New Criteria for Continuing Medical and Dental Education (CME/CDE) for Medical and Dental Practitioners in Pakistan


New Criteria for CME/CDE is as under:

The Management Committee of PM&DC in its meeting held on 22nd September 2015 at Islamabad discussed and noted that the concept of CME/CDE is gaining wide-spread international recognition and needs to be implemented in Pakistan too. This will serve as a tool for not only helping in updating a doctor’s skills but also serve to repose greater trust of the public in the medical/ dental profession.

The PM&DC as a regulatory body did attempt to start this process but there have been numerous difficulties encountered by the doctors in meeting all the requirements that were laid down for getting accredited CME/CDE points. The system needs to be modified so that it is more “user-friendly” and gradually be built up to rigorous international standards. This process may take up to 10 years but looking for shortcuts will cause it to fail. The Committee perused the following scheme for CME/ CDE and decided that:


i. All lectures delivered by a doctor to either medical students or to participants in a medical conference or a Clinico-Pathologic Conference (CPC)/Grand Round be counted as two points.

ii. Attendance at any scientific conference will count as one point per hour attended. A maximum of 6 points per full day of the conference will be permitted. Each half day will count as 3 points.

iii. Attendance at any CPC / Grand Round of any teaching medical/dental institute shall count as one point.

iv. Non-specialists will require a total of 10 CME/CDE points each year.

v. Specialists (those with any registered postgraduate qualification) will require 15 CME/CDE points per year.

vi. Each year to be counted from 1st January to 31st December. vii. No fee will be applicable for either organizing or attending a CME/ CDE event. However, conference registration fee for participant(s) is a separate issue, unrelated to CME/CDE points.

viii. CME/ CDE accreditation will be accepted only which is granted by the PM&DC recognized medical / dental teaching institutions.

ix. The new scheme of CME/ CDE of PM&DC will be implemented by 1st January 2016.

x. Confirmation of attendance at any CME/CDE activity will be in the following forms:
a. For Medical / Dental Teacher: A consolidated certificate to be issued by the Principal/Dean of the concerned medical/dental college at the end of each year testifying to the number of lectures delivered and the corresponding CME/CDE points earned. Each medical/dental college shall send this list to the PM&DC separately and provide a copy of the same to each teacher. Each claimant’s name will be checked against that list for verification.
b. For Invited Faculty at Medical / Dental Conferences: A certificate issued by the Conference organizer certifying that the claimant did indeed deliver a talk / presentation at the conference. The topic of the talk must be mentioned.
c. For Attendees at Medical / Dental Conferences: A certificate to be issued from the Conference organizer mentioning the topic of the conference and its total duration along with the number of CME/CDE points awarded to the claimant.
d. For Attendees at Institutional CPC / Grand Round: A consolidated certificate issued by the concerned Principal / Dean at the end of each year testifying to the attendance of the claimant at this academic activity. Each institution concerned shall send this list to the PM&DC at the end of each calendar year and shall provide a copy of the same to each attendee if requested. The claim will be checked at the PM&DC against the original list provided.

The Committee reviewed and approved the format of CME/CDE certificate which will be circulated to the medical/ dental institutions, to send it to PM&DC after filing all the required data in the form i.e. date/information about the learning activity.

The Committee observed that once this concept of the need for CME/CDE points has been fully accepted by the profession, PM&DC can move on to include other measures of a doctor’s performance (the so called 360 degree evaluation) for getting the medical/dental registration revalidated. As UK is very near to implementing the concept of revalidation for doctors practicing in that country but the process had started well over 10 years ago, so the PM&DC shall also be aiming towards this goal keeping our country’s logistics in mind.


  1. A nice approach , bt all these workshops should b free of cost, or b funded by the govt. F they really want to keep the doctors updated n the system updated , and what about fcps trainees? Their training will b given some weightage or not?bcz they are not considering cpsp as registered?

  2. what about the doctors practicing outside Pakistan? How will they get their PMDC renewed as they cant attend these CMEs “authorized” by them!!!

  3. All points are reasonable and justified. Only one more point needs top be incorporated that how would Dr working in periphery get these points as they don’t have affiliated medical schools to certify their attendance. Moreover academic activities like CPC AND mortality morbidity conferences held at hospitals should be given reasonable value and system developed to incorporate smaller hospital setups in this activity as well

  4. What about the conferences attended abroad for example the well known and very up to date annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons?

  5. Physicians and Surgeons from outside Pakistan affiliated with PMDC, should be allowed to produce evidence of attended conferences with rewarded credit points at international meetings for renewal of registration.

  6. This method of counting CME is much better. In fact all the doctors who are teachers and working in a teaching institute are conducting regular classes of UG/PG students and are updating their knowledge in continuous manner, so they are already on it and there should be no problem for them to earn CME hours and it should be the head of institute /Principal of college who should testify this. Any way logical thinking and acceptable plan thank you all who have agreed to bring this change.

    • Pakistan is a huge country & the decision of the CME in context to the registration renewal is good one But I have found that the decision makers think that ONLY they are the doctors working in Pakistan. Nobody has thought about the doctors working in far off far-flung areas. This would be extremely difficult for them to sacrifice their primary responsibility of Patients’ Care to get a credit hour after traveling hundreds of kilometers. I had already suggested a very GOOD & EASY approach, the ONLINE system of CMEs like from Medscape , who grants you a CME point then & there after you complete the session by JUST a CLICK of the computer. Please think about it to make it EASY for ALL, both for those in BIG cities & also for those who are working in REMOTE areas. Thank you.

