My FCPS Part-1 Experience by Umair Ul Haq


Soon after the completion of  my House job in January 2012, I started studying for FCPS Part 1 June 2012 attempt… I studied according to CPSP syllabus, but couldn’t succeed. I went for 3 consecutive attempts with full time study but no success. Then I started job and left Part 1. After 1.5 years of job, I realized that life will be very difficult without specialization. My seniors also encouraged me.

So I started studying again for Nov 2014 attempt, with my job. But this time, I didn’t followed CPSP syllabus and studied other things too. Got aggregate of 65% in Nov 14 attempt. And at last, in Feb 2015 attempt, Allah blessed me with success. It was my 5th attempt. So for all those who haven’t passed part-1 yet, don’t lose hope. You can do it.



I just did Dentogist & Murad MCQs books + Jahangir’s Pool of MCQs. I heard that many MCQs are given from Chandkians & Rabia Ali, So must solve these books. Also most of the people study NBDE, but I didn’t. May be that’s why it took me several attempts to pass it.

Books I studied:-

Anatomy=Snell, Embryology=Langmans & Histology=Laiq Hussain

Physiology = BRS revive Series & Guyton (Mostly, i also studied NBDE & Kaplan)

Biochemistry= Faiq ahmad

Pathology= BRS Revive Series & Inam Danish

Pharmacology = BRS Revive Series & Wadood (Most People study NBDE)

Oral Anatomy= Orbans

Oral Pathology= Soames

Dental Materials= Terse/McCabe



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