Most Favorite MCQs of CPSP


1. Which of the following hormones promotes hypoglycemia? a. Epinephrine b. Norepinephrine c. Insulin d. Glucagon e. Glucocorticoids

2.Which of the following amino acids is a derivative of thyroid hormone? A) Threonine B) Cytosine C) Iodine D) Tyrosine E) Thymine

3.Which one of the following cases is considered a clean­contaminated wound? a. Open cholecystectomy for cholelithiasis b. Herniorrhaphy with mesh repair c. Lumpectomy with axillary node dissection d. Appendectomy with walled­off abscess e. Gunshot wound to the abdomen with injuries to the small bowel and sigmoid colon


4.Which ONE of the following anaesthetic agents can cause malignant hyperpyrexia? Please select one of the following: A. Isoflurane B. Halothane 1 C. Propofol D. Sevoflurane E. Ketamine

5.Which one of the following is a B cell neoplasm? a.Non­Hodgkin’s lymphoma b.Acute lymphoblastic leukemia c.Burkitt’s lymphoma d.Hodgkin’s disease e.Histiocytosis X

6.A 33­year­old has an infection in pregnancy. Which of the following is a reinfection, and therefore not a risk to the fetus? a. Group B coxsackievirus b. Rubella virus c. Chickenpox virus d. Shingles e. Herpesvirus type 2

7.Which of the following factors is most important in the subsequent development of genital prolapse? a.Poor tissue quality b.Chronic straining at bowel movements c.Menopause d.Childbirth trauma e.Multiple deliveries

8.Which of the following is not involved in enzyme regulation? a) Covalent modification 2 b) Competitive inhibition c) Suicide inhibition d) Allosteric activation

9.Which of the following mutations is most likely to be lethal? a.Substitution of adenine for cytosine b.Substitution of cytosine for guanine c.Substitution of methylcytosine for cytosine d.Deletion of three nucleotides e.Insertion of one nucleotide

10.Which of the following vaccines must NOT be given to a household contact of an immunodeficient child? a. Mumps, measles and rubella. b. BCG. c. Influenza vaccine. d. Oral polio vaccine. e. Hepatitis B vaccine.

11.Which of the following muscles given below lies in the posterior compartment of the leg? A. Fibularis Brevis B. Fibularis Longus C. Fibularis Tertius D. Soleus E. Tibialis Anterior

12.Which of the following structures lie within the broad ligament? 3 A. The fallopian tube B. The ureter C. The ovarian artery D. The superior vesical artery

13.The extraocular muscles are derived from which of the following structures? (A) Branchial arches (B) Optic cup ectoderm (C) Somites (D) Somitomeres (E) Splanchnic mesoderm

14.The greater omentum is derived from which of the following embryonic structures? A. Dorsal mesoduodenum B. Dorsal mesogastrium C. Pericardioperitoneal canal D. Pleuropericardial membranes E. Ventral mesentery

15.Which of the following muscles is/are innervated by the pharyngeal plexus? 1. middle constrictor 2. tensor veli palatini 3. salpingopharyngeus 4. internal (medial) pterygoid

16.The following strap muscles of the neck are innervated by the ansa cervicalis 1. omohyoid 4 2. sternohyoid 3. sternothyroid 4. thyrohyoid

17.Which of the following complications is unique for displaced femoral neck fractures: a. Infections. b. Avascular necrosis. c. Sciatic nerve injury. d. Hypovolemic shock.

18.Which of the following is an appropriate initial treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis? (A) INH (B) INH plus rifampin (C) INH, rifampin, and ethambutol (D) INH, rifampin, ethambutol, and pyrazinamide (E) INH, rifampin, ethambutol, and streptomycin

19.Which of the following is a contraindication for usage of the drug cyclophosphamide? a. Liver disease b. Lung disease c. Heart disease d. Hypertension e. Diabetes

20.Which one of the following statements regarding DMARDs is true? A. Has rapid onset of action B. Have an immediate analgesic effect. C. Slow the progress of the disease 5 D. They are the drugs of choice in gouty arthritis E. They induce the formation of new cartilage.

21.Which of the following is wrong statements : (A)Koilonychia in Vit B12 deficiency (B)Onycholysis in Psoriasis (C)Mees lines in Arsenic poisoning (D)Pterygium of nails in Lichen Planus

22.Which of the following statements regarding carpal tunnel syndrome is correct? A.It is rarely secondary to trauma B.It may be associated with pregnancy C.It most often causes dysesthesia during waking hours D.It is often associated with vascular compromise E.Surgical treatment involves release of the extensor retinaculum

23.Which of the following statements concerning nasopharyngeal cancer is true? A.It has an unusually high incidence among Chinese B.It occurs primarily after the sixth decade of life C.It undergoes early metastasis to the lungs D.The treatment of choice is wide surgical excision of the primary tumor E.Initial evaluation should involve a biopsy of the primary tumor and neck nodes

