MRCP Part 1 study plan


This study plan for MRCP Part 1 is shared by Syed Waqar Ahmed.

I passed MRCP part 1 exam in May 2015 and passed it in the first attempt. I studied for it during my house job. I’ll share my experience and my study plan for it. I hope it helps all those who are planning to give MRCP part 1

*Start studying at least 3 months before the exam

*When studying for MRCP study for MRCP! You don’t need to go through whole of the Medicine books like Davidson or PK. so plz don’t waste time on it. This is the Golden rule for MRCP

*Start with On examination BCQ’s. I didn’t have any idea about MRCP exams so I started with On examination bcq’s. I got to know my weak points, tested my knowledge, made note of the topics i need to read up on, made note of bcq’s that had guidelines

*Read up on weak topics from Oxford and i used Irfan Masood Medicine too

*Try to memorize the guidelines well

*Do MRCP part 1 sample questions from the MRCP website

*Do these topics from Essential Revision notes for MRCP by Philip Kalra : Cardiology, Dermatology, Clinical Pharmacology, Maternal Medicine, Statistics, Psychiatry, Genetics, Ophthalmology

*Do basic sciences from First aid at least Once

*Give at least 2 reads of ‘MRCP notes’ for MRCP part 1 and 2. For me this was the most important book to answer questions and easily review important points. I downloaded it and kept the pdf on my phone. Think of this as the first aid of MRCP.

* Do Pass medicine at the end. This is the most important bcq book for MRCP part 1, it has all the guidelines and in the exam you can relate to pass medicine questions

*Do MRCP part 1 sample questions again and check your progress

*Whenever on the internet do lots of questions and past papers

from this website

*Lastly Pray a lot for the exam

*Keep discussing questions and guidelines with friends and discussion groups.


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