Plasmodium Falciparum – Blackwater fever
148. Trigeminal supplies – Dura
149. Vasomotor tone loss in spinal anesthesia
150. C6 with – bicep jerk
151. Apex of the heart
a) 8 cm from median plane apex of heart
152. Golgi Tendon Organ causes relaxation
153. OCPs cause
a) Thromboembolism
154. Feature of carcinoma – Invasion
155. Malignant carcinoma – Metastasis
156. Menoupause association
a) Decreased estrogen and increased FSH and LH
157. Liquifactive necrosis – In brain
158. Metaplasia associated with – Chronic Irritation
159. In prevalence – Mass affected by disease
160. Cataract – Rubella infection
161. Angiopathy and neuropthy – in DM
162. Alpha and gamma motor neurons – Supply by UMN
163. Calcitonin – from parathyroid cells
164. Visual impulse is associated with
a) Association of rhodopsin to retinal and opsin
b) The reduction of NADP
c) The hydrolysis of visual purple
d) None of the above
165. Correct statement Regarding Dead Space
a) Unchanged in tracheostomy
b) Increased in tracheostomy
c) Increased in Recumbent position
d) Increased in shallow breathing
e) Upto Respiratory Bronchioles
166. Deficiency of factor 9, what is the best substitute for factor 9
a) Cryopercipitate
b) Fresh Frozen Plasma
c) Packed cell volume
d) Whole blood
167. Councelling – to help the people to help themselves
168. Regarding basal ganglia
a) Initiate the movement
b) Cognitive control
c) Involuntary movement
d) Tremors during voluntary work
169. Present in female pelvis
a) Rectovesical pouch


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