24.Which of the following enzymes can be described as a DNA­dependent RNA polymerase? a. DNA ligase b. Primase c. DNA polymerase III 6 d. DNA polymerase I e. Reverse transcriptase

25.Following enzymes could be targeted by allopurinol for the treatment of GOUT patient? A. Guanase B. Hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase C. Nucleotidase D. Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase E. Xanthine oxidase

26.Microfilaments are made up of a) actin b) tubulin and actin c) desmin d) vimentin

27.A 20­year­old healthy man was diagnosed to have medullary cancer of the thyroid. The patient was also noted to have hyperplasia of the parathyroid gland. The patient must now be investigated for the possibility of : a) Bowen’s tumor b) Hodgkin’s lymphoma c) Pheochromocytoma d) Squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus e) Malignant melanoma

28.One day after a 10­km race, a previously healthy 42­year­old man has dark urine. Urinalysis results are above. Which of the following is the most likely cause of these findings? 7 a. Acute glomerulonephritis b. Hypovolemia c. Renal infarct d. Renal vein thrombosis e. Rhabdomyolysis

29.A 4 year old boy is brought in by his mother after she discovers that his urine is now a dark coca­cola color. She reports that he was at the doctor 10 days ago because he was complaining of a sore throat, but he has otherwise been well. What is the most likely diagnosis? a. Alport’s syndrome b. Goodpasture’s syndrome c. Henoch­Schonlein purpura d. Minimal change disease e. Post­streptococcal glomerulonephritis Lysosomes are present in all except a) muscle cells b) acinar cells c) erythrocytes d) hepatocytes

30.From the following list select the 3 tumour markers that are of clinical use in the “work up” of a patient with an unknown suspected primary malignancy: (e.g. weight loss/ malaise) a. Beta HCG b. CA 19­9 c. AFP (alfa fetoprotein) 8 d. CA 153 e. Thyroglobulin f. PSA (prostate specific antigen) g. CA125

31.Which of the following ions are required for binding of ribosomal subunits a) Na+ b) Mg++ c) Mn++ d) Fe++

32.Primary lymphoid organs include a) Thymus and spleen b) Thymus and bone marrow c) Thymus, bone marrow and spleen d) Thymus, bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes

33.A 6­year­old boy presents to the emergency room complaining of nausea and a new­onset rash that developed shortly after ingesting a peanut. Which of the following antibodies is most likely responsible for the type of reaction this boy is now experiencing? a. IgA b. IgD c. IgE d. IgG e. IgM

34.The application of statistical methods in biology is called a) Statistics in biology 9 b) statistic in vivo c) biostatistics d) all of these

35.Recombinant DNA human healthcare product developed for treating haemophiliacs is a) interferon b) lymphokines c) coagulation factor IX d) phytohemagglutinin

36.The number of types of gametes produced by a heterozygous individual is a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) many

37.DNA synthesis can be specifically measured by estimating the incorporation of radiolabeled a) uracil b) thymine c) Adenine d) Deoxyribose sugar

38.Chromosome is thickest during a) prophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) interphase 10

39.Chromatin has a) DNA b) DNA and proteins c) DNA, RNA and proteins d) none of these

40.The haploid set of the chromosomes is called as a) proteome b) genomics c) genome d) genes

41.Eukaryotic flagella is driven by a) ATP b) proton c) both a and b d) none of these

42.Which of the following is the function of lysosomes a) autophagy b) autolysis c) digestion d) all of these

43.Which of the following is not a diseases associated with lysosome malfunctioning a) Tay­Sachs disease b) I­cell disease c) Pompe’s disease 11 d) Marfan syndrome

44.The major amino acids in histones are a) Glutamate and aspartic acid b) lysine and arginine c) arginine, lysine and histidine d) histidine

45.Injection of antivenom to a patient for snake bite is an example of a) Naturally acquired active immunity b) Artificially acquired active immunity c) Naturally acquired passive immunity d) Artificially acquired passive immunity

46.All the following comes under non­specific defence mechanism except a) fever b) phagocytes c) cell mediated immunity d) complement system

47. Unwinding of DNA is done by a) Helicase b) ligase c) Exonuclease d) Topoisomerase

48. A 37­year­old female presents to the emergency room with a fever. Chest x­ray shows multiple patchy infiltrates in both lungs. Echocardiography and blood cultures suggest a diagnosis of acute bacterial endocarditis limited to the tricuspid valve. Which of the following is the most probable etiology? 12 A. Congenital heart disease B. Illicit drug use C. Rheumatic fever D. Rheumatoid arthritis E. Systemic lupus erythematosus

49. Which of the following organelle is involved in lipid metabolism? a) Golgi apparatus b) Peroxisomes c) SER d) RER Excellent work by Dr. Srohaan Jaswal!!!



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