  7. Again a poor show.
    1 : PMDC should set up a regulatory body. Any person / institution who wants to organize a CPC / Educational activity should apply to the regulatory body on a pre format. The regulatory body then accredits the activity and gives CPC points. All participants who attend get a certificate with the points mentioned on it. After the activity is over the organizers are supposed to submit an assesment alongwith the attendees list.
    I am working in MOH, Oman (Muscat) and an Orgnizer of National conferences and a speaker also. If PMDC wants, they should get the help of the experts. Still the whole process is ambiguous to me.
    2 : Overseas Pakistani’s situation has to be clarified also.

  8. The CPC/CME and other medical education lectures can also be video linked and online or by post as done by open university for some science courses ..This will helpful for doctors in remote areas or who can’t attend at a specific time for any reason.

  9. Its still imature approach, first they should improve online system, they can take opinion from other councils how to put forward the CME, am working in saudi arabia, they need 30 hours per year, and added online, card issued for three years.Big hospitals award CME hours for internal acedemic activities, you have one week vacation to attend the symposium.

  10. We intend making a roster on quarterly basis at Sahiwal Medical College, utilizing the whole facility, free access to all the doctors, convenient as per individual schedule, one can plan the whole year long. T his can be adopted at all teaching institutes

  11. PM&DC just sits and issues ..what about doctors not in teaching at all but practising only private!!
    They are just inviting corruption as doctors not be able to complete their yearly points may just get certificates of conferences…
    Plus who knows whole day was attended their are various rooms in conferences with presentations !!!
    All problems difficulties are for doctors dentists !! What about the Hakeems.. Quacks. acting as doctors .dentists!!
    It is more important for PM&DC to take strict action against doctors practising without license all over Pakistan.. In every gali & koocha!!
    CME/CDE this will be part & parcel slowly but these illegal Quacks are mushrooming !!

  12. What about the doctors serving in Pakistan Armed Forces who have to serve in far off areas for 2 to 4 years just after completion of their house jobs. Because the areas they serve in, totally lack medical education facilities. So it becomes impossible for them to attend such conferences for 2 to 4 years right after completion of their house jobs.

  13. Good decision,but the role of DHDC at District level must be considered for cme accreditation. This Centre can arrange CME for the doctors working in the rural areas

  14. Look like no problem for doctors working in teaching hospitals and big hospitals. The real problem is for periphery as vast majority are working in remote areas and these are the real doctors which needed to be considered ., also those working overseas. Again approach is oriented for big cities only.

  15. What about the doctors working in remote areas like Northern Areas.. We hardly get any opportunity to attend lectures/conferences coz no such activities going in these areas..
    PMDC should arrange these conferences or ask medicine companies to arrange these opportunities in the said areas and charge from DR’s..In this way we can get points required yearly.

  16. Again a poor show by the PMDC. What is the fate of a doctor who decided to serve in a rural area? It is good indeed that CMEs should be implemented but the process of access to such activities is not clear. I am serving as a Cardiologist in a Rural Area in Distt Gujrat. ( I am MBBS, Dip Card ( London ) ). I am not interested in lectures in Orthopedics or Dermatology etc. I have no access to a teaching activity in my area in my speciality. BUT I do earn CME points online from MEDSCAPE CARDIOLGY to improve myself continuously. . The said site is NOT registered with PMDC, though it is a leading research & teaching portal at international level & standards. The PMDC should consider it making an ONLINE system, copying the same from MEDSCAPE through PMDC. It would make it easy for all the doctors of Pakistan to avail CME points with a good grooming activity. I had contested the same case against PMDC in the Federal Ombudsman’s Office Islamabad & they declared the previous process of CMEs ‘impracticable ‘, after listening to my point of view. Please keep this decision pending till the new regulatory body of PMDC emerges after the Elections of the PMDC. The CMEs should also be speciality oriented & due consideration be given to the voice of the doctors from all across Pakistan. They who decide are sitting in big cities & have no concept of the difficulties faced by a doctor who is practicing in remote RURAL areas. No consideration has been given to those working in foreign countries who bring a lot of revenue to Pakistan.”No legislation without representation ” should be adopted for smooth running of a system. The previous decision was withdrawn by the PMDC as it was full of scams. Let me say that the PMA has shown poorly in this very important matter since its announcement. Again the PMA has not been consulted. Other representative bodies of doctors are also ignored by PMDC. The PMDC must facilitate the doctors for their improvement in knowledge in a manner suitable to all the doctors of this country. In this era of computer technology PMDC is requested to improve its Copmuter Section & invite doctors online to participate in speciality based CME activities . Thats damn easy process forgotten by the PMDC. It would register a participant, award CME points & would keep a record too. No need of getting ” Signatures ” of an organizer & informing the PMDC that we are doing this & this. LOL.

  17. Yes indeed online system that is applicable worldwide should be here as well, it is too much difficult to travel to different cities for cme cde, it should be online to make it easier for all of us.

  18. Valid points raised by dr mobin malik. On line system is the best. Recognise medscape or developed PMDC own web portal for this purpose.